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(Intro: Travis Scott & Ty Dolla $ign)
Yeah, white color sand (yeah), frost in my hand (yeah)
Lost it again, yeah (it’s lit), ghost, Danny Phantom (oh yeah)
Dipped in a trance, yeah (alright), ten in the van, yeah
Marlins make her leap, yeah, shh, not a squeak (straight up)

(Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign & Big Sean)
Coupe outside (outside), she say let me ride
Bust down Rollie with the ice (ice)
Ride ’round the city with a pipe
Wrist frozen (frozen)
Blessed, I guess I’m chosen (chosen)
Hit a lightskin from Oakland
In my old school sideshow
Supersport (oh yeah)
Crash the Porsche (oh yeah)
I was gettin’ head (woah)
She was killin’ it (woah)
Caught an Uber to the dealership (swerve swerve swerve swerve)
Cash out on some new sh*t (woah, look)

(Verse 2: Big Sean)
B**ch, I surround myself with all this loyalty
Swear to God I’m the one, my girl just might propose to me (I swear)
A clique full of CEO’s, none of us got a degree
Made it from the underground, now they back tryna bury me (bury me)
I lean, I sway (woah), with Quay (woah), and Take (God)
I give and hardly take, you level up, I levitate
B**ch you a culture (what?), vulture (woah), poser (woah)
Hungry for exposure, I’m with my Migos soldiers, gone

(Chorus: Travis Scott & Quavo)
Yeah, white color sand, yeah (yeah), frost in my hand, yeah
Lost it again, yeah, ghost, Danny Phantom (it’s lit)
Dipped in a trance, yeah (alright), ten in the van, yeah
Marlins make her leap, yeah, shh, not a squeak (straight up)
Drank color pink, dirty bags wash it clean (clean, yeah)
Coupe got wings (coupe got)
Posted up with kings (coupe got wings)
On the top like toupee (on top)
Play no games, no 2K (no 2K)
Crap game in the booth flame (crap)
Pull out the coupe like Bruce Wayne (skrrt skrrt)

(Verse 3: Offset)
Pull up the curtains to the Mulsane (hey)
Pavé my set and clip Blu-ray (pavé)
Run to the bag like Hussein (bag)
When I lay my head down got two K’s
Ferrari in Miami Beach (Ferrrari)
I paid one twenty for rose Philippe (Philippe)
I took her soul for keeps, yeah
Back to back Rolls like Meech (Meech)
I check my balance, the cash I’ma double up (bag)
P-90, two-three with the monkey nuts (brrt)
When I look at my wrist it’s a hockey puck (woo)
When I get with a B**ch I’ma pipe her up (hey)
Pour that lean on that ice (lean)
Leaving my dreams covered in ice (dream)
Wedding band rings, ain’t no wife
Tryna get the demons out of my sight

(Verse 4: Takeoff)
Ni**a we ain’t hiding we straight (nope)
I’m talking big plate with that steak (steak)
Ni**as be watchin’ out ’cause they scoping (watchin’)
Geeked off of Adderall, they off focus (acid)
Sipping on Tylenol, having codeine withdrawls
A ni**a must got to be joking (joking)
Don’t want the pack, it ain’t potent (uh)
Look at wrist, water came from the ocean (ice)
I’m laughing, never lacking (no)
Everlasting, flipping work like gymnastics (flippin’ it)
Wrapping it up in the plastic (wrappin’ it)
Smoking it up in the ashes (ashes)
Looking and watching which ass is gon’ be the fattest (asses)
I pick the B**ch up and smash it
2018 we don’t pass, we trash it

(Repeat Chorus: Travis Scott & Quavo)

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Lyrics to ‘The Middle’ by Zedd:

I’m so excited we’re finally able to share ‘The Middle’ with the world,” Maren is quoted in a press release. “Zedd was so great to work with and so easy going, it felt like we’d been working together for years. The sound is reflective of my many influences as an artist — a little bit country, little pop, little R&B, relatable, emotional and catchy as hell.

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have baby fever.

After welcoming their daughter Chicago West via a surrogate mother last week, the couple is reportedly considering a fourth child again via a surrogate mother, People reported. The couple shelled out $45,000 last year to pay an unnamed female to carry the newest addition to their family and with plenty living space in their new mega-mansion in Bel Air. Of course, that’s pocket change for Kanye who is worth over a $100 million.

“Even before Chicago was born, Kim was talking about asking the surrogate to carry her next baby,” sources told People. “She’s so happy with the whole process and thrilled with the surrogate.” The insider confirmed that the G.O.O.D. Music rapper is already on board with the idea and was even bonding with the surrogate father inside the delivery room last week Monday. “Kim definitely wants more kids,” added the source. “She is so happy being a family of five. She wants the family to get even bigger!”

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian decided that they wanted more kids after the reality star went through a complicated pregnancy with their son Saint. She has a condition known as placenta accreta which is a life-threatening condition that complicates her second pregnancy.

While she contemplates extending her family, Kim Kardashian’s growing empire is keeping her busy. On February 1st, she will be launching her Kimoji Heart fragrances which arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day. Kanye is also keeping himself busy with his upcoming album currently in production. He is also contributing to other artists albums like the upcoming Migos LP Culture 2, where he is listed on the production credits. There is no word from him yet on when his new project will arrive, but fans are hoping to see it sometime this year. Leave your comments below.

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Lyrics to ‘Above’ by Asap Rocky:

He took his spot in the middle of a leather couch, surrounded by his old friends from Harlem—Ferg, Nast, Ant, and Twelvyy—and started methodically breaking down a small mound of weed as he spoke in a post-concert rasp. Every so often, he’d tease me for asking so many questions. But some of them he didn’t mind so much: GQ Style had collected them from a few of Rocky’s notable friends and admirers, with a promise of bringing back answers.

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Russ Drops new reflective single “Some Time”.

Early this morning Russ notified fans on Twitter that his new song was out, he also hinted that more is in the pipeline.




— Russ (@russdiemon) January 25, 2018


— Russ (@russdiemon) January 25, 2018

It’s not surprising to see Russ releasing a new single. Since his last album “There’s Really a Wolf”, released back in May of last year fans have been railing for more jingle from the multitalented rapper/ singer /song writer/ producer. The rapper will be touring Europe in February through to March, afterwards he will be back in the US where he will perform at the The Governors Ball Music Festival 2018 at Randall’s Island, New York.

Below is the new music video, watch and leave your comments.

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