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Vybz Kartel can be toxic to some artists who are affiliated with him currently or in the past and Sikka Rymes is learning about that now.

Last month, Tommy Lee Sparta spoke about the hardship he has been facing with his career due to his past affiliation with Vybz Kartel. Now Sikka Rymes is getting some bad press all because a photo of himself and Kartel surfaced online recently. The pic was taken during a recent family visit at the GP prison where inmates family and friends got a chance to spend the day with them behind bars.

“We reside in the same community, and as a young artiste I got introduced to him by my cousin, Shawn Storm,” Sikka Rymes said. “At the moment, I’m not signed to any labels under the Gaza brand, but my label, which is Sikk Records, is all about the Gaza movement and maintaining it. The affiliation with the deejay will bring me under the microscopes, yes, but I’m not worried about that.”

Sikka Rymes who is cousin with Vybz Kartel’s protege Shawn Storm who is also currently serving a life sentence for said murder case Kartel was convicted for. Rymes says that if it was up to him alone he would have kept his friendship with the Gazanation leader prison, but with social media these days nothing is kept private.

It took Ishawna less than a day to respond to Danielle D.I. new diss track.

Ishawna undoubtedly won the first round and now we are into the second round dancehall fans are speaking. The “Equal Rights” deejay unleashed another vicious diss track titled “Walking Dead” where she disrespected Danielle D.I. mother who is battling a life threatening illness and also took some serious shots at Dancehall Queen Carlene. Of course, Carlene got involved in the feud when she said a few words on D.I.’s new diss track “Street Bicycle.”

“My mother kick off hospital door / And take yo mumma off a life support / Seaview mi born Jones Town mi whole family a war boat,” Ishawna sings. “Yo say me f*** he she and the whole navy / But me pu*** Gucci you a Old Navy / You a try how long now you a old lady / Yo womb dry rotten can’t bring no baby.” Ishawna did get some criticism over some of her lyrics about Danielle D.I.’s mother who is hospitalized.

Drake OVO affiliate rapper Fif was murdered last weekend and now he is paying tribute.

Drake gets a tribute tattoo of his late friend Anthony “Fif” Soares who was murdered last Thursday (September 14). Details of the murder are still sketchy but video surveillance made its way online that shows two armed men approaching him and shot him. He was rushed to a hospital in Toronto where the shooting incident happened where he was pronounced dead.

Drake confirmed his death on Instagram last weekend and now he got a tattoo using the same image that he posted of Fif on his IG page. He also wrote the words “Forever Fif” over the image. Drizzy also got himself a tattoo of a vintage Denzel Washington.

The tattoos were done by Belgium based tattoo artist Bersekov who has in the past done a lot of inks for Drake. Bersekov wrote on Instagram, “honored to pay tribute tattooing “FIF” on my brother [Drake].” The tatt of Denzel was taken from an iconic image from Spike Lee’s classic 1990 movie Mo’ Better Blues where the actor played a jazz musician name Bleek Gilliam.

“‘Mo’ better blues’ first session on my brother @champagnepapi , thanks as usual for your trust. “Clarke: ‘Cause mo better makes it mo better,” Bersekov wrote.

Was honored to pay tribute tattooing "FIF" on my brother @champagnepapi , Rest in peace ?? #foreverfif #tattoo #tattoos #tats #ink #inked #toronto #canada #cheyenne #cheyennepen #dynamicink

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?????? RIP to one of our family members…our brother… I still can't even believe this morning was real. It was a honor to have shared years together and I will always keep your memory alive ?Forever Fif

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"Mo' better blues" first session on my brother @champagnepapi , thanks as usual for your trust. "Clarke: 'Cause mo better makes it mo better" @denzelwashington1 @officialdenzel #denzelwashington #mobetterblues #tattoo #tattoos #tats #ink #inked #canada #toronto #jazz #blues

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Letra Ppa – Tem que respeitar

Ela é pra frente
É diferente
Deixa claro quando quer pegar
Tem seu estilo
Não segue a moda
Tati Zaqui vem.
(Tem que respeitar)

Vai ser fácil falar do PPA
Que vem
Com a pressão
Que tem que respeitaaar.

Ela é a mina
Que você respeita
E eles são os boys
Que você quer pegar.

Vai dançando
Vai dançando
Tati Zaqui
Vai, vai, vai.

Estende o tapete
Pra ela passar
Essa mina é zica
Tem que respeitaaar
É bem resolvida
Sabe o que quer
Não é menina
Ela é mulherrr.
PPA letras
Video respeitar

Letra Mc Tocha – Fogosa

Bem-vinda ao mundo das invejosas
Chegou tua hora
Empina, rebola
Mostra pro recalque
Que tu apavora
Relaxa e encosta
Não fica nervosa
Balança gostoso seu corpo de mola
Vem cá minha dengosa
Se faz de fogosa
Cifra nessa dança
Que não se controla.

Cê vai descer
Vem remexer
Quando eu mandar.

A preferência das meninas
É dançar daquele jeito
Com a mão no joelho
Sentando sem medo
Subindo e descendo
Batendo o cabelooo.
Mc Tocha letras
Video Mc Tocha