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XXXTentacion told his fans that he will be hosting a free concert in the future after his anti-rape event was canceled.

The Florida rapper issued an apology to his fans today after his anti-rape event in Miami was canceled due to circumstances beyond his control, he said. Several of his fans on social media were skeptical about the event and thought that he was just using it as a PR move amidst his ongoing assault case involving his ex-girlfriend.

XXXTentacion says that he organized the event to give support to those who were raped or went through any form of post-traumatic experience. He also asked attendees not to bring any form of negative energy to a place where he said its all about support. Sadly the event never took place because some folks vandalized the venue among other things.

“It was my fault completely that the event was cancelled,” he stated. “I put the venue address out, which caused the venue to get spray painted,” he added. He also clarified that the performance will be separate from the make-up anti-rape event, explaining that “I’m doing a free performance, free of charge, to make up for the fact that I didn’t get this done on time.”

He didn’t reveal when he will be performing at the planned free concert, but XXXTentacion has been working hard to rehabilitate his image in recent months. He also signed a new deal with Capital Records and the label seems to be helping him with his legal troubles.

#xxxtentacion reacts to his anti-rape event being cancelled.

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Rita Ora is shooting down reports that she is dating Conor McGregor.

The R&B singer ignited a Twitter firestorm yesterday when she posted a photo of herself and the UFC champ with the caption, “Date night.” The pair were seated side by side at the British Fashion Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London on Monday night. That post didn’t go down so well with some fans on Twitter particularly because Conor McGregor builds his image on being a family man.

McGregor has been dating longtime girlfriend Dee Devlin for years, even before his rise to fame in UFC. The couple welcomed their first child together earlier this year and all signs are pointing towards getting married sometime soon. Rita Ora hinting that she is currently dating the athlete on a public platform like Twitter rubbed some fans the wrong way. Turns out that she was only joking and has since posted a photo of herself with her boyfriend Andrew Watt, who is also a musician. “Last night,” she wrote on IG.

??last night ??

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According to the Daily Mail, Rita Ora and Andrew Watt have been dating for around a year now and were first spotted together on vacation in Rome in October of last year. “Rita has kept her relationship with him very private and out of the spotlight… This is the first time she has posted anything about him,” the UK tabloid wrote.

Sources are now saying that Rota Ora and Conor McGregor are just friends and have been friends for a while. “They have been friends with each other for a while so this is all just playful, folks on social media take things a bit too serious, no one has a sense of humor anymore,” sources said. Check out some of the tweets fired off yesterday below.

Date night @TheNotoriousMMA

— Rita Ora (@RitaOra) December 5, 2017

Conor McGregor's missus at home looking after his baby, and Rita Ora has the audacity to tweet this. "Date night" with a spoken for man, new low for her??

— Molly Shepherd-Boden (@MollyShep) December 5, 2017

I won't lie, I'm really bothered about Rita Ora posting that with Conor McGregor. The DISRESPECT

— Bex (@Bex_Handy) December 5, 2017

Never care about celeb drama but Rita Ora posting pictures with Conor McGregor captioned “date night” actually makes me raging

— Sarah (@sarahfxrrester) December 5, 2017

Lil Pump is already a millionaire at 17 years old.

The “Gucci Gang” rapper is perhaps one of the biggest success stories in hip-hop this year proving that any struggling rapper or singer can achieve their dreams if given a chance to shine. Regardless if you disagree with his music or, you have to agree that his achievement this year is inspirational. Only a few months ago, Lil Pump was still a struggling rapper on SoundCloud and now he smashes through the mainstream barrier before the year even ended.

Thanks to his record contract, Pump can now accord to buy a lot more Gucci kicks. TMZ reported that he received a check for $345,000 for his debut album advance from Warner Bros. and that doesn’t include the 15 percent royalties that he will be getting. His royalties could be a big payday for him too judging from the huge success of his singles “D Rose,” “Boss,” and “Gucci Gang.” He will be getting a similar advance for his second and third album and by the time he gets to his fifth project, he could be getting as much as $500,000 per album plus royalties. Still, he will need to meed some criteria like dropping at least 14 tracks per album.

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On top of that, Lil Pump is also making big bucks from merchandise sales and touring and with his fast-growing fan base his merchandise is selling out fast. Pump currently has the number four song on Billboard Hot 100, “Gucci Gang” which earned him the record for the shortest song ever to grace the top ten on the Hot 100 chart.

Lil Pump is currently working on a joint album with Lil Yachty due sometime soon. At 17, he is not doing too bad and next year could see his career balloon to new heights if he continues to make hit records.

Jeezy reveals the tracklist for his new album Pressure and some big names can be found on it.

The album is set for a December 15th release date, the same day that Eminem is dropping Revival. Among the tracklist on Jeezy’s new 13-track LP are Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Trey Songz, WizKid, Kodak Black, Puff Daddy, 2 Chainz, Tee Grizzley, Rick Ross, Tory Lanez, Payroll Giovanni, and YG. The project is packed with an all-star cast with Jeezy going solo on only four singles.

Interestingly, Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole are featured on the same track with Jeezy, “American Dream.” The upcoming single got tongues waging given that these two young rappers are often mentioned in the top five rappers alive debate. This marks the first time that Cole and K-Dot are working together on the same single. How did Jeezy make that happen? Well, he must have pulled some serious strings.

The closest that they ever came to working together was on Black Friday of 2015 when they both remixed each other songs. J. Cole rapped over Kendrick’s smash hit single “Alright” and the Compton rapper rapped over his counterparts single “A Tale of 2 Citiez.” That moved stirred up rumors that they are planning to drop a joint project but that never happen, but a collaborative single is good enough for now.

Pressure is the follow-up to Jeezy’s 2016 mixtape Trap or Die 3 which was released in November last year.

Pressure Tracklist:

1. “Spyder”
2. “Cold Summer” Feat. Tee Grizzley
3. “In a Major Way” Feat. Payroll Giovanni
4. “Floor Seats” Feat. 2 Chainz
5. “This is It”
6. “Bottles Up” Feat. Puff Daddy
7. “Valet (Interlude)”
8. “Respect”
9. “Pressure” Feat. Kodak Black and YG
10.”Like Them” Feat. Tory Lanez and Rick Ross
11.”The Life” Feat. WizKid and Trey Songz
12.”American Dream” Feat. J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar
13.”Snow Season”

#PRESSURE ?12/15 pre order Now #TrustYaProcess #SnowSeason

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대체 못할 묘한 매력
숨 쉴 공간 없이 채워 뭔가 느낌이 와
이미 본능적인 액션
서로 반응하는 Feeling 순간 이끌려 가

Crazy Sexy Cool 아찔함의 끝
바람에 스쳐 널 느껴봐
이제부터 니가 꿈 추고 싶은 춤
바람이 너의 숨결 같아

So easy to love you so easy to love you
눈이 부셔 Gorgeous babe
니 곁에서
향기로운 숨결 바람처럼 불어 (니 곁에서)
헤어날 수 없게 해

두 눈 속에 내가 비쳐
왠지 로맨틱한 기적 잘 봐 이뤄질 거야
우린 모든 게 다 처음
매일 특별 해질 커플 너와 내 얘기야

Crazy Sexy Cool 마주치는 눈
질릴 틈 없이 예쁜 너야
지금부터 오직 둘
니가 나의 Rule 세상이 커진 기분이야

So easy to love you so easy to love you
눈이 부셔 Gorgeous babe
니 곁에서
향기로운 숨결 바람처럼 불어 (니 곁에서)
헤어날 수 없게 해

To la la love ya (ooh ooh) ahh baby
To la la love ya (ooh ooh) ahh yeah

마냥 귀엽기만 한 줄 알았던
너를 가까이에서 보니까 색달라 달라 달라
하루하루 다른 모습에 한번 더 반해
끝까지 난 널 잡아 잡아 잡아
Pretty Sexy Face and Body
너에게 반한 순간까지
나는 말이 많이 필요하지 않아 Darling
첫눈에 난 반해 버린 거야 빨리

Crazy Sexy Cool 더 가까이 Zoom
우리만 멈춰 있는 순간
기울어진 맘의 추
너에게로 Move 멈추고 싶지 않은 나야

So easy to love you so easy to love you
눈이 부셔 Gorgeous babe (so easy to love ya babe)
니 곁에서
더 빛나는 선율
내 온몸에 전율 (니 곁에서)
헤어날 수 없게 해

To la la love ya (ooh ooh) ahh baby
To la la love ya (ooh ooh) ahh yeah
To la la love ya