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After getting iced by Mase, Cam’ron now turns his attention to Kanye West.

The Diplomats rapper released a new single “La Havana” where he disses Kanye West and another unnamed rapper. It’s unclear what issued Cam has with Yeezy, but one line on the song has raised a lot of eyebrows and fans are searching for answers. Ye is currently working on his new album and it’s unlikely that he will let this slide given his personality.

“They can’t forget me, religiously in their memory, life of pablo, every other song the ni**a mention me,” Cam’ron raps. Surprisingly there was no mention of his foe, Mase, in the song which leads us to believe that he is done with that beef. The former Bad Boy rapper already claimed victory so perhaps Cam is now looking for another rapper to beat up on and Kanye West is the one he felt like deserves his attention.

Cam’ron has been subtle dissing Kanye West over the years but no one has really paid it much attention, but this is a different era of hip hop now where every rapper got something to prove, both old new. So the question now is, should Kanye respond to Cam’s diss on this new song or just let it slide? Cam was forced to defend himself recently after his former friend Mase rips him on a scathing diss record, “The Oracle.” He responded to that diss with “Dinner Time” which got a lukewarm reception from hip hop fans.

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Tommy Lee Sparta and Alkaline will not be making peace anytime soon.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay put on a show for his fans at last weekend’s annual Ghetto Splash in Kingston. His set was well received and he even called out JOP/4th Genna deejay Deablo to join him on stage. Tommy Lee Sparta used a part of his performance to lay waste to Alkaline while praising his former mentor Vybz Kartel, despite his rocky relationship with the former Portmore Empire boss.

“Big up every artist in the industry,” Tommy Lee said. “But yo have some bwoy now a days them forced ripe and feel like them bigger than music. All who know say Worl’Boss work hard for it me want to see the hands them. Some bwoy just… yo have some people them just want to give some boy the Worl’Boss legacy and act like Worl’Boss never do nothing, but a long time the Worl’Boss a do it.”

Tommy Lee Sparta’s statement comes only a few months after Vybz Kartel once again reminded his fans that Lee and Popcaan are disloyal former members of his Gazanation crew. While that statement resonate with fans, that is not stopping Sparta and Popcaan from still shouting-out Kartel every chance they get.

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Travis Scott and Quavo new joint album Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho is finally here.

2017 is undoubtedly the year for collaborative projects with a bunch of rap albums dropping this year featuring two artists or a artist and a producer. What a way to close out the year with Travis Scott and Quavo finally delivering their joint effort, Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho. Yes the album title sound weird but once you get past the title you will find 13 fire tracks to listen to at your Christmas party.

The album comes with two guest spots from Quavo’s Migos band members Offset on “Dubai Sh*t,” and Takeoff on “Eye 2 Eye.” Elsewhere on the project you can find singles like the opener “Modern Slavery,” “Huncho Jack,” “Black and Chinese,” “Saint Laurent Mask,” “Best Man,” and more.

Travis Scott first hinted from around March of this year that the joint project is coming soon. The project was initially slatted for a summer release, but then plans changed or maybe there were some delays that push it back to December 22, just in time for Christmas.

It’s been a big year for both rappers and Quavo will soon have more to celebrate with Migos’ Culture 2 album coming in January. Travis Scott is also working on his next album AstroWorld, due at the top of the new year.

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Kendrick Lamar‘s single DNA is already a classic and now Lil Wayne wants to make it better.

Lil Wayne will be dropping his highly anticipated new project Dedication 6 on Christmas Day, but before the mixtape arrives, the rap legend previews a remix to Kendrick Lamar’s song “DNA” and it sounds fire. In a video posted on SnapChat on Thursday, Weezy previewed the upcoming song while getting his fans hyped up over D6. You can listen to the preview below and you will hear “DNA” instrumental playing in the background.

“#D6 I might just release some early,” Lil Wayne captioned the video. Weezy announced earlier this month that his new mixtape Dedication 6 is set for a December 25th release date, so while your enjoying your Christmas parties you can bump some new music from Lil Wayne. “It’s time! Sign up for updates and music before drop date! To My fans, I do this for y’all! #D6 MERRY CHRISTMAS,” he wrote on Twitter.

We don’t have a tracklist for Dedication 6 yet so its hard to tell if there will be any guest features on the project, but Drake did hinted last week that he might have a guest. “There is a good chance that Drizzy will be on D6 and it will be a banger,” sources said. D6 will be the first project from Lil Wayne in a while since his music has slowed down significantly due to his fallout with Cash Money Records and Birdman. At the top of 2017, both he and Birdman briefly made peace and promised his fans that his long awaited album Tha Carter 6 will be arriving sometime in the year, but it has not been forthcoming and Weezy is still suing the label and his former friend and mentor for $51 million.

Listen to a preview of Lil Wayne’s remix to Kendrick Lamar’s single “DNA” below.

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The Game legal troubles are nowhere near over.

40 Glocc has filed a lawsuit against The Game for beating him down back in 2012. I can’t say that I am surprised about this lawsuit given that the Compton rapper should’ve expect some legal repercussions from the fight. He was also recently sued by two persons including a police officer who he got into a fight with at a pickup basketball game in Los Angeles. Glocc filed legal documents suing the rapper for over $200,000 in owed assets.

According to 40 Glocc, he won the money in a previous lawsuit against The Game from back in November 2016 when he sued him for the first time over the 2012 fight. He argued that The Game missed the payment deadline to hand over the money he won from his first lawsuit. In his legal docs, Glocc also claimed that Game has been hiding assets using shell companies as a means to cover up his business ventures.

The Game has not yet reacted to this new lawsuit from his former friend turn foe, but in an interview dated back to 2013, he shed some light on what caused their beef that leads to that infamous beat down in 2012. According to the Documentary rapper, 40 Glocc woke up one day and decided to start talking trash about him and his kids, so that infuriated him and he went and sought out Glocc and beat him up. Video footage from the fight was uploaded to YouTube showing the vicious beat down that left the rapper pleading for his life.

40 Glocc says that The Game owes him a total of $216,775.52 and the money has not been forthcoming.

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