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Big Sean has been getting roasted on Twitter all day for some lines on his new album “Double or Nothing” that some fans think are corny.

The Detroit rapper and St. Louis producer Metro Boomin released their joint album today to mix reactions from hip hop fans. The project comes with 10 singles and includes some guest features from 2 Chainz, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Kash Doll, Swae Lee and more. Two particular singles on the album are drawing some concerts for its lyrics.

On the single “Who’s Stopping Me,” Big Sean made some references about Rosa Parks and that made some fans a bit uneasy. “I had a dream I rode with Rosa Parks in the back of the ‘Bach / And we was blowing a blunt and she was packing a strap / Like damn, it do feel good to be black in the back,” he raps.

“Big Sean really got on that Metro Boomin beat talking about smoking a blunt with Rosa Parks and I’m supposed to take this man seriously,” one fan wrote while another added, “The sad thing is that you got n**roes out here using #WhatAboutism trying to defending that mess saying people are overreacting. Rosa Parks sued #Outkast for a song she thought was disrespectful to her name. That Big Sean line is way more disrespectful that the Outkast song.”

One of the most talked about songs on the album is “So Good” featuring Kash Doll. “I’m so disappointed in you @BigSean thst album was terrible metro gave you the worst beats possible and the kash doll song might be the worst song of the year,” one fan wrote.

“kash doll got a whole verse praising big sean dick. jhene got his face tatted on her. i don’t know what this is about but “oh God”, another fan added on Twitter. Check out more reactions on Twitter below.

Me : *plays big Sean*

Big Sean :“ I had a dream I rode with Rosa Parks in the back of the Bach, and we was blowin a blunt and she was packing a strap”


— luisa (@itsluisagibson) December 8, 2017

Big Sean rapping about the water in flint and y’all mad…. other rappers rapping about xans and yall praising them….

— hu¢¢i (@RusslsTrash) December 8, 2017

How is the world just now waking up to Big Sean's mediocrity? Dude has one OK project. ONE. And it's just OK.

— Nethony Neutralo (@theneedledrop) December 8, 2017

I come out of jail and the first thing I hear is Big Sean album please take me back

— Q ?? (@tydollamenu) December 8, 2017

Big Sean really said “they say i’m not hood coz i stay in the valley, they say i never been in the alley, i tell them cats huh, i been the alley”

— Trashvis (@Trashvis) December 8, 2017

Metro Boomin really wasted all these good ass beats on Big Sean’s album, I’m sick.

— We Know. Ima get suspended. We get it. (@DimplesBePlayin) December 8, 2017

kash doll got a whole verse praising big sean dick. jhene got his face tatted on her. i don't know what this is about but "oh God".

— rico. (@jiggy_sgz) December 8, 2017

Still, Big Sean is getting some praise from his fans for the joint effort with Metro Boomin, including some celebrities who listened to the album and are calling it fire.

Aye well I was pissed when that demi-dog ate you n you died in season 2 of Stranger Things man. You were a good dude. I’m a fan…if that makes you feel any better ???????

— Sean Don (@BigSean) December 8, 2017

im 10 seconds into this big sean album and tears have formed…. this travis scott song started off sounding like a fairy tale

— Introducing…The Coziest boy ever..CozyBoy Meech (@meechonmars) December 8, 2017

Chronixx is calling on dancehall artists to release more positive music.

The reggae singer has been vocal about the type of music he chooses to focus on and often weighs in on other artists music that he thinks are not socially acceptable, including music from controversial figures like Vybz Kartel. Chronixx performed in front a jam-packed crowd at Mas Camp in Kingston last weekend where he took timeout to speak out against crime and to call for his musical counterparts to stop recording violent music.

“Right now the people of Jamaica need fi hear some things and that’s why you have people like us. Music is a choice and every youth have a choice,” Chronixx said. “You can chose what you want to motivate your actions … whole heap a bredren we have weh drop out last week, the week before, the week before that. Warfare a gwaan inna we place and yet still you have some man who willing fi talk bout how much gun dem buss inna dem tune or whatever, like the killing is a joke thing.”

Chronixx recently received his first Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album for his debut LP Chronology. He also picked up a Prime Minister’s National Youth Awards for Excellence for his contribution to arts and culture.

Chronixx has been having a phenomenal year with the release of his debut album and his hugely successful Chronology tour. So far he has covered North America and the Caribbean with the tour and will be heading to Europe and Africa next.

Lil Peep cause of death reveals that he was overdosed on Xanax and fentanyl.

The rising SoundCloud rapper died on November 15th in Tucson Arizona while in the city for a concert. According to the police report, he was discovered on his tour bus unresponsive. Initial reports alleged that he took some fake Xanax before passing out and that might have contributed to his death. TMZ revealed some excerpts from the Pima County Medical Examiner showing that he died from a “combined toxic effects of fentanyl and alprazolam.” The latter is the generic form of Xanax which is used to treat anxiety.

While those were the two main drug found in his system, the medical examiner detected a bunch of other drugs including cocaine, marijuana, and Tramadol, which is a pain killer, were all detected in his blood test. Additionally, his urine was tested positive for Oxymorphone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Hydrocodone, and Oxycodone, along with all the drugs previously mentioned. On top of that, he was tested positive for alcohol.

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His death was ruled accidental by the medical examiner. Lil Peep was age 21 at the time of his death. The rapper’s sudden passing triggered a debate about drug addiction among celebrities, particularly young rapper’s who often rap about sipping lean and taking pills.

Lil Peep, born Gustav Åhr, is best known for his single “Benz Truck.” He has been known to mix elements of rock with rap music to create his signature sound. Since breaking onto the scene in 2015, he has released three mixtapes and in August of this year he released his debut album, Come Over When You’re Sober, Pt. 1. He was on tour promoting the album at the time of his death. A memorial service was recently held in Long Beach, New York, where he is from.

DMX is out rehab, at least for a little bit.

The rap legend is getting a temporary reprieve from rehab to go on tour. He has an upcoming concert in Albany on Friday where fans were worried that he might not show, but now we know he will be there for sure, TMZ reported. On Saturday, following the performance, X will be heading straight back to rehab which is mandatory. The former Ruff Ryders MC was also permitted to perform at a gig in New York City on Thursday night. After all he need to keep the money flowing in to pay for rehab and his pending tax debt.

DMX attorney, Murray Richman, says the rapper will required to travel for his concerts from time to time and will have a rehab counselor on the journey with him at all times. He has been granted permission to travel almost a dozen times already and has to go through a rigorous drug testing program while on tour. The rapper pays for the counselor’s travel expense and food.

DMX says he has been sober ever since rehab and it looks like rehab is being good to him because he has put on a little weight.

@dmx is in da house #xisgonnagiveittoya @vectormedia @thegarage611

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Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar beef is far from over, in fact its just getting started.

Big Sean has finally responded to Kendrick Lamar’s diss record “The Heart Part 4.” The G.O.O.D. Music rapper delivered his joint album with Metro Boomin, Double or Nothing, on Friday. The album has received mixed reviews among hip hop fans, but perhaps one of the biggest takeaways on the project is Big Sean jab at Kendrick Lamar. K-Dot unleashed a lyrical firestorm against BS in March of this year where he called him his son and a punk ass.

“”My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil sh*t, I’ll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil b*tch, Tip-toeing around my name n***a you lame,” the Compton rapper raps. At the time of its released, the song surprised a lot of hip hop fans who wasn’t sure who he was referring to. In case your still among those who are still in doubt, now you know for sure that K-Dot went directly after Sean Don ripping him while threatening to take down his career.

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On the album, Double or Nothing, Big Sean has a song “Big Bidness” featuring 2 Chainz where he finally responded to Kendrick Lamar. “Nobody sonning me, If am a sun, I’m the one you look up to F**k you,” Sean raps. Sean Don previously took a jab at the “HUMBLE” rapper on DJ Khaled’s single “Holy Key” giving fans a hint of his feelings towards his rival.

Double or Nothing is out now and you can stream it on Apple Music and Spotify. The album features some big names including Travis Scott, 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Swae Lee. While the vast majority of his fans have the project the thumbs up, Big Sean has been getting roasted on Twitter for a few lines that some folks thinks are either unacceptible or corny.