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Letra Pretinho da Hora – No cangote

Trate ela com carinho
No cangote dê beijinho
E o resto deixa que ela faz
Gostoso demais
Trate ela com carinho
No cangote dê beijinho
Tu não vai se arrepender.

Minha boca pede a sua
Minha cama pede seu corpo
Minha vida,
Sua sanidade junto com meu jeito louco
Meu espelho a sua imagem
Minha mão pede seu rosto
Meu ouvido
A sua voz falando fica mais um pouco
O seu dedo pede a aliança
O seu fone, uma mensagem
O seu riso, minhas palhaçadas
O seu corpo, uma massagem
A sua manhã pede um bom dia
E eu deitado nos seu lençóis
O seu rádio aquele som
Com a letra que fala de nós.

Um beijo, um abraço
Carinho, eu faço
Vem com Pretinho
Vem se apaixonar
E com O Clã
Você vai pirar.

Aí, sem caô
Deixa eu te chamar de amor
Se todos os homens são iguais
Vou te provar que eu não sou
Eu sei que é chato pedir
Mas deixa eu te falar
Se isola no meu mundo.
E desliga o celular.

A nossa vida é curta
Deixa tudo acontecer.

Com Netflix ligado
Eu fico aqui do seu lado
E vou fazendo massagem
Mantendo o seu corpo suadooo.
Pretinho da Hora letras
Video cangote

Dancehall diva Spice shamelessly took another female’s man and then curse her out when confronted on Instagram.

Weeks after getting into a fight with her baby daddy on the Gram, Spice is again at the center of another social media fiasco. The “Sheets” deejay was confronted on her IG page by another female using the handle @themystical_1 about taking her man and then doing a song about it. Spice responded saying that she did it but she is not loosing any sleep over it.

“Ok so the rumors I heard is true you have the nerve to fool around with my man and now you do a song about it b*tch,” @themystical wrote. Spice responded saying that it’s not her man anymore but ours now. “I think you made a typo b*tch you typed “my” man but a “our” man bye Felicia bout you no fraid fi talk like I give zero f***.”

“I have the nerve to do whatever I want just like how I have my pu*** to f*** who I want get the f*** off my page,” Spice added. The entire exchange was heated and Spice was clearly having too much fun clipping back at this fan.

Yo Gotti is on police radar for Tuesday afternoon shooting of rival rapper Young Dolph.

Dolph was shot multiple times outside of the Shoe Palace at the famous Hollywood and Highland intersection. He is currently in hospital in critical condition. TMZ reported that cops have named Yo Gotti as a person of interest in the shooting. There is at least one person currently in custody who cops said is linked to the crime.

Sources say both Young Dolph and Gotti were staying at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday when their respective crews got into an argument outside. Shots were fired and everyone fled the scene. An eyewitness told police officers that the “Rake It Up” rapper was involved in the shooting incident.

In February of this year, Dolph was shot at in Charlotte while sitting in his SUV that turned out to be bulletproof. Blac Youngsta later turned himself in after police named him as a person of interest for that shooting where over a hundred rounds were fired at the vehicle. Youngsta is signed to Yo Gotti’s label and the two are friends.

President Trump is now using the great legend Usain Bolt as a means to justify his beef with NFL players over the national anthem.

In case you have been living off the grid for a while, last weekend Trump ignite another firestorm at a political rally when he bashed NFL players who kneel during the playing of the national anthem, calling them SOBs. There has been widespread backlash over his statement and he has been tweeting about it since last weekend.

His latest tweet is a video of Usain Bolt at The London 2012 Summer Olympics where he was doing an interview after winning a gold medal. Bolt stopped the interview while the national anthem of the United States was being played so he could stand and pay respect. “Even Usain Bolt from Jamaica, one of the greatest runners and athletes of all time, showed RESPECT for our National Anthem!” Trump wrote on Twitter in his latest campaign against the NFL players who take a knee during the national anthem.

Usain Bolt immediately became a trending topic on Twitter and a lot of his fans are saying that he shouldn’t be dragged into this.

Even Usain Bolt from Jamaica, one of the greatest runners and athletes of all time, showed RESPECT for our National Anthem! ????

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 27, 2017

During an interview with ESPN last year September, Usain Bolt spoke about Colin Kaepernick who started the take a knee protest movement in the NFL. “Everyone has the right to their own opinion,” Bolt said. “If you feel strongly about something and you want to voice your opinion, I feel it’s your right, so, that’s how I look at it because that’s how life is.”

Internet: "What does Usain Bolt have to do with protesting against US police brutality?"

Trump: "Uh, he's a black athlete?" ????

— Jake Watt (@JakeChatty) September 27, 2017

94 degrees in Puerto Rico. 44% of these people have no water.

Donald Trump is tweeting about Usain Bolt respecting the US national anthem.

— Michael (@Schmutzie_) September 27, 2017

Another fun fact about Usain Bolt: he was able to win without help from the Russians!

— Magic (@mmagic_mman) September 27, 2017

Danielle D.I. says that she didn’t start a lyrical war with Ishawna, said she was merely expressing herself musically.

The “Talk Up” deejay sat down for an interview with Winford Williams OnStage last weekend where she opened up about her beef with Ishawna that has been playing out on dancehall airwaves and on social media. “First and foremost I didn’t start a lyrical war right let’s get this clear,” she said. “The media and the fans deemed it a clash and deemed it a war. First and foremost I just decided to express myself on a track.”

Danielle D.I. was the first one to release a diss track, but she is saying that the song is not a diss record, but merely an expression of whats on her mind. She also added that Ishawna has been talking bad things about her behind her back. “This specific person who this song is about, we need to get this clear because the public doesn’t know about this,” she added. “This industry it is a small industry because we share the same hairdresser, we share the same nail technicians, we share the same producers and the same dancers. So when people say stuff and been saying it for years upon years it automatically going to come back to your ears.”

D.I. says that for years Ishawna has been saying malicious things about her and now she just reached her limit. “This person has always wanted to be me throughout their entire career,” Danielle said.