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Lyrics Ollie – Apologies

Woaaah, late night I’ve been rolling through the town
Reminiscing ’bout the old days
Reminiscing at the fact that people would laugh when I had like no plays
Nowadays everybody buddy, buddy, buddy
I just think its funny, girls think they love me
This is hard work I ain’t ever lucky
Howie Mandel flow they can’t touch me
I’ve been investing my time, I’m ’bout blow up online
Labels be wanting a deal but I just keep hitting decline
I don’t miss nothing, I’m like McLovin
I’m like the best out there’s no discussion
Lotta rappers talking s**t these days but they only bluffing
Told you this was coming, now you lookin’ dumb
Chewing up your favorite rapper like some gum
I don’t got no feelings I’ve been feeling numb
Killing your career I do that for fun
You just want the money, you won’t ever get it
All your rap songs, sounding like a headache
I’ve been on a different level, don’t you get it
You just mumble like a b***h that’s pathetic
Goin’ in ’bout to lay the hammer down, I’m the best around
I’m the only one to make it out the town
You the only one who’s looking like a clown
I step in the booth, kill it for the youth, you don’t gotta clue
If the shoe fits then its ’bout you
Sorry in advance this I had to do
Sorry in advance I just tell the truth.(apologies)

You were never down for me, but now you tryna switch
My team full real ones, you would never fit
Its too late for apologies, its too late for apologies
I know what you want from me, you was on the low, low
Tryna take me out, now you at my doorstep
Begging for my help, its too late for apologies
Its too late for apologies, I know what you want from me, yeah yeahhh.

Okay, okay, okay I’m back
All of you critics are making me laugh
You pretty quiet when I come around
But when I’m not there you talking some trash
Ha, I promise I’m goin’ be the greatest
And I don’t make promises I can’t keep
I put the work in all day and night
This is something that cannot be teached
I feel like a beast, I’m goin’ ham
You cannot dodge the truth like ram
Honestly kinda like it when you hate me cause your girlfriend she a fan
You just a b***h, I got the hits
I’m in the starting line up never sit
If I was you and you were like me oh damn then I would pissed
I’m back on my flex, bet you never heard it like that
This is for the people who saying I don’t rap
Got bars for days, check accolades
You know I’m only spitting these facts
Bringing it back, bringing the heat
Only elite, now you can understand why I don’t sleep
You can never lap me, I don’t got no rap beef
These days I’m just feeling like Muhammad Ali, yeah
Going, going, going in, shout out my fans over in Berlin
I used to never get a lot, now I got it all
Feel like all I do is win
Recognize the name you know what is coming, I just made a lot
Started it from nothing, lotta people told me I would not be something
Lotta people looking dumb now they running.

You were never down for me, but now you tryna switch
My team full real ones, you would never fit
Its too late for apologies, its too late for apologies
I know what you want from me, you was on the low, low
Tryna take me out, now you at my doorstep
Begging for some help, its too late for apologies
Its too late for apologies, I know what you want from me, yeah yeah.

Yeah its too late for apologies, b*tch, hahaaa.
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Drake says Lebron James is not just his brother and friend, but also one of his biggest inspirations.

The 6 God and King James have been friends for years and during a sit-down between the two stars and Chris Bosh, Drizzy made the revelation. Drake and Lebron have teamed up to co-executive produced a documentary film “The Carter Effect” for Toronto Raptors star Vince Carter. “We’re brothers and friends, but you’re one of the biggest inspirations, period, in life,” the Toronto rapper said in the interview via Uninterrupted.

Drake also spoke about Raptors NBA legend Vince Carter effects on the city he calls home. “We all watched greatness,” he said. “When you get to witness that, it’s pretty evident. For me, it was different, it was a time marker, because when Vince was poppin’ in the city, we had nightclubs that seemed larger than life.”

Drizzy went on to say that Carter opened up his eyes to a bigger picture for Toronto. The rapper even spoke about JAY-Z performing in a parking lot at Caribana festival in Toronto which he said was all Vince Carter’s doing. These days Drake is in a league of his own dominating the hip hop charts, selling millions of records globally, and selling out arenas while touring the world. He often reps for his city on every occasion that he gets including on some of his biggest records.

Nicki Minaj giving us some thirst trap on Instagram while Cardi B moves to No. 1 on Billboard.

The Young Money rapper is not about to let Cardi B have all the fun on IG, so yesterday she posted a steamy photo of her ample cleavage on the Gram. The photo received almost a million likes and thousands of comments. Not surprisingly, a lot of her fans are asking where is the new album. But she already gave an update on the project, telling her fans that it will be epic.

“While we love getting boobie pics we want that album more so give us that album and stop playing around,” one fan wrote. Nicki Minaj is just as famous for her spitfire flow as for her ass-ets. She has been the leading female in hip hop over the past decade, but for the past two to three years she has been relatively quiet despite scoring a number of Billboard Hot 100 hits. She has been mostly doing guest verses for other artists while she quietly works on her next album, which will be her first since 2014.

Some hip hop fans are trolling her following Cardi B No. 1 record “Bodak Yellow.” The New York rapper created history by becoming the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill to score a number one record as a lead artist. Nicki Minaj has yet to score a number one single as a lead artist. In 2014, she scored a number two single with “Anaconda” and in 2011 she scored a number three single with “Super Bass.” Her 2012 hit “Starships” peaked at number five on the Hot 100 chart. Nevertheless, Nicki holds the record for the female with the most Billboard Hot 100 entries ever. Seems there is now a battle of two banging female emcees, lets see how this one will play out.

Here's lookin at you, kid

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on Sep 24, 2017 at 5:55pm PDT

NY. The other night. Something light. Sweater by #Chanel New fave bag by #Gucci its gon run u like 5 or 6 racks but it's fly, get it

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on Sep 24, 2017 at 5:35pm PDT

“I don’t dance now I make money moves.” Cardi B is singing all the way to the bank after her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow (Money Moves)” reached No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 this week.

Last week, reported that Cardi B will overthrow Taylor Swift for the top spot on Billboard this week after “Bodak Yellow” shows strong sales over the past week. The former Love and Hip Hop New York star got the news from last week and posted a video of herself dancing. That was just the beginning of the celebration because her label Atlantic Records threw her a surprise party with some of her family and friends turning up.

“Thank you everybody I am very happy and I am very honored,” she said. “Especially since my family is here you know like at first I kept asking and I keep coming to the label like why is my sh*t not playing on the radio I do not understand whats going on and then they just be like you gotta keep working hard to get the record that big record. I said am going to do it am going to give you that record… And then it was just like when it hits the Billboard, you know I don’t know how this music industry work, but then am like everybody listening to this song. If it’s not on the Billboard then it really doesn’t matter.”

Atlantic Records reps said that Cardi B is one of the hardest working rappers in the business. She was also presented with her plagues for the achievement. This week Bardi also created history when she became the first female rapper since Lauryn Hill did it in the 1990s to have a lead number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She did it even before Nicki Minaj who scored No. 2 singles as lead but never reached number one.

“THANK YOU THANK THANK YOU ,I haven’t even showered son with all the running around I loveee you all each and everybody contributed for this .Ya made it happen for me !!!!! The number 1 WAY!!” Cardi B said on IG.

#cardib turning up. Her single "bodak yellow" bout to be #1 on the charts. Is she having the best year out of all the female rappers??

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Sep 22, 2017 at 5:48am PDT

#cardib at Atlantic records for the celebration of "bodak yellow" reaching #1 on the billboard hot 100

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Sep 25, 2017 at 11:39am PDT

Letra Mc Choice – Inabalaveis

Preto morre, PM se delicia
Morador não denuncia e o gueto se silencia
Fui condenado por não silenciar dores
Mato calado, minhas canetas têm silenciadores
Fui humilhado durante a minha vida inteira
Antes d’eles saberem do monstro que criaram
Do que adianta ser o mais veloz correndo na esteira
Se na rua o caminho é ir e eles não me alcançaram
Tentaram, até correram, mas só que não conseguiram
É só porque eu permito que vocês respiram
Dedos me apontaram, deuses me escolheram
Os que desacreditaram, atualmente se fuderam
Sinceramente, eu não escolhi ser o escolhido
Eu escolhi ser a escolha, se vocês não perceberam
Me receberam no Olimpo e me coroaram lendário
Pelo dom que no meu nascimento eles me conceberam
Quem planta cólera apenas colherá ira
Se só lhe dão solidão por que tu ainda respira?
Células desses corpos se transformarão em cédulas
Vocês viraram porcos, eu cansei de cuspir pérolas
Previ seus passos dias antes do amanhã
Com rimas diamantes contra seus Diazepan
O Hip-Hop não é terra do Peter Pan
Cês acham que voam sozinhos dentro do avião da Tam
A guerra é contra as drogas, então é contra a cena
Quando o protagonista rima ninguém contracena
Resolvendo vários problema na pista
E reza pro seu nome não aparecer na minha lista
As palavras me procuram com vergonha
De serem utilizadas por caras tão iniciantes
Trato elas com carinho e quando eu rimo
Elas se orgulham por eu fazer algo nunca visto antes.(inabalaveis)

Seremos inabalaveis para sempre
Seguimos inabaláveis para sempre
Seguimos inabaláveis para sempre
Chega de sermos invisíveis
Seguimos inabaláveis para sempre
Seremos inabaláveis para sempre
Seremos inabaláveis para sempre
Hora de sermos invencíveis.

No love, no love
No love, no love
No love, no love
All hail to the Ruby King.

Hoje minha coroa é minha rainha, mano
Eu tô tentando ser o futuro dela
Eu vou tirar meu reino da miséria, mano
Me chame de futuro da favela
Pela primeira vez eu sou a toxina
É só me contrair que eu te curo
Me chame de favela do futuro, mano
Drogas só na Zona Sul, aqui vendemos rima
As pessoas ao redor parecem manequins
Olhar os seres humanos já é depressivo
Se exibindo por pagar mil reais num jeans
Que sai da moda, por isso prefiro comprar livros
A caneta é um volante, não seja iniciante
Pra evitar tragédias, se tu beber não dirija
Realidade tá achatando
E o meu novo Whatsapp a partir de hoje é um tabuleiro Ouija
Nunca fale tipo 007
Sou o inimigo 666
Dominando o mundo, tipo a Internet
Antes do Apocalipse Maia numa lua cheia
Antes que essa noite caia, eu quero pensar na minha vida
Entender o porquê de tanta inveja desses manos
Pra que depois que a noite caia eu chegue de pé na porta
Descarregando linhas invejáveis nesses manos.

No love, no love
No love, no love
No love, no love
All hail to the Ruby King.

Quem disse que eu não vou viver pra sempre?
Quem disse que eu não vou viver pra sempre?
Quem disse?

Lotando casas por onde passa
E o mais importante, lotando a geladeira de casa
Carregando o peso para alimentar pessoas
Hoje carregando o peso de inspirar pessoas
Ter o sonho realizado e ver que não era só um sonho
Bebendo e comemorando os meus ganhos e o dos meus mano
Te afirmar só os beat vamo assassinar
Afinal a sirene nunca indica um bom sinal
Inabaláveis, temido até pela morte
De onde viemos, menor não quer skills e sim algo pro coração bater mais forte
Som de bandido que as bandida ama
Pondo dinheiro na mão da dona Ana
Homem torto do papo reto
O mundo me criou, se nós falar que vai ganhar
Fique atento que nós já ganhou
E hoje os criadores são os cria
Duvidaram até onde o rap ia, hoje é tipo terapia
Já vi os irmão tomando tiro, eu vi os irmão tomando soco
Eu vi tomarem o que era nosso, vamo tomar pra nós de novo
Vou tomar pra nós em dobro
Se vocês tramar é choro, vi o mal chamar em coro
E eu cantando junto
Querem minha alma só por lazer
Eu vou fazer o que eles não podem fazer
Me odeiam, tipo deixei a mina dele satisfeita
Me amam, tipo deixei a mina dele satisfeita
Brasil, armas russas
Os menores, canela russa
Balalá Tududum! Transformando a cidade na porra de uma montanha russa
Pessoas cheias de problemas
Ou pessoas que são o problema?
Então progresso pra mim, progresso pra tu
Uma Erykah pra mim, uma Erykah pra tu
Tipo Erykah Badu, hahaaa…

Quem disse que nós não vai viver pra sempre?
Quem disse?
Quem disse que nós não vai viver pra sempre?
Tchucuchacha! Fê!

Seremos inabalaveis para sempre
Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre
Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre
Chega de sermos invisíveis
Seguimos inabalaveis para sempre
Seremos inabalaveis para sempre
Seremos inabalaveis para sempre
Hora de sermos invencíveis
Hora de sermos invencíveisss.
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