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Patty, I see you too
This what y’all be wanting?
This what they waiting for?
Okay, haha, rrrr

Neck tat’ say “Onika”
I got more slaps than Aretha
When you lose the Queen, niggas friendly, dog
It was just back to back like Wembley, dog
Now you all the way back up in the Bentley, dog
I turn lemons into lemonade simply, dog
Old boy and my brother tried to end me, dog
I heard they looking for the old me
A couple of you niggas still owe me
You asked for the GOAT so they sent me, sleaze
Tryna lay low, don’t tempt me, sleaze
Thirty in the clip will be emptied, sleaze
You bitches still my sons, learn your As and Bs
Leave the hate train in the station please
I was in the court, no Jays and Beys
Made her change her mind in the judge chamber, sleeze
The MAC’s on the line, I ain’t talking ’bout the PC
I’m the biggest fish in the pan, I’ll do you greasy
All he gotta do is call, I’m in my T-shirt and my drawers
Face down, ass up, I’m already on all fours
Suck his dick through his shorts
Then I ride him like a whore
I mean a horse, I’m a boss
Yeah, I got the juice and I’m takin’ him on a tour
Imitating Nicki while your ghostwriter dissin’ me
Leave for two weeks, I got all of my babies missin’ me
Never gon’ fall, never not gon’ ball
And I keep my nigga bustin’ like a draco
He always come back, Big Draco
Still going bad on you stank hoes

They wanted the old Nicki
They wanted the old Onika, so
I had to, uh, get back in my bag
I might drop a freestyle every, um, week till the thing-thing they come
The label hit me said they want the fifth thing thing, I got in the studio, I did the fifth thing thing
And then they say “You know, it’s time to drop your single” I said “Noooo”
You know radio already tried to blackball a bitch
It’s all good cuz when you a legend, when you legendary
You shine no matter what
They get compared to me no matter what
They asked for the GOAT so I came through, bitch
But look, on some real shit, I’m ’bout to go on tour with, um, Juice WRLD
In Europe, shout-out to my fans in Europe
Uhm, I’m fucking three to four times a day, I’m feeling real good
I’m rehearsing for the tour
You know I’m sayin’, pussy feelin’ real good right now
Pussy like bald, like really bald right now
Like, because, I just be really keepin’ that shit so bald and so
That shit be so wet so, oh my, you know what?
Ayo, shout-out to my bad bitches, though
All my bad bitches know
All my bad bitches know what’s good
I got you though
South side Jamaica Queens
South side Jamaica Queens, nigga
Heavy you on it, sleeze
But you know what?
Whenever I do something they say I’m the angry black woman
I’m just playing around and having some fun
Zam Zaddy, ahhhh

Half a million on my neck, that’s here nor there (aha)
Niggas that been rappin’ look at me like that shit unfair (oof)
Let that envy turn to action, boy I wouldn’t dare (I dare you)
We ain’t aiming at your legs, we gon’ hit upstairs (oof)
You ain’t tryna get no money, man this shit a mess (boy)
Seem like all these niggas care about is gettin’ fresh
Bed on the jet, we ain’t gotta lay no seat back
Nigga beat my ass, pop him, I don’t want no rematch, no cap (brrrt)
Brodie, bring me a magnum, them niggas straight pussy (niggas huh)
Gold Louis’ on my feet, look like K bullets (brrrt)
Lil’ niggas better watch what y’all say to me
I’ll put them apes on niggas heads like some Bape hoodies (they gon’ get it)
I’m that same street nigga that used to swap hands
I ain’t a better person, bitch I still want my opps dead (I do)
And I ain’t gon’ lie, I hit some bitches that was not lit (they wasn’t)
If she a 6 and she was thick, she probably got hit (it be like that)
Niggas say they run the city, got it fucked up (fucked up)
Nigga, sit your ass down, shut the fuck up (shut the fuck up)
Go get your respect up, I’m ballin’, tell them check up
You don’t know how a M look, I’ll shoot you from your neck up
We in back to back 488’s, them all coupes (Ferraris)
Gave my young nigga a brick, told him that’s all you (get rich)
We can’t all rap, y’all gotta ball too (go get it)
You know this fresh up out the trap if ain’t all blues
I’m a young nigga from the slums in a Bentayga (Bent)
Under 26, richer than the city Mayor (oof)
Niggas want a plate but ain’t wanna help set the table (aw)
All these acres, nigga I ain’t nowhere near the neighbors
And I ain’t had no big features, or no big favors (I didn’t)
And if I did they ain’t post it, look at how they played us (They did it)
I can see it in they face, them niggas feel threatened (fuck)
Since God first and family third, you know that money second (you know that)
In interviews, they like “Tee, why your name Grizzley?” (why)
I ain’t give myself that title, I got that in prison (peace)
I was overly aggressive, I was easily offended
When I ran up on niggas, they left the scene barely living (raa)
Niggas say I fell off, I got some back ends say different
Could of bought a Ferrari how much I spent just on Amiri
Only human that scare me is that nigga in the mirror
He so tall and hairy but still could fuck the bitch you married nigga
Only thoroughbred niggas next to me (next to me)
Shout out to them niggas sleeping on me, rest in peace (rest in peace)
Man down, I ain’t send no shooter, that was me (that was me)
Most underrated, just give it time, they gon’ see
I’m puttin’ God first, cause he came to my rescue
I put my family third, you know that money second
Because when I was broke, without no money, stressin’
Nobody felt that shit but me, nigga I made it happen
I’m puttin’ God first, cause he came to the rescue
I put my family third, I put that money second
Cause back when I was broke, without no money, stressin’
Nobody felt that shit but me, nigga I made it happen

Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you love?
Call them up on the phone when they’re feeling blue
Light up with the words they say to you
Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you trust?
Make them feel like there’s no one else around
Pick up when you think they’re going down
Do I have to teach you?

[Verse 1]
How to show me when times are bad
How to ask about the day I had and make it alright
How to listen when we’re all alone
How to put away a telephone and look into my eyes

It’s never too late to learn the way

Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you love?
Call them up on the phone when they’re feeling blue
Light up with the words they say to you
Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you trust?
Make them feel like there’s no one else around
Pick up when you think they’re going down
Do I have to teach you?

[Verse 2]
How to trust me when I’m on my own
How to treat me when I get back home
And make up when we fight
How to take me out and have some fun
Hold my hand in front of everyone
And love me through the light

It’s never too late to learn the way

Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you love?
Call them up on the phone when they’re feeling blue
Light up with the words they say to you
Do I have to explain how to care for somebody you trust?
Make them feel like there’s no one else around
Pick up when you think they’re going down
Do I have to teach you?

(Oh, ooh-ooh ah)
(Oh, ooh-ohh ah)
(Ooh, yeah)
Do I have to teach you?
(Oh, ooh-ohh ah)
(Ooh, yeah)

Living in glory, living notorious
Eat a little fish, a little chicken, go gym, nigga living like warrior
Feeling like Morpheus, I gotta make a nigga forfeit his
That’s, very unfortunate, I take a beat and make a feast of it
I’m unleashed and shit, reminiscing while the reefer lit
You see what happen when you recommit?
Nigga, picture this, mind, body, and the soul divine, got everything that you need inside you
Gotta ease your pride, got keys, I can lead the blind
You won’t believe how I beat the odds, do you believe in God?
Bang, bang, niggas thieving lives
I had a dream we would all combine, you gotta cross the line
Be free from the fear inside, set bounds when you cut off sides, that niggas out his mind
He done jumped in the gym though, boy cut like Freddy Krue’, slice like Kimbo
I’m a lamp in the Benzo, fish tanks on the window, fuck nigga, Frito
I’ma get ’em cause I know I got ’em, I’m in the Jeep with the two-eight bottoms, I’m getting UK dollars
Riding ’round with some spiritual shottas and we’ll lift somebody spirit up out it, ain’t really worried about it
Working more and saying less, easy as the alphabet
I’m like, aye, Ace is amazing, save me a spot at the top with the greatest
Actually active with accurate aiming, I’m happy, elated, I’m blessed and I’m favored, be all you can be
Before the beast, gotta unleash, never retreat
Gotta believe, fly to Belize, me and the Queen, privacy please
You gotta see, see for the ceiling, [?] look way more appealing
Pushing my limits, in love with the feeling, count up a million and slice a percentage, I’m paying myself
E for the effort, fuck with me never, I’m way too clever
Foot on the pedal, feel like Mandela, clean as Consuela, smooth as vanilla
F is feather, flourish together, nourish the weather, people get jealous, keep up, repel it, fuck what you selling, shit is pathetic, we gon’ address it, G as in goat
We are on go, hop in the Ghost, I’m with my woe, we rockin’ Presi’s like we bout to vote
This was a dream we envisioned before, used to be broke
H is for healing, I as in illest, J as in jealous, K as kinetic
Killing them, baby, L is for Legend, live in the present
Learn all the lessons, lean on your leverage
M as in money, march with them blessings
N is for nigga, we [?], we super special, we like a legend
O is for olo, pull up to Soho, sometimes you just gotta stunt a on doh doh
P is for practice, who’s up for some static?
Q as in quality, that’s automatic
R is for realer, S is for shivers, losing my nigga, man I remember
T as in triumph, U as in unit, V as in viewing, fuck is we doing?
I got that W, all of my pieces exceptional, you wonder why I’m ahead of you, Z is for zilla, knew you would feel it
This is the Purge, knew I would kill it


Uh, yeah (Helluva made this beat, baby)
Uh, switch this shit up
Big bro said this that (Back on that rappin’ shit)
Weighin’ it up, scalin’ that shit, man
Countin’ up, you know? Stackin’ up profit shit
We ain’t even thinkin’ ’bout the problems
We stackin’ dollar bills up
‘Cause there ain’t no future, it’s right now what you make it

Uh, it’s right now what you make it
You gettin’ fronted, that’s what you touchin’, that’s not what you makin’
And I’m still with dread-heads like I was Jamaican
And we still risk-takin’, get a half a brick shakin’
Then a half a book shakin’
Yeah, I wear them face mask so I don’t look wasted
Still stickin’ to the basics
Big bro the real deal, he gon’ bust that bitch, taste this
That lil’ heron crack flow, this shit laced
Still straight from 7-9, every day in different states, kid
Give my lawyer 50 more, I ain’t tryna face a bid
Jealousy a motherfucker, see it in your face, it is
I ain’t hurt a motherfucker, why you gotta hate the kid?
Nigga, you like 30 years old, tryna chase the kids
His daddy did that but he don’t know why you hate the kid
I done seen it all, I don’t trust a soul
We try and get you gone, yeah, but that’s your dawg
We was in this shit since leap frog (In this shit since seesaw)
Way before the streets, it was b-ball
They settin’ it up, it’s goin’ down like seesaw
Then everybody start shootin’, that’s what she saw
Red, red, all red, that’s what we saw
Look like he hit in the head, that’s what we saw
And we thuggin’ hard ’til we see the feds, bitch I’m ’bout to ball
Pack said touchdown, know he ’bout to call
You know I don’t play about my dawgs
You know we don’t stop at all
Wops go to 12, we gon’ drop it off
And we see the 12, we don’t stop at all (Skrrt)
I’ma get away or go to Hell
This a 12, we don’t stop at all
Still here with Rell, you think I forgot about big dawg?
Tweak, watch your top, ’cause I’m rocked, we knockin’ that shit off
Hustle like a motherfucker, know we droppin’ that shit off
If he try and tax, we cop 50, knock all that shit off
Still gotta ride with a 50, and I ride with a 50
All 100s, I’m outside with a 50
Pop out this bitch on my side, flash and it’s empty
Bitch mad, I’ve been in my bag, now I’m in a sitchy
Y’all know Marley and Max, I know Scratchy and Itchy
Learned the whole Lakeshore, I was ridin’ with Richie
I don’t think he seen his son ‘fore he died, that shit hit me
Slim ain’t never see his son ‘fore he died, that shit hit me
I ain’t cried in a minute, I be cryin’, shit be hittin’ me
I be tryna leave the hood alone, but that shit don’t fit me
Know I’m still ’bout it, ’bout it, I’m outside in my Dickies
I don’t even ‘posed to be, but I’m outside with my blicky
I know I’ma shoot this bitch and so is everybody with me
I be tryna save the bag but I got everybody with me
You know I been rappin’ like this since
Y’all don’t really hear me
But you don’t prolly know about that ’cause
Y’all weren’t really with me
I’m still right here with 60
I’m still out here in my biggidy
I’m gon’ be here ’til they get rid of me
I’m ready for all of my enemies
I’m gon’ finish victorious over all of my enemies, uh
With DJ Victorious
We turn them racks to Bentley keys, nigga

Nigga, uh, uh, uh, uh
Turn them racks to Bentley keys