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Popcaan drop the video for his new gangsta anthem “El Chapo” and he used the opportunity to send a clear message to his enemies.

The video clip features Popcaan living in a mansion at an undisclosed location (Kingston) just like a drug kingpin. He surrounds himself with lots of women and thugs that do his bidding. The gritty single was produced by NotNice while the video was directed by RD Studios. The also features the police commissioner issuing a statement to the media saying he will find Popcaan at all cost.

Popcaan drop the single in September and since then its become an anthem in dancehall and one of the deejay’s biggest hits this year. The Unruly Boss has had a great year in 2017 and further cementing his place as one of the greatest dancehall artists of this generation after only a decade in the game. He started out as a protege of Vybz Kartel before honing his own career and forming his own group Unruly.

Watch Popcaan new video “El Chapo” below.

Tommy Lee Sparta “Greasy” up the machines to take down the Zombie Riddim.

The Mobay deejay drop two new singles this week including this new track “Greasy” featured on the Zombie Riddim, produced by Anju Blaxx for UIM Records. “Greazy so the gun them messy mek it easy / Squeze it, rifle fi speak it / God dam make it squeaky / Big man a ball and a scream like queeny,” Tommy Lee Sparta deejay. In another line, the deejay called out Mavado and Alkaline for not answering

On Thursday, Lee dropped a gritty Mavado diss track “Enemy.” Mavado has not responded to the diss tracks and likely will not respond according to sources inside the Gully. Listen to Tommy Lee Sparta new song “Greasy” below.

Jidenna has some new music for the fans. The R&B singer released his new “Boomerang EP” on Friday.

This project is the followup to his debut album The Chief which was released in February this year. The EP comes with six new singles with a couple guest spots from Wale, Quavo, Tiwa Savage, Sarkodie, Dot Cromwell, Burna Boy and Malek Berry. Major Lazer’s Diplo is the producer behind the title track for which Jidenna released a music video.

Quavo is featured on the remix for “Bambi Too” while Wale is featured on the last song on the EP, “Out of Body.” Elsewhere on the project you can find singles like “Decibels” and “Little Bit More (Remix)” featuring Burna Boy. Boomerang find s Jidenna singing and rapping much like his previous music showing versatility and depth.

Jidenna’s Boomerang EP Tracklist:

1. “Decibels”
2. “Boomerang”
3. “Spy Candy” Feat. Tiwa Savage
4. “Bambi Too” Feat. Maleek Berry, Quavo and Sarkodie
5. “Little Bit More (Remix)” Feat. Burna Boy
6. “Out of Body” Feat. Wale and Dot Cromwell

(Verse 1: T-Pain)
You don’t even know right now
I’m staring at my phone right now
Wondering, if I should call you or leave you ‘lone right now
I’m in my zone right now
I’m just, chilling at home right now
Shots of Patron right now
I should put my phone right down
But girl, I’m so alone right now
That’s why I’m…

(Chorus: T-Pain)
Textin’ my ex (oh no)
Umm, I look good, I’m just talkin’ ’bout sex (yeah)
Ooh, that’s why I’m textin’ my ex (oh no)
Don’t I look good?
I’m just talkin’ ’bout sex and I’m so ready for regrets
Yeah, baby, baby
I know you remember, when we back in December we was in love, yeah
I been thinkin’ of you, please, tell me that I’m the one you’re thinkin’ of, yeah
I just can’t forget you now, since I met you down in the club, ye-yeah
I know, that I let you down, but we need to just lean back up, yeah

(Verse 2: T-Pain)
Probably shouldn’t call you
But you know I’m ’bout to call you
And I don’t even need to fall through
But I’m a man, baby, ain’t that what we all do?
Understand what you tweetin’ now
Hoping I’m the man, that you speaking ’bout
But you didn’t @ me
Hope my new girl don’t catch me

(Repeat Chorus: T-Pain)

(Verse 3: Tiffany Evans)
You know you shouldn’t call me
So why the hell you call me?
You know, I got a new man
But this unknown number, this is all you
Even though, this ain’t right
I’ll give it to you, I won’t think twice
Didn’t mean to hurt you
Just hope your new girl don’t catch you texting your ex

(Repeat Chorus: T-Pain)

Spice drop two music videos in one day, “Robot Wine” and “Hooku Wine.”

The video for “Hooku Wine” is also a medley with a part of it for another of her songs, “Couple Up.” You can always count on Spice to drop some fun filled videos with her legion of female dancers. The cuts were directed by Xtreme Arts and features the dancehall diva and her dance crew wearing all white while showing off their skills in a mining pit.

Spice recently made headlines for her beef with Beenie Man over who is the heir to the dancehall queen throne. Earlier this year the “So Mi Like It” deejay stepped up and claimed the title after Lady Saw threw in her towel and got baptized. According to Beenie, Spice is more of a self-appointed queen of dancehall, but in his own opinion she has to put in a lot more work. The female dancehall star shot back saying Beenie himself is a self-proclaim king and Vybz Kartel is more deserving of the kingship than he is.

Watch Spice two new music videos for “Robot Wine” and “Hooku Wine” below.