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They all rise from their seats
Repeat twelve steps to find sanctity
Stale coffee, some pamphlets and coloring books for kids
While you weep into me

In their choruses they loved God

He played us songs that he wrote for her
On guitars that her son would soon destroy
Discerning, I watched all the sad discord
Until he left her and her son moved away

I promise to sing with you when I can be saved, too

When you’re weak
When you’re weak, I am strong
When you’re lost
When you’re lost I’m finding the way
The way

This is why
This is why you should be mine
I complete you
In everything you can’t do
And more

You’re like me now
You let it get in your head
Just like I would
I would tear it to shreds

It’s not worth it, the blur of red
Seeping into my head
Thicker than blood

You’ve got a vamp draining your heart

I am the worst kind of person
I am the one you hate
But for you, I wanted to change
The darker days kept dark, so I stayed the same
I stayed the same

I am the evil pushing through your eyes
I am the darkest shades of red rush into your thighs
It’s the powers I possess
Killing off your friends
I will consume, divide, and terrify
All that you have left
That you have left

So when I come home
It won’t be you
It will be someone else
Who’s yet to realise what I can do

I barely perceive the world as it slips from my mind
I’m crazy, I’ve lost it, I’m gone
In a dream I can only hold you so close
I slipped the ring on your finger as I awoke

Beneath the East River, threw up
The subway cars all pushed and shoved
Hid my face
Embarrassed with all my choices
The chaos of all the voices
I lost you
I lost you forever
I can still remember how you kiss
I can’t believe this is it
This is it

I barely perceive the world as it slips from my mind
I’m crazy, so crazy, you’re gone
In hotels I can hold you so close
You slipped the ring off your finger
Is this a joke