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Ninja Man is currently in the hospital under strict observation after falling ill in court this morning.

The dancehall icon’s attorney, Valrie Neita-Robertson, told reporters that the trial was adjourned after he started complaining about severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. He was escorted by a police detail to a local hospital in Kingston where he was admitted. Sources told Dancehall HipHop that his condition is stable but doctors are treating it as serious due to his celebrity status and the severity of his pain.

Ninja Man, whose real name is Desmond Ballentine, his son Jamiel Ballentine, and another man, Dennis Clayton, are on trial for the murder of Ricardo Johnson, aka Trooper. The murder trial is being held on camera in the Home Circuit Court and the judge adjourned the trial a short time of the artist fell ill.

According to the police report, Ninja Man and his two co-accused shot and killed Johnson in a yard on Marl Road, Kingston 11, in March 2009. The shooting took place shortly after the dancehall deejay’s son Jamiel and the victim had an argument. The three men are also charged with shooting with intent. Ninja Man faces life imprisonment if found guilty of the charge.

“She Call Me” is the title of Sean Paul new single on Chimney Records new riddim which also features songs from Mavado, Alkaline and Jahmiel.

Sean Paul delivered his signature flow over the smooth electro beat. “She call me anytime she want a break she want her body levitate / She call me when time she need a friend me give her the straight and the bend / She call me when time 9 o’clock come her man gone a work she and me lock down / She shake it a twerk she wheel it and tun,” SP deejay.

Over the past two years Sean Paul has further cemented his place in dancehall as one of the greatest of all time. Last year he scored a Billboard Hot 100 number one single with Sia on “Cheap Thrills.” That same year he scored a number of big hits and the momentum continues into this year.

Sean Paul is currently working on a new album due early next year. This will be his first project under his new deal with Island Records.

Ski Mask The Slump God says his former friend XXXTentacion tried to sacrifice his soul and that’s why he stopped being friends with him.

Ski Mask and XXX have been friends for years and just recently the “Look At Me” rapper told his fans on IG that he is quitting music. The next day he said that he would make new music if fans convinced Ski Mask to be his friend again. But according to Ski, XXXTentacion is just too crazy for him to be around, crazy enough to want to sacrifice Ski’s soul. As to the meaning behind that, he didn’t elaborate.

The Slump God later explained on IG why he stopped being friends with X. “This is a person who has before threaten my family told me I was suppose to be sacrificed on some crazy shit so no i didn’t just separate myself for no reason,” he wrote. This revelation comes as no surprise since Adult film star Marsha May confirmed the allegations from as far back as July of this year.

“XXX has the same thing. He sacrifices his best friend’s soul, Ski Mask. Sacrificed his soul,” May said during an interview with 6FT. The entire story is bizarre, but XXXTentacion has been acting somewhat crazy for the past few months.

Wow ?. Do u believe #skimasktheslumpgod about #xxxtentacion ?

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Lil Pump is already working on his next project just weeks after dropping his debut self-titled album.

On Friday, he announced via Twitter that a new mixtape is on the way. “New tape on he way,” he tweeted sending his fans into a frenzy. The “Gucci Gang” rapper didn’t give any additional details about the project like the title or release date. Lil Pump’s debut album arrived on October 5th with guest features from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, and Chief Keef. The project saw productions from Ronny J, 217, and Bighead.

His debut project is now available on SoundCloud for free streaming for his fans. His new mixtape will likely be released on the streaming service as well. While he is busy recording his new mixtape, Lil Pump will be hitting the road starting November 19 in Phoenix, Arizona for his 2017 tour. The tour will run all the way through December 23 in San Diego, California. He will have tour dates in cities like Atlanta, Tampa, San Antonio, Dallas, New York City, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and more.

Pump also recently previewed a new single which was produced by Zaytoven. That track will be released soon.

[Hook: Catero]
Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing

[Verse 1: Termanology]
You wake up feeling dope sick
From all the liquor and the coke sniff
Your hangover is ferocious
Bags under your shit like a boat trip
Staring in the mirror lost
Malnutrition since they cut the umbilical cord
Definition of a screw-up
When you was young, daddy used to beat you up
So now you got an excuse
Crush a couple pills up that you could toss in your juice
Family hates you. Nobody talking to you
Only thing they wish for you is a coffin for you
‘Cause you missed your grandma’s funeral
Cocaine residue on your cuticle
In high school you had a cutie too
Damn, what the fuck happened to you?

Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing

[Verse 2: Slaine]
I know how it feel to wake up with your heart skipping
Couple pills stop the shakes ‘fore you start sipping
Wifey with the mouth smart, bitching in the dark kitchen
Kicked me out the house, start drinking. I would not listen
Hit the door with my socks, different routes of the pedico spot
See what Chico got, then I start sniffing
He got a bitch, high as hell who like to speak a lot
She’s fly as well, so we feed her blow, that’s how we keep a lot
Lose a few hours there then buy a little more
‘Till I meet Mariah who’s a flyer little whore
The more that she got wired, her attires on the floor
She’d get a little higher and she’d lie a little more
Days I lost before I came too
I miss a studio. I even miss my plane too
But fuck rapping I’m through
In the mirror staring back, “What the fuck happened to you?”

[Hook: Catero]
Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing
Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing
Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing
Just another day ‘bout to live my life
The same old thing