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Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley wins the 2015 Best Reggae Album Grammy for Stony Hill.

Gong picked up his third Grammy at the 60th annual Grammy Awards ceremony at Madison Square Gardens in New York City on Sunday night. Damian Marley released the 18 track album on July 21st in 2017. The project was released under Republic Records and saw guest appearances from Stephen Marley and Major Myjah, with Stephen and Gong executive producing the project.

The Best Reggae Album category saw some strong contenders this year with Morgan Heritage, Chronixx, J Boog, and Lost In Paradise all getting nominations after putting out some well received albums. Chronixx’s Chronology LP was one of the hot favorites to win the award, but Damian Marley edged him out in the end. Chronixx lead the online polling leading up the the award ceremony with 29% of responding giving him the edge to win the Best Reggae Album Grammy.

Stony Hill peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart last year and spend a few weeks there. The album sold 18,000 copies in the United States alone up until the time of this publication.

Damian Marley previously won the Best Reggae Album Grammy award in 2002 for his Halfway Tree album. He won his second Grammy in 2006 for his landmark album Welcome To Jamrock.

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Lyrics to ‘Gang Gang’ by Migos:

On the 21 Savage-assisted song “BBO (Bad Bitches Only),” Kanye West received co-production credits along with DJ Durel, Buddha Bless and Quavo. For the group’s latest single, “Stir Fry,” Pharrell had the honors of creating the beat, while Cardo produced “Open It Up.

Take A Listen Below
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(Verse 1)
Wake up in the mornin’ feelin’ live
God must be really on my side
Got the baddest b*tch up by my side
Cash make the p*ssy come alive
Everybody know I set the vibe
Bet I’ll steal your b*tch like it’s a crime
All my niggas come from doin’ time
Hands in the air, we testify

Thank God that I’m alive (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
It’s like my birthday every night (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
Thank God that I’m alive (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
It’s like my birthday every night (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
Thank God that I’m alive (woo)

(Verse 2)
Ooh, thankin’ the Lord I’m alive (God)
Your diamonds not lookin’ alive (dead)
Bentley truck swervin’, it’s wide (skrrt)
Heard you be talkin’ to 12 (who?)
But I do not f*ck with them guys (no)
First time I seen me a bale (bale)
I thought it was gold in my eyes (yes)
The coupe all red inside (ooh)
Duplex, shawty outside (ooh)
We not feelin’ your vibe (yeah)
Nigga played out, retired (retired)
Niggas out here ain’t true (nah)
Two-door coupe, no roof (skrrt, skrrt)
Spikes on the back of my shoe (spikes)
You got more money than who? (Who?)
Christian Dior on my boo (Dior)
Real niggas gon’ salute (salute)
Drip in that like the juice (drip)
Molly with the Henny boost (ooh)
You’re lookin’ at the biggest group (who?)
I’m lookin’ at the biggest boobs (ooh)
Lookin’ at the biggest diamonds
That I put up in my mama’s hula hoops (boogers)
You niggas really out of style now (style)
b*tches really need to bow down (bow)
Migo Gang is a cash cow
Lay down the track, get the bags out (woo)
Handguns and the mags out
It’s time for the birds, take a bath now (brrr)
Smokin’ cookie, ’bout to pass out (cookie)
Come to the Nawf, got the bags out

Thank God that I’m alive (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
It’s like my birthday every night (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
Thank God that I’m alive (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
It’s like my birthday every night (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
Thank God that I’m alive (woo)

(Verse 3)
Yeah, yeah, 2 Chainz! Yeah
Rick James, show your titties, it’s a celebration
Stuntin’, I wore a mink to my graduation (yeah)
F-F-f*ck the world, I think it’s ovulatin’ (okay)
If you ain’t gettin’ money, what’s your occupation? (Tell ’em)
Check my DNA, the A and K’ll wet ya, boy
Woo! I think I’m carryin’ a Nature Boy
A lot of flavor, boy, I’m all about my paper, boy (paper)
Went to L.A. and tried to smoke an acre, boy (loud)
Can’t relate to noise, bumpin’ like a canker sore (bump)
I told her, “Go to Hell, leave your shoes at the door” (d*mn)
Yeah (yeah,) this the life I chose (chose)
Nigga, look at me, I look right on hoes

Thank God that I’m alive (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
I’ve been poppin’ all my life
It’s like my birthday every night (woo)
Every mothaf*ckin’ night, nigga
I’ve been poppin’ all my life (woo)
Poppin’, poppin’, poppin’ bottles
Thank God that I’m alive (woo)

I am so grateful, I am so grateful
I’m in the club vibin’, and I’m so thankful
I got them bands on me, she got her hands on me
She did a dance on me, she put that thing on me
Shawty you wilder than a mothaf*cka
d*mn, woo, I ain’t got nothin’ but one thing to say

Thank God that I’m alive
Yah, thank God
Thank God, thank God
Thank God, thank God
Yah, yah
Thank God that I’m alive

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(Verse 1)
Cuban Linx and kilos
We might get the rico
Pull up on a sucka take his bitch like I was D Bo
Got the four five in the six call it Cee-Lo
Buying bottles with your cop money, nacho cheese Dorito (hol up!)
All of my n*gg*s official as f*ck
Big ass Mulsanne like I’m whipping the truck
I’m sippin’ Ciroc while I’m sittin’ with Puff
And talking ’bout business with Jigga at lunch
That’s cray, that’s cray
New toys, lets play
I brought spades, with the deuce, like poof, let’s tre
I must say, I get money, f*ck ho, don’t pay
And I ball, in the clutch, Ray Al, for that tre
And I ride, for the Ye, West side, Kim K
White girl, through The Bay, my hood, I’m Mac Dre
Bitch, if money talks why you n*gg*s never say sh*t
If sky’s the limit, why I’m ridin’ in a space ship
My money talkin’ and my Rollie never tickin n*gg*s
Five bullets taking on the wrist I’m official n*gg*

I’m feeling a way…
Whoa, run it
Run it
Run it
This is what we do
Run it
Run it
Run it
Run it

(Verse 2)
My bitch look like Halle
My bitch look like Kylie
Your bitch don’t look happy
None of ya’ll hoes can have me
Can’t touch me, can’t touch this
MC Hammer with the swaggy
Can’t cuff me, can’t function
Bitch, I don’t want to get married
They ain’t ever want me on payroll
They ain’t ever want me have say-so
Always had a crush on J-Lo
Thought I was the man ’til my chain broke
I was so broke can’t change clothes
You don’t keep it real, you a lame-o
You don’t make a move ’til I say so
When I get loose, anything goes
Money in the mother f*ckin’ mattress
They was tryna take it, but I need to get away
I think I’m tripping cause a n*gg* never had it
I never had a way, I think I struggled every day
Talking to God I’m hoping he could do some magic
Hoping to get paid and then take all my stress away
And I could finally buy a mother f*cking mansion
Then move my friends in, and get Benzs
Cause this sh*t sound like sci-fi
I ain’t ever had no wifi
I grew up where the guns went- (pow pow)
Almost got killed in a drive-by
Stay in your biz don’t mind mines
I’m in your top five’s top five
Can’t touch this n*gg*, why try?
Gimme yo sh*t or you might die

Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Whoa, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Wait, hold up, yo, look

(Verse 3)
Your sh*t sound like bubble gum, popcorn, starburst, chocolate
Gum drop, cupcake, milkshake, lee bake, candy cane, rainbow
Your sh*t sound like summer time, playground, third grade
Ice cream, fun pop, Reese’s, Hershey’s, swirly, lemonade, mango
Momma thought I was retarded
Daddy thought I was lethargic
They said I wasn’t the smartest
Grammy knew I was an artist
All of y’all n*gg*s is trash, go throw your sh*t in the garbage
I threw your sh*t in the ocean, I hope it swim with the starfish
I remember when you wouldn’t f*ck with me
Ain’t nobody wanna ride the bus with me
Ain’t nobody wanna share lunch with me
Family couldn’t keep in touch with me
Now they all can’t get enough of me
Now they want to fly with me in luxury
Same hoes never want to let me hit
Now they all want to bust nuts for me
Name another n*gg* poppin’ than me?
I never been c*cky, but they don’t want a problem with me
And f*ck all these haters that wanna take a dollar from me
n*gg* f*ck any rapper yo I don’t need a counter with me
Ain’t nobody wasn’t lookin’ for me, they was hiding from me
All of them was counting me out now they counting on me
I’m so motherf*cking hot that the wind is a sauna to me
Right before I pull the trigger and begging that God forgive me I said

Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Whoa, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Run it, whoa
Run it, run it
Wait, hold up, look

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Ay man forget all that conscious sh*t, n*gg*
You see these motha f*cking shoes, n*gg*? hah
That’s how you hit a lick, boy
Told you that sh*t would work, n*gg*
Ay, you know you need to holla at our girl today now that we got all this fly sh*t, n*gg*
Wish somebody would try today, the way I’m feelin myself

(Verse 1)
Yeah, look
Trust me, I don’t like you for a lot of reasons
n*gg* stop the greens
You don’t f*ck with me or my feelings either
Man pledge allegiance to the ‘mittee flag
f*ck ’em all if they envy that
I ain’t f*cking if she isn’t bad
Nah f*ck that let them titties sag
Stomach looking like a henny bag
Truck bigger than Jennie’s *ss
Full a block like Deny’s *ss
But I’m tryna get that Diddy cash
So I stick with the pen and pad
You’re just a penny when we in the lab
Yeah, you’re nearly trash, n*gg* no lie
You was doubting me the whole time
Stupid n*gg*, I’m a gold mine
White girls got a whole line
Got a main b*tch and a side b*tch
But honestly dog they both mine
The status grow, and the *sses show
No money but I have to have the gold
Man, you gotta do what you got to
We stole because we got to
That’s what n*gg*’s on the block do
At the mall the bus stops too
All the older n*gg*’s got tools
I was only like 5′ 5″
I remember on the way to School
They was always tryna test mine
Uh uh, Imma eat today
Try me, you gon’ see today
Uh uh, I’m clean today
You gon’ have to meet the beast today

Uh uh b*tch n*gg* you ain’t touchin’ me today
I’ve been stacking up my motha f*ckin money, see these J’s
You ain’t taking nothing from me, ask my size I’ll tell you mine
Momma didn’t raise no dummy you can never take what’s mine
Uh uh, b*tch n*gg* you can’t f*ck with me today
I’ve been stacking up my money, yeah I’m feeling clean today
Finally got the girl I wanted, yeah that girl she hella fine
And she mine, and she super thick
Got her singing like

(Verse 2)
Aaliyah-liyah-liyah-liyah that’s my little chick
But in my DM DM DM DM’s got a lot of strippers
Got your BM BM BM BM trying to sleep with him today
Who’d ever thought it’d be this way
I guess it’s in my DNA
I’m quiet but belligerent
Respectful but I’m with the sh*ts
I talk it ’cause I lived in it
When I talk they be listenin
Lately I’ve been feeling it
I want it, Imma get this sh*t
My ego different
I gain my confidence from ignorance

I got a little bit of change switch my old jeans
f*ck a piece of pie, I want to whole thing
The way I see it going, only going up (up)
Naw we not invited, we don’t give a f*ck

(Verse 3)
Still gon’ show up with a pack
Still gon’ show up with that black liquor
Throwin’ up in the back
Imma throw up to come back
And go’ pour up some more Jack with ya
Roll up and get blacked, f*ck it
Hold up on that wax, n*gg*
I’m far from sober, infact
I ain’t even tryna go back, n*gg*
Been broke, so wack
I ain’t even tryna go back, n*gg*
If your soul intact, then ya
Don’t wanna be that n*gg* that steal and waving your gun around
Giving innocent people the run around
Demons on my mind, I’m tryna dumb it down

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