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Nicki Minaj paid her brother a visit in jail before Christmas and cried uncontrollably.

The Young Money rapper’s older brother Jelani Maraj was convicted of sexually assaulting a minor on November 9th and is currently behind bars awaiting sentencing. He is facing decades in prison for the damning crime. Sources close to the Trini rapper told Dancehall HipHop that she paid him a visit with her mother and young brother just before the Christmas holiday and she broke down during the meeting. “She just couldn’t stop crying that’s her older brother, she paid for his wedding when he got married to the woman who testified against him in the trial,” sources revealed.

Our sources told us that Nicki Minaj didn’t want to visit her brother in the Nassau County jail but was convinced by her mother, Carol Maraj, to do so. “She really did it because of her mother, she wanted to support her mother who took it very hard,” our source added. We’re told that Nicki didn’t want to go not because she doesn’t love her brother, but because it would be too painful to see his face and to see him behind bars after being convicted for such, a horrendous crime.

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Jelani Maraj has denied the charges against him and his attorney argued in court that the victim’s mother was trying to extort Nicki Minaj for $25 million to make the charges go away. His attorney also argued the Maraj’s wife coerce his daughter who was 12 years old at the time of the crime to lie about it. His sentencing is set for next month, and he could be given decades in prison for the conviction. We’re also told that Nicki’s attorneys advised her to steer clear of the case during the trial and as such she did not go to court.

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her upcoming album due sometime next year.

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Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert divorce is turning into one messy reality TV show.

The R&B singer took to social media last night where she blasts her soon to be ex-husband Vincent Herbert for allegedly getting another woman pregnant and also assaulting her. The music executive was arrested on Christmas Day for spousal assault and has since been released on a $20,000 bond. Tamar Braxton has since clarified the arrest saying it was not from physical abuse, but more from alcohol intoxication and jealousy.

In a statement posted on her Instagram page, Braxton exposed her baby daddy for having another baby with a woman she called the “wh*re.” “Vincent Herbert is Having a baby and his Wh*re decided to let me know about it tonight,” she wrote on IG. “That stupid broke ass wh*re should check public records on Christmas before she goes through with it!! He called back (despite of his protection order) begging and lying… he’s hanging out with joe and Rocxi (from BET) oh yeah.. that’s creditable.. no shade.. however, before u judge me know the FACTS!! He’s a real piece of work!”

Tamar Braxton told her fans that 2018 will be a clean fresh start for her and Vincent Herbert will not be a part of her life in the new year. The singer separated from her husband of nine years and filed for divorce back in October of this year. Braxton’s mother recently went public saying that she feared the Herbert would hurt her daughter leaving fans to believe that he is physically abusing her. Because of that assessment, when news of his Christmas Day arrest surfaced online, hardly anyone was too surprised about it, but fortunately, no one was physically hurt.

Vincent Herbert has not responded to the allegations from Tamar, but he did deny her mother’s abuse claims.

Yikes this tea hunty! #TamarBraxton #VincentHerbert

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Sizzla has sent his goons after LA Lewis prompting the deejay to file a police report.

Tensions are currently high between Sizzla and LA since the reggae icon’s performance at GT Taylor Christmas Extravaganza on Monday at the Luana Sports Complex in St Elizabeth. Sizzla, who closed the show, used part of his set to blast LA Lewis over a leaked explicit video showing him performing “Equal Rights” on his girlfriend. For those of you who are unaware of the meaning of “Equal Rights” you can listen to Ishawna song here.

“LA Lewis, anytime me see yu again me ago kick yu under the throat,” the “Thank You Mama” singer said. LA quickly shot back saying that Kalonji is looking for a hype off his name and should take his advice and try eating “pum pum.” Knowing Sizzla, that statement is not sitting well with him and on Saturday, LA Lewis posted a video on Facebook telling his fans how Sizzla send his goons after him in August Town.

“Almost this morning one bag of things unnu hear say gwaan,” he said in the clip. “Last night mi a come from August town just to see men come draw down on me with guns and a tell me say Sizzla call me.” LA says at first he thought that Kalonji was just looking a hype but now he knows that it’s very serious. The self-proclaim 7-Star deejay says that Bounty Killer and Sizzla are also telling disc jockeys not to play his music.

“This is no joke people Sizzla Kalonji send man fi LA Lewis last night,” he added. The deejay says he went straight to the police station and filed a report about the incident. He also claimed that he knows two of the men personally and can identify them.


Posted by L A Lewis 7 on Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Drake may have just made a bold move to end his beef with Meek Mill.

The rappers have been beefing since 2015 when the Philly rapper fired off some tweets about Drizzy using a ghostwriter to pen his raps. Little did he know what was to come after that rant on social media. We’ve since learned that he did it because Nicki Minaj broke up with him and he wanted to get back at her. Of course, Drake emerged the victor from that feud using two fiery diss track including the Grammy-nominated single “Back To Back” and it took Meek days to respond with a diss track that earned him even more Ls.

Since then, both Drake and Meek Mill did their own interviews where they both admitted that they might never be friends ever again and their feud may just turn out to be forever. On Friday, Lil Wayne drops his new collaboration with his protege, “Family Feud,” and Drizzy used the opportunity to extend an olive branch of the sort to his foe who is now incarcerated on a 2-4 years prison sentence for probation violation.

“I need my paper long like “A Milli” verse, Or, too long like a sentence from a Philly judge, F**k is the point in all the beefing when we really blood, Nobody wins when the family feuds, ni**a,” Drake raps in his lengthy freestyle verse. In another line, he hinted that he isn’t really calling a truce, but nevertheless, he is sympathetic towards Meek Mill over his unjust sentencing. “But this isn’t all about calling truce, I’m still dishing out verbal abuse, That sh*t could get re-introduced if somebody got something they urging to prove, ni**a,” he continues to rap.

Since the height of their beef in the summer of 2015, both rappers have been taking subliminal shots at each other in their songs, but this is the first clear signs that they could make peace. Drake also took a jab at Donald Trump on the “Family Feud (Remix)” as well as stated that he wishes he could fix Lil Wayne beef with Cash Money/Universal Music. “Ayy, tell me if TD bank is approving loans, I’m thinking about paying Wayne what Universal owes, My ni**a spend a lifetime going platinum and gold,” Drizzy raps.

Do you think Drake and Meek Mill will make peace anytime soon?

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[Intro: Don Q]
Put the suit back on all you niggas

[Verse 1: Don Q]
Fuck what I overcame
They slaughtered my name and they tarnished it
I just came up on a open lane
They say I’m the one who gon’ conquer it
You wasn’t there when we started it
Now you wanna come be a part of it
Nigga, we ain’t under nobody
We came in Atlantic for partnership
I know my mom she pray for me
First in the morning, and in the night faithfully
I see the [?] had a vacancy
I’m tyna boss up and start up an agency
I’m happy God made a way for me right at the top with the greats where they play for me
I know these niggas got thoughts of betraying me
Keep them outsiders away from me
Can’t have no strangers around us
I got some [?] for loungers
I’m too impatient for browsing, I want it I’m bringing it straight to the counter
I’m way too busy to do it, I pay an accountant to pay my accountant
I got too lazy to count it
Look at my chain it’s astounding

[Chorus: Desiigner]
I got a phone, it’s a trap phone
I get your girl give me back bone
I get some bitches on that phone, I get some riches on that phone
Y’all do some snitchin’ on that phone
I put some 6’s in that chrome
I put some 6’s in that dome
I put some 6’s in that home

[Verse 2: Desiigner]
I give my dogs the medicine
I call my dogs, they veterans
I give my dog the weapon, then
Just hit my dog, they send them in
Aimbot, aimbot, first I whack him, then I whack a cop
Paid 380 for the top
Then put .380’s in your top
And then to 80 on your block
And now it’s navy on the block
And now you gravy on the block
Be lookin’ wavy on your block
L.O.D, Highbridge
So much shit that we did
Did it all for the fame

[Chorus: Desiigner]
I got a phone, it’s a trap phone
I get your girl give me back bone
I get some bitches on that phone, I get some riches on that phone
Y’all do some snitchin’ on that phone
I put some 6’s in that chrome
I put some 6’s in that dome
I put some 6’s in that home

[Verse 3: Don Q]
Look at this shit I’m inspiring, I’m a nigga they admiring
I get in the lab and I turn into a scientist, got ’em thinkin’ ’bout retirement
I got some hoes out the country and I got a bunch of them flying in
I’m a product of my environment
I get some product and flood the environment
They watchin’ the ice when I step at the light
I drop a tint when I left the [?]
Gold Lex and my neck is froze
It got gold sets and I’m settin’ goals
My legacy gon’ be set in stone
I know some niggas that’s never home, but they do dirt and never tell a soul
He goin’ back to the trap when he left parole
Yeah, yeah!

[Chorus: Desiigner]
I got a phone, it’s a trap phone
I get your girl give me back bone
I get some bitches on that phone, I get some riches on that phone
Y’all do some snitchin’ on that phone
I put some 6’s in that chrome
I put some 6’s in that dome
I put some 6’s in that home

[Outro: Desiigner]
For the fame
We’ve been all through the pain
And the rain
Now congratulations and pop champagne