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Future and Young Thug drop a surprise joint album “Super Slimey” and you can stream it on Apple Music below.

The two Atlanta rappers drop the project just before midnight on Thursday night. They had only announced it a couple hours before it was made available. Young Thug posted the tracklist for the album about an hour before it was released, while singling out a song with Offset titled “Only One.” The album comes with 13 tracks with production credit from Southside, Wheezy, Fuse, London On Da Track, TM88, and Mike WiLL Made It.

Migos’ Offset is the only guest artist on the album. Among the tracks getting the most attention includes “Drip On Me,” “Patek Water” featuring Offset, and “Minl Flow.”

Stream and download Future and Young Thug new joint album “Super Slimey” below.

Keyshia Cole new album 11:11 Reset is now available on Apple Music for streaming.

The R&B songstress recently announced the project which is a follow up to her 2014 album Point of No Return. Her new album tells of her tales of love and heartbreak and her struggles to find back her way into the musical spotlight. 11:11 Reset comes with 11 tracks just like the title and features guest appearances from Remy Ma, Young Thug, Too $hort, French Montana, and DJ Khaled.

Bongo By The Way, Danja, and DJ Mustard are among the producers who worked with the R&B singer on the project. This is Keyshia Cole’s seventh album and her first with Epic Records. “It’s been a blessing to be able to have Epic on my team and me be on Epic’s team with L.A. Reid and Doug Morris,” she said in an interview with Rap-Up. “To have that support has been tremendous to me and the musical process has been awesome because they’ve contributed to that, as well.”

11:11 Reset Tracklist:

1. Cole World (Intro) (ft. DJ Khaled)
2. Unbothered
3. You (ft. Remy Ma & French Montana)
4. Incapable
5. Best Friend
6. Vault
7. Act Right (ft. Young Thug)
8. Right Time
9. Emotional
10. Ride (ft. Kamaiyah)
11. Cole World (Outro) (ft. Too $hort)

Young Dolph new album “Thinking Out Loud” is now available for streaming and download on Apple Music.

Dolph announced the project last week following his release from the hospital for gunshot wounds. The rapper decided to take full advantage of the extra publicity he is now getting as a result of getting shot last month. Aside from recovering from his injuries, Young Dolph finds himself in the studio to lay down some new tracks for his new mixtape “Thinking Out Loud.”

The project comes with 10 tracks and features Gucci Mane, DRAM, Ty Dolla $ign, and 2 Chainz as guest features. Among the production credits, you will find names like Zaytoven, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Drumma, Mike WiLL Made-It, among others. The album comes on the heels of a shooting in Hollywood last month where Young Dolph was shot several times. An affiliate of Yo Gotti was arrested and charged with attempted murder.

Thinking Out Loud Tracklist:

1. “What’s the Deal” (prod. by DJ Squeeky)
2. “Pacific Ocean” (prod. by Teddy Walton, co-prod. by Aaron Bow)
3. “Point Across” (prod. by Zaytoven)
4. “Drippy” (prod. by Mike WiLL Made-It)
5. “Believe Me” (prod. by Cassius Jay)
6. “All of Mine” Feat. D.R.A.M. (prod. by OZ)
7. “Go Get Sum Mo” Feat. Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz & Ty Dolla $ign (prod. by Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
8. “Thinking Out Loud” (prod. by Buddha Bless)
9. “Eddie Cane” (prod. by Buddha Bless)
10 “While U Here” (prod. by Drumma Boy)

[Intro: DJ Khaled]
Ayo Rob, this is DJ Khaled. The streets is talkin’, bro. They sayin’ that you rappin’ now. I said that can’t be true… I said, no, Rob breaks down raps. He breaks down the bars. He breaks down the lyrics. But they, the streets is sayin’ that you rappin’ now. Ayo Rob, if this is true, hit me back. I wanna hear what type of bars you talkin’ about ’cause for you to step in this zone, you must be in the zone. It’s DJ Khaled. Billion dollar voice

[Opening Bridge: Rob Markman]
Took a couple years, but I did it
Shorty, you could do it too
Did the things they said I couldn’t
You just gotta believe in you

[Verse 1: Rob Markman]
I don’t know what the fuck you thought, I want the crown too
Couple jewels and plaques, shit that sounds cool
You hear the hunger, growl loud when I’m ’round food
And ’round you I’m like Canibus, round two
I’m in the booth, soundproof, but when I’m down two
I’m shootin’ treys and one, I get foul too
Picture me, spittin’ bars and givin’ how-to’s
I’m in the wrong era, shoulda been around Clue?
Fuck it, this a revival of sorts
Now I’m livin’ out on my wildest thoughts
My cousin caught an L, shit was wild in the courts
So I’ma drop this mothafucka just ’cause life is so short
I’ll be damned if a mothafucka pennin’ for me
That’s the start of the mothafuckin’ endin’ for me
Shit scary, all these ghosts and ghouls, it’s a problem
Okay you’re a goon, but your goon got a goblin

[Interlude: N.O.R.E.]
Yo, y’all it’s two very disrespectful things about you doing an album. One, you didn’t ask me for a hook, an ad-lib, nothing. And then two, it’s blasphemous for a media nigga to do a rap album, nigga. You media, stay media, man! Keep it media, nigga! How you gonna turn from media to rapper, nigga? Fuck outta here, nobody don’t do that

[Verse 2: Rob Markman]
I don’t fuck with the suburbans in my city, man
I’m superstitious, that’s the shit they killed Biggie in
Tell Uber, "Fuck it," I ain’t gettin’ in
I’ma sell a couple records, and I’ma get a Benz
Everybody shocked off the beat I laced
When I walk up in the spot, they make the Wee-Bey face
You got fat while I starved, shit, I need a taste
Me and my team run this bitch like a relay race
This the warm up, the game ain’t even started
I’m just pennin’, I swear I could go harder
It’s just me, I swear I’m the only writer
I’m the Ol’ Dirty Bastard, my style ain’t got no father
I’m beggin’, father, it’s spirits with their lyricism
Couple Caspers in the game, we need an exorcism
If they sleep, get ’em out their bed then
Linda Blair with these verses, make their head spin

[Interlude: DJ Drama]
Man, it’s me, man, it’s DJ Drama, man. So, listen… you know, we talked about the rappin’ thing and um, I don’t feel like it’s going according to plan, like, you did your freestyle, you got your free action, alright, scooped you, but the album? Like, how you gonna just do the album? You know… when we talked you said a Gangsta Grillz mixtape was comin’ first with Rob Markman, Gangsta Grillz…

[Verse 3: Rob Markman]
They knew I was a writer, never knew I was a writer
Let’s get this show on the road, I’ma finish up the rider
The wordplay tighter, every verse fire
Anybody tell you different is a goddamn liar
My Rick Grimes grind, got no fear
Whoever on that jealous shit dead out here
Word to Mitch, my emotions out of control
Tryna get off on these keys, that’ll save my brother’s soul
And if this shit don’t pay off
I know a couple C’s I can text who let the K off
Hold this L, I got M’s to get
‘N a couple other dreams I ain’t mention yet
And they said I’d never make it
This for anyone whoever had a shot and didn’t take it
For everything we love and everything held sacred
Gotta get it while you live and let ’em drown in their hatred

[Interlude: Royce da 5’9"]
Yo Rob, what’s up, my G? This is Royce da 5’9". Yo, man, I heard through the grapevine that you’re ‘sposed to be rappin’ now. Let me tell you somethin’, my brother. I always considered you like one of my guys in this music industry. You know, I don’t really fuck with a lot of niggas. But… I just need for you to understand that you can’t be that guy that’s like breakin’ down everybody’s verses on Rap Genius and not really comin’ with it yourself line for line. I got all the faith in the world that you’re gonna do that. Aight

[Outro: Sway]
Yo it’s your big brother Sway. Ayy Rob, I can’t believe you did it, man, but I knew it was in you. Be careful, a lot haters are gonna tell you what you can’t do, but that’s when you do the opposite. That’s when you keep pickin’ up your bars. I’m proud of you, Rob. You made your dreams come true. You’re a hyena

[Verse 1]
I got knots all up in my chest (Up in my chest, up in my chest)
Just know I’m trying my best (I’m trying my best)
‘Cause when you look (When you look)
When you laugh (When you laugh)
When you smile (When you smile)
I’ll bring you back (Bring you back)
And now I’m sad (Now I’m sad)
And I’m a mess (And I’m a mess)
And now we high (Now we high)
That’s why I left (why I left)
That’s why I left

Will your tongue still remember the taste of my lips?
(My lips, my lips, my lips)
Will your shadow remember the swing of my hips?
(My hips, my hips, my hips)
Will your lover caress you the way that I did?
(I did, I did, I did)
Will you notice my charm if he slips up one bit?
(One bit)

‘Cause I don’t need to know
I just wanna make sure you’re okay (Okay)
I don’t need to know
I just wanna make sure you’re all safe
All safe, all safe

[Verse 2]
Will he play you those songs just the way that I did?
(I did, I did, I did)
Will he play you so strong just the way that I did? (I did)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Will he treat you like shit just the way that I did?
(I did, I did, I did)
‘Cause I don’t blame ya

‘Cause I don’t need to know
I just want to make sure you’re okay (Okay)
I don’t need to know
I just want to make sure you’re all safe