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Wait a little longer kid
What you want to grow up so fast for?
Why you doing like I did?
Didn’t you say I got what I asked for?

But you’re afraid to find out
Like me and climb out
But you’re always close to me
You got a different story
It’s the same damn thing
Got a long way, rest your feet
I know you can do anything

You were such a handsome boy
Don’t you give up your glory
Why you want to hit them streets?
Didn’t you never hear my story?

And it’s fine to waste time
But you got a beautiful mind
And you’re always close to me
You’re a different kid
But it’s the same damn thing
And it’s a long way, you better rest your feet
I know that you want everything

That’s what you told me
I still believe you
I still see it’s true
I need you and I know you, dear
But if you’ve gotta make it then
I can take it from here

Wait a little longer kid
Didn’t I never say I would miss you?
Don’t go until I come home
Please don’t go until I kiss you

And it’s hard to grow up
But we all know it’s tough
Yeah, you’re always close to me
You have a different story
It’s the same damn thing
You got a long way, c’mon and rest your feet
I know you can do anything

Well, there is something about watching a crime
It makes me want to go out and make it all mine
It’s something about seeing you fight
It makes me want to go out tonight

I got a bad disease
I got a bad disease
To fall into
Yeah, it’s true

There’s something about seeing him die
That puts it all into perspective and I
Want to stay home, be left alone
Someone make my mind up so I don’t have to decide

I got a bad disease
I got a bad disease
To fall into
Yeah, I do

There’s some reason why I can’t sit still
Every waking moment I feel so unfulfilled
I try to lie down, but I don’t know how
Baby, when I’m sleeping, if it’s less like I am dreaming

Oh, my god
I got a bad disease
I got a bad disease
It’s got me down
On my knees

There’s a fear I have of feeling real bad
I’m fine now, if I find out that I’m not I’ll be sad
I try to quiet the thoughts in the night
Oh, they got me thinking, I’d be happier just drinking

It’s not true
And I got a bad disease
I got a bad disease
It’s got me down
On my knees
Oh, no
I got a bad disease
Will no one help me please?
Not even you?

[Verse 1]
Little bits and pieces fall into the corners
Box of broken laces, lined up in an order
I’ll do what you tell me, we can have it your way
I’ll tell you the future, you tell me your story

I’m going out with a bang
I’m going out with a bang
I’m going out with a bang

[Verse 2]
Smiles from a stranger, seem to change your day when
You were just about to go and throw your towel in
Lately I’ve been thinking about making changes
It’s been on my mind for some time and I’m anxious


[Verse 3]
Scowling like the sunshine, set on Sarasota
Happy like a twister over Oklahoma
Clear as Penny Mason lying in a coma
This is how I feel when all my hurt is over


[Verse 4]
Meet me in the morning, wrap your arms around me
Tell me that it’s over, now that you have found me
Walk me to the river, see the willow bowing
Carry me into the water, now we’re drowning

We’re going out with a bang
We’re going out with a bang
We’re going out with a bang
We’re going to go home again

Drake and Zoe Kravitz are just friends despite fresh rumors that they rekindled their relationship.

The pair were spotted partying together at the Netflix’s Golden Globes after-party on Sunday night. Footage surfaced on social media showing the pair getting cozy with their arms around each other while dancing to WizKid’s “Show You the Money.” Drizzy was also deejaying at the party which comprised of a bunch of celebrities. Sources close to the Canadian rapper shot down the dating rumors saying they have been friends for a long time.

“6 God and Zoe have been friends for a long time, I mean they go way back, so seeing them hanging out at a party doesn’t mean that they are hooking,” sources said. “He’s use to these types of headlines so he simply pays them no mind, it’s like he is just immune to it because at the end of the day people are going to say what they want.”

Drake and Zoe Kravitz sparked dating rumors from as far back as 2013 but nothing was never confirmed. Drizzy even namedropped her in his song “Star67” which was released in 2014 on his joint album with Future, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. During an interview with Andy Cohen last year, the actress was asked about her relationship with Drake where she confirmed that they are very good friends. She also called him a cutie while smiling, hinting that she may have the hots for him.

Drake has been linked to a number of famous women over the years and just a few days ago, rumors surfaced he and Nicole Murphy are dating after he was spotted at her 50th birthday bash over the weekend. Last year, he was linked to Jennifer Lopez just months after his split with Rihanna. He was even linked to Nicki Minaj at one point.

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Vershon had Buju Banton, Vybz Kartel, Ninjaman and more on his mind when he was recording his new song “One More Day.”

The young dancehall deejay pays homage to three great reggae/dancehall icons who are currently incarcerated while also paying his respect to a few other acts who were murdered over the last few months. “I had a close one yesterday, jah put an angel over me, be strong and hold a firm meditation, one day things must get better, don’t you go down keep your head above the water, words from the great Buju Banton,” Vershon sings in the intro for the Dakrome Productions-produced single.

“When them talk me do like me no hear no man, nuff blame the system but me blame the devil, cuz’ a him make Worl’Boss deh a jail so long,” Vershons sings in the second verse. At the end of the song, he played some old recording of Buju Banton, Kartel and Ninjaman before their incarceration.

“Well I am going to tell you something, is one person you can’t beg for publicity stunt, almighty god, any one of you feel like you can play with god then something is going to reach you,” Ninjaman said while Kartel added in an old interview, “right now I am concern over both my life and both my freedom because maybe by now and next week you can hear that anything happen to Vybz Kartel.”

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