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Tommy Lee Sparta is speculating if stress from being locked up is the reason for Vybz Kartel‘s recent health issues.

Kartel spent a week in the hospital last week for a severe kidney infection. He is currently back behind bars, but his family members are deeply concerned about his health. Tommy Lee spoke with What’s Up where he expressed his shock and concerns for his former mentor’s health. “Vybz Kartel in the hospital me no know if it’s stress cause it,” he said.

“Me just wish him a speedy recovery yo see me, just want the dog [Vybz Kartel] forward a road and be there for his kids because they are turning into men now and they need him to guidance,” Sparta added. Tommy Lee also said that he is currently working on his debut album which will be comprised of only new singles. Seems the new album will be part of his new deal with Sean Kingston’s label.

“Look like they need an album so it me a work on right now,” he said. “I start to work on the album already. Pure new songs and these songs are different levels of songs because of the type of riddim a some big producers in America I am voicing for.”

Tommy Lee Sparta didn’t revealed the title or release date for the album.

Safaree Samuels is explaining what really happened when he had a running with Meek Mill and his goons and that infamous twerk video floating around on the net.

Safree was on Everyday Struggle a couple days ago discussing a number of topics including Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Meek Mill, and his own career. The incident with Meek went down in June at a party DJ Khaled was hosting during the BET Awards weekend in West Hollywood. Safaree and his friends were hanging out outside the venue when Meek Mill and his crew pulled up and jumped him.

“This is going to be my first time talking about it because I never really explained the situation,” he said. “I saw him come out first and am just standing there looking at him and by the time he stood out boom I got hit so then I ran off to where the car was parked at. Then I turned around and stopped to look and see what’s going and I see two people coming at me from the front and then there was another group of more people coming towards me from the side. When I balled up that’s where I was by the car I just felt ni***s hitting me. All I saw was like feet shuffling boom boom boom and then when I felt like I was able to break free, I didn’t even realize what was happening. I went to a bar I went and got a bottle and I went and got a knife. My boy when he came back I didn’t even know that he was fighting else I would’ve gone back like am not trying to leave I don’t care how many ni***s there was.”

One of the big thing about the running between Safaree Samuels and Meek Mill was that he ran and left his friend who was fighting for him. Meek is being criticized as a coward for attacking one man with over a dozen men.

Regarding that infamous twerking video, Safaree says that he was 17 years old at the time of the video and he was just doing it to win over the ladies in Brooklyn. I was 17 years old at the time when that happened” he explained. “And back in the days when we used to do the show, that would make the girls go crazy.”

Young Thug is begging his fiance Jerrika Karlae on the Gram to take him back.

Thugger seems like he is having some regrets about cheating on his fiance Jerrika who dumped him for allegedly having an affair with several women including an upcoming female rapper name Amy Luciani. The Atlanta rapper never denied the cheating allegations and at least one of the females have been blasting Jerrika on social media in a heated back-and-forth this week.

“Bae give me a chance I promise I won’t mess up no more,” Young Thug said. “Everybody tell her to give me one chance, tell her to give me one more chance and I promise I won’t mess up ever again. Thugger also said that it wasn’t his fault why he cheated and a lot of people used his phone. “It wasn’t even my fault man like six ni*** be using that phone man and all that stuff man,” he added.

Jerrika Karlae has revealed on Instagram that she is single after exposing some of the women that Young Thug allegedly cheated on her with. “The race is to the one that endures to the end #single,” she wrote. This is not the first time that the pair has broken up over allegations of infidelity. They have been engaged since last year and there are no words yet on when they were set to get married. Jerrika posted a photo of herself yesterday still wearing her engagement ring despite revealing that she is a single woman.

Young Thug was arrested in Atlanta last month for drugs and guns and is facing possible felony charges. Cops say they pulled over the rapper in Brookhaven, Georgia for having window tints that were too dark. The police report revealed that cops smell marijuana in the vehicle and conducted a search where they found a small quantity of the drug in the car. Cops also recovered two handguns, but Thug was traveling with two other men at the time.

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DMX is not only sober, he has packed on a ton of weight since going to rehab and it’s pretty evident in the video clip below.

The legendary rapper checked into rehab in August after copping a deal with to avoid house arrest. Seems it was the best thing that ever happened to him because not only is he sober, but he gained over 40 pounds according to sources. A TMZ photographer caught up with the DMX today while going to court and asked him about his weight gain and the status of his tax evasion case.

The photographer asked him if its true that he put on 40 lbs and how much does he weigh now. “I don’t know. you have a scale?” X responded jokingly. He was later asked what kind of diet he was on and he said he eats captain crunch cereal. The entire exchange with the paparazzo was hilarious, but it’s X’s health and image that everyone is zooming in on. Before going into rehab, he looked frail and overall not in his best shape. But now he looks a lot more energetic and upbeat. So you can conclude that rehab has been good to him and he should probably do more rehab to ensure that he stays off drugs.

DMX is reportedly clean and sober and has been that way for weeks now, according to sources close to the rapper. He also got a big break in court recently when a judge gave him the green light to travel this fall to other states for touring so he can make some money. There are some reports that he is having some financial troubles and is next to broke because he has been unable to leave the state of New York for touring or any other reasons. He also has child support cases to deal with in court which also put some strain on his finances.

Waka Flocka Flame’s wife Tammy Rivera has reacted to Young Thug‘s plea for help in getting back his fiance Jerrika Karlae.

Thugger posted a video on the Gram last night begging Karlae to give him another chance after she dumped him for cheating. Tammy Rivera left a comment on the video saying it brings back memories of when Waka Flocka cheated on her and she was very clear about wanting him to leave her alone. Seems Young Thug is causing a lot of problems for his fellow Atlanta rapper.

“I Think every woman in the world done heard that line before [Waka Flocka] I’m having flash backs don’t talk to me for about 20 minutes when I get in the house,” she wrote. “Give me time to snal back into the now lol.” Doesn’t seems like Young Thug plea is working so far since his ex-fiance revealed that she is single and she is furious with both him and the females he had affairs with.

Back in 2013, Young Thug dissed Waka on Instagram when he tweeted “Waka Flocka Farrakhan need to chill.” It’s still not clear what caused their beef but they never made peace and with this happening it’s unlikely that will happen anytime soon.