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Eminem is frustrated with new wave of mumble rap music.

Eminem has a new song out with Beyonce, “Walk On Water” which will be featured on his upcoming album Revival, due this Friday.

Author Malcolm Gladwell and Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin kick-started their new podcast, Broken Record, last Friday and on the first episode they discussed Eminem new song “Walk On Water.” According to Rubin, Em explained the meaning behind the single and also spoke about his feelings on the current wave of new artists in hip hop and what type of music they are making, mumble rap.

“It’s mortality, not being Superman and what if I can’t come up with the best shit I wrote every single time?” Eminem said of the song. During the episode, the Def Jam Recordings co-founder opened up about a conversation he had with Eminem about the new wave of mumble rap and what it means for hip hop. He said that it’s very frustrated for Slim Shady who has a vested interest in descriptive rhymes and well-crafted bars.

“For him, it’s a little bit of a culture shock because there’s a new wave of Hip Hip that’s not really what he’s about, so he was just talking to me about how that felt,” Rick Rubin said. “I could see he was frustrated with [it].” Rubin also detailed working with Eminem saying he is unlike any other artists that he has worked with in the past just by his attention to detail and his keen interest in the music and culture.

“He’s fanatical to a point that I don’t think I’ve seen in anyone before just through his attention to deal,” the music producer added. “He has a perfect memory of everything about the music and he gets inside of it, and he writes to whatever is good or bad about it.” Listen to the podcast episode below.

Lil Yachty and Lil Pump are dropping a joint project on New Year’s Day.

Lil Yachty and Lil Pump are either trolling their fans or they are on the verge of dropping a joint album.

The two polarized young rappers made the announcement on Twitter on Sunday when Yachty posted a screenshot of a text conversation he had with Lil Pump. “Bro, we gotta do this tape, drop in January, or February, then go on tour,” the “Gucci Gucci” rapper said. The Teenage Emotions rapper then tweeted, “First Of The Year, We Promise” with a fingers crossed emoji.

Both rappers have released their debut project this year with Lil Yachty dropping his first full body of work, Teenage Emotions, in May. Despite cracking the top five on Billboard 200 chart, the album received mixed reaction from most hip hop fans forcing the rapper to admit that his brand is much more bigger than his music. He also made a lot pf headlines this year for his beef with veteran rapper turn podcaster Joe Budden.

Lil Pump released his self-titled debut album in October and that project also cracked the top five on Billboard 200. He is also getting a lot of attention for his viral hit “Gucci Gucci.”

First Of The Year, We Promise ??

— king of the youth (@lilyachty) November 12, 2017

弱音ばかり その山猫
your never daring 超えたくて
弱音ばかり その山猫
your never daring 超えたくて

不意に襲ってくる 不安と
あなたに咲く 諦めない事を
飽きない 雑もない?

夢見がちで そうリアル好きだ 無理に
言うことのないそう feel daring 切に
夢見がちな そうリアルな妄想に
何とって 茜色に染まる

まだ Disc Disc Have a ない 全てを
発散出来ぬ 涙流れて
頬を伝う ほぼいらない

My landscape 掘ってくほどに隠したい
hello hello hello
but Just Do it Do it
ふらついても そういけない 終わりです
はい 羽目は外さない
hello hello hello
But 捨てる杭
打たれないように 打ち返せ
ただいいの それでいいの

弱音ばかり その山猫
your never daring. 超えたくて

何度思った もう辞めなよ
青冷めた事すら 幾度 もう
覚悟ない 描かない

夢見がちで そうリアル好きで 無理 言う事ない 妄想 みだり 切に
何とって 茜色に染まる

まだいつか いつか そういえば 叶う
hot hot 疲れた まる 何かよ
大きくない ほぼいらない

Nee issho ni iru to mukuchi ni natte
Watashi ja nai mitai da yo
Nanatsu mo ue no otona no anata
Mieru sekai mo chigau yo ne

DORAMA de mita you na "koi ni ochiru shunkan" nante
Oogesa datte waratta demo… hontou datta yo

Dokomademo aoi kyou no sora ya
Sukoshi dake tsumetaku natta kaze
Tsutaetai anata ni ima kono kimochi wo

Sugoku oishii SHIFON KEEKI ya
Kinou mitsuketa suteki na kotoba
Okuritai watashi no kakera hitotsu demo

Futari wo nosete kaze wo kiru BAIKU
Himitsu no basho he tsurete itte
Yoku kashite kureru JAKETTO no nioi
Dakishimerareteru mitai

Watashi ga miru koto no dekinai
Anata no kako nante
Tansan sui no you ni hajikete kiechae

Sanjuu byou ni ichido kurai kana
Mune no oku tsukamu you na itami
Anata no koto wo kangaeru tabi

Anata no mune ni onaji itami ga
Watashi no koto wo omou itami ga
Anata wo kurushimete ireba ii no ni

Te wo nobasu soko ni zutto anata ga ite kureru nara
Sukoshi kurai dareka kizutsukete mo shikatanai yo ne

Uso wo tsuku to kuchi ga togaru kuse
Warau toki me ga hosoku naru kao
Mata hitotsu hikaru kakera mitsuketa yo

Kirei na yubi ya KUSHA KUSHA na kami
Dare hitori kidzukanaide hoshii
Sekai de watashi dake shitte ireba ii

thinking of you…

BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang
BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang

[Verse 1]
Learn about business from running the business
Always on go, it’s good for my fitness
Tracing my steps, being smart with my pivots
The sky is the ceiling, I’m pushing my limits
Stacking my bread and increasing my digits
Living life fast, but I ain’t rush to the finish
Living life lavish, got everyone living
The brand is Popeye’s, but I never eat spinach
Eggs in the morning, put syrup on biscuits
Raised by the family, it takes a village
Standing on top and y’all looking like midgets
My diamonds so wet, they came from the trenches
Tearing us down, but we building them bridges
Beats is too strong, and they travel in triplets
Soaring like Eagles, ya flying like Pigeons
Road to the riches, we punching our tickets

BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang
BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang

[Verse 2]
Back in this thing, and I’m better than ever
Two on the court, on the beat I’m too clever
Just bought a mansion, it’s [?] in these shelters
My girl on a leash and she love when I pet her
She’ll never leave me ’cause she’ll never find better
Just got a bag, LV’s on the leather
The pressure on me, feeling lot like some feathers
I told you, "Don’t push me", still pullin’ my lever
I cannot settle, I’m triple B General
Look to the left, you’ll see Lieutenant Gelo
Further in sight, and you’ll spot Major Melo
Big Ballers on me, and I like commando
We ready for war, and we ready for battle
If there is a problem, consider it handled
We moving as one, and we never dismantle
We bet on ourselves, yeah we taking a gamble

BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang
BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang

[Verse 3]
People just talking, but they ain’t really ’bout it
Disturb the peace and I gotta get violent
Crossing you off, man I feel like a Mayan
These presidents dead but they moving in silence
The way that I thrown, they feel like they flyin’
The way that I storm, they feel like they pollen
I stack them together, they form an alliance
I put ’em in cases, they talk to my clients
If I want it I buy it I’m flyer than pilots
PJS Private, I’m ballin’ like Bryant
Got ice on my neck keep my colder than climates
Got drops on my wrist but I’m never caught cryin’
Feel so alive that I wouldn’t mind dyin’
The booth is my kingdom, I feel like a lion
I’m killing these beats, I’m promoting the violence
And shoutout to brodie man [?]

BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang
BBB, that’s on me
BBB, rep the team
BBB, chasing dreams
BBB, we gon’ do our thang