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Masicka wants the world to know his story.

The Genahsyde leader debuts his first single since the start of the new year, “They Don’t Know.” The single was produced by his in-house producer and is currently available on Apple Music and Spotify. “How them a gwaan like mi never hungry before, how them a gwaan like me never stumble before, Yo affi make it when yo humble for sure, cream in a cup and a no rum me a pore, how them a gwaan like say me born in a riches, Masicka deejay.

Following a phenomenal year, Masicka is off to a great start for 2018 with a number of new singles coming at the top of the year. “This is the first of many new singles to coming very soon so look out for more new material,” a rep for the deejay told Dancehall HipHop. “It’s a Genahsyde year expect big things.”

Listen to “They Don’t Know” below.

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Ninjaman was transferred from GP last week following a beef with Vybz Kartel and other inmates.

The Don Gorgon, who was sentenced to life in prison for murder, was involved in a feud with some other inmates while being housed at the Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre, also known as GP. He was subsequently transferred to the St Catherine Adult Correctional Centre, in Spanish Town. Sources told Dancehall HipHop that Ninjaman got upset because Vybz Kartel and other inmates were allowed to have certain electronics like flat screen TV and DVD players.

“He felt like Kartel was being treated better than him when he is a celebrity too,” sources said. “I think he was denied a request to get a flat screen TV and a DVD player in his quarters and that didn’t sit well with him. So when he complained about it, the other inmates got upset because its bringing too much attention because these things are illegal. It’s like he just came in and want to run the show, but you have to pay your dues.”

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We’re told that Some inmates are also angry at Ninjaman because he previously disrespected Vybz Kartel in interviews before going to prison and also advocate against a Ministry of National Security initiative to allow inmates to get conjugal visits. “The other men in prison weren’t too happy with him talking bad about Kartel during the Lizard trial and even after the sentence, so there were a lot of bad blood and tensions were high, so that’s why they transfer him to Spanish town to prevent war from breaking out,” sources added. “Plus he was the one who spoke out against inmates being allowed conjugal visits when the National Security Minister said he wanted to humanized inmates. It’s not a good look because now some men sees him as a traitor.”

Ninjaman attorney didn’t deny or confirmed the reports, but reliable police sources told us that the dancehall legend is currently being housed at Spanish Town prison and he is not too happy about it since conditions at that prison is far worse than GP.

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Lil Uzi Vert thinks if you’re over 30 years old then you’re lame.

Uzi has been ranting on Twitter since last weekend over his record deal with DJ Drama and last night he fired off a few disses aimed at his older fans or perhaps any other rapper over a certain age. Uzi himself is 23 and there is this ongoing feud between the younger artists and the old heads with both sides constantly criticizing each other’s music. “If you 30 years old you lame,” he tweeted.

“And when I say opps and 32nd just know I’m only talking 32 years and up cause I’m rocking wit all the young ni***,” he added on Twitter. After getting some backlash from some hip hop fans on the social media network, Lil Uzi Vert back off his statement saying that he was only joking.

“This why I say y’all lame I’m just playing wit y’all old people if It wasn’t for ya wrinkly self I wouldn’t be here so love me and be mad at ya self hope you live another 60 years,” he added on his Twitter timeline.

This why I say y’all lame I’m just playing wit y’all old people if It wasn’t for ya wrinkly self I wouldn’t be here … so love me and be mad at ya self ?? hope you live another 60 years ??

— Uzi London ????® (@LILUZIVERT) January 16, 2018

Some fans are already saving the tweets to show it to him in a few years time when he turns 30.

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Все попадам на неподходящи-
в това ми е таланта!
Все на мен съдбата ми изпраща
най-тъжното от любовта.
Празник е, но аз не съм до тебе,
трябва да си бъдеш вкъщи ти!
Макар да знам, че мислено си
с мене в сърцето ми болката крещи:

Не тръгвайте с женени,
самотата с вас да си лекуват.
Обичат ви, желаят ви,
ала празниците не с вас празнуват!
Не тръгвайте с женени,
па макар и всичко в тях да страда.
Не тръгвайте с женени,
не бъдете утешителна награда!

Все попадам на неподходящи,
зная, че такъв си и ти.
Боли от тази луда обич наш’та
сърцето ми, сърцето ми!
Не че за това те обвинявам-
радвам се на всеки миг с теб,
но никого не пожелавам това,
което чувствам аз!

Prazna casa na mom stolu
iz te case ti si pila
ako je sreca ispijena
nek’ bude casa razbijena.

Aaaaaj, kafana je puna sveta
svako se za pesmu sprema
tako zelim da si samnom
ali tebe samnom nema.

Aaaaaj, moje oci tebe traze
dok u casi vino drema
muzika mi pesmu svira
a ja patim sto te nema.