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[Verse 1]
Blunt wrap rip like tissue (tissue)
I got way too many issues (issues)
Bad thoughts drop like missiles
Geronimo you know Bones won’t miss you (bye)
Son done came home with a mission (mission)
I done try to put him on nutrition (nutrition)
But the point was something they was missing
I can scream but I promise these bitches wouldn’t listen
In the dark but somehow the graves still shining
Off in the cave with the backs reclining
Feet up on the rocks ring flash like lighting
With the weatherman check the weather no lying

Shit don’t never get hard it just get better
High before I get up remember when I was fed up
Shit don’t never get hard it just get better
High before I get up remember when I was fed up with life

Like I was begging to die had synthetic in my lungs from being broke in the ride
Had money on my mind when the snow was on the ground
Silent night no sound backrolls backin down

[Outro x2]
Packin the blade running away every night the same
Weakening away I was in pain had to get away

Fuck all your vanity, shame on your family
Death to your friends and the ones that you love
No one containing me, utter calamity
See what you made me do? Look what you done
TeamSESH deadboy drop it on your head boy
Never not cashed make a mountain of ash
Every day of the past I dread boy

I stumble over my own feet too high to function
I’m coming
Open up my catalog, I’ve done it (to be honest)
Say you underground, but you just under (honest)
Every time we drop we got it [running?] (what)

Yeah, you can talk, but, no, you can’t hide
Engine it couldn’t bitch you could not ride
The trap I’m on is for the divine
Deadboys multiplied and divide
White noise on the screen make me blind
SESH is the one that I trust now
I got no need [for a bust down?]
Used to be down but I’m up now

[Verse 1]
Drop the knot
The time they mostly never heard about
Pop a knot
They turning, here’s I guess they hear me now
I’m a legend, underground treasure
Someone to burn about
Killing my legend, pick it up dead, Ima always conserve myself
Never was born for the wealth
Give me some blunts and my health
If I can’t have both, I’m choosing death
Tell me, what the fuck’s a law
When you with they cast a law
I get food, water, dope, woods to rap, we won’t cough

[Hook x2]
Blame it down, come make my day (make my)
I’ve been waiting since yesterday
Patiently, I’ve had to praise today
Spend my whole life going down the drain

[Verse 2]
Bitch, I’mma crack it, lose your hand if you reach
Get your muscles on sight, I don’t need a reason
Thinking you had a hard life, wait until I see it
Ask [?] in the room, life with that heater

Warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, make it warmer
Warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, warmer, make it warmer

[Verse 1]
You ain’t really high on the zip zips (boy)
You could do it to one named Zip Zip (nada)
Zero competition so they bitch piss
I get on this stage and this whip rip
They say they don’t wanna do it like you do, Bones
You radiating some like your Bluetooth on
The glimmer in the night
You’re the hope that we owe
I, shit, but of course, it’s the flow that put me on

[Hook x2]
Early in the morning
Cutting up roses [roaches?]
Stretching and yawning (fuck)
SESH made an [opponent?]
What’s an opponent? It’s been so long since I’ve known one

Creep boy, creep boy, creep, talk shit
Always hit your bitch, you ain’t fucking with the clique
Acting like this, you get thrown in a pitch
Only face to face when I talk off of this

Wait, wait, wait
I’ve been waiting on you
Wait, wait, wait
I’ve been waiting on you

You ain’t really high with the zip zips (boy)
You could do it to one named Zip Zip (nada)
Zero competition so they bitch pissed
I get on this stage and this whip rip

[Verse 2]
Hitting on you, must be new to the game
Where were you when [?]
Where were you when me and Chris made that SeaBeds
Bitch ready, get ready, I’ll take you to sea
This melody drop, I get it done
Fuck with them stories, you ain’t from the block
Dodging them shots, you been folding your sock
Acting like you out here, but no you was not

Pamputtae continues her onslaught on Beenie Man over a failed performance last weekend at Ghetto Splash in Kingston.

Over the weekend, the female dancehall diva posted a video clip on Instagram ranting about the promoters of the show and Beenie Man who she accused off barring her performance. The dancehall legend quickly shot back saying that she did got a chance to perform but the fans just wasn’t feeling her. Beenie explained that it was his time slot to perform and she wanted to go on stage in his allotted time slot and he just wasn’t haven’t it.

Pamputtae says that is not the case because Beenie Man didn’t just jumped in front of her, he also did it to a bunch of other artists. “My road manager check the schedule and see a who next fi perform,” she said. “Dat a when Beenie Man just a come a di venue. Dem say after Assassin a me, den when me go deh and ready fi work, the woman (one of the stage managers) a say, ‘No, a Beenie fi perform’, and Beenie Man deh behind a me a tell dem nuh fi gimme di mic when him know say a never fi him time fi work because him just come.”

“Wah more Beenie Man can do? Him career buck and stop,” she added. Pamputtae says the promoter for the show has since called and apologize to her for the mishap but nevertheless, she will not be performing at the show in the future.

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