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[Verse 1]
All of my mouth was kissing him
Now, into the air, I am missing him
Is this excess texting a blessing?
Two music nerds obsessing

[Verse 2]
He reminds me of the love in me
I’m celebrating on a viral sea
Sending each other MP3s
Falling in love to a song

[Verse 3]
This handsomest of recommend
He asked if I could wait for him
Now, how many lightyears is interim
While I fall in love with his songs?

[Verse 4]
His hands are good in protecting me
Touching and carressing me
Well, would it be trespassing
Wanting him to be blissing me?
Probing in and out of his ears

[Verse 5]
Lift under like suspension
My longing has formed its own skeleton
Bridging the gap between singletons
Sending each other’s these songs

[Verse 6]
The interior of these melodies
Is perhaps where we are meant to be
Our physical human fantasies
I just fell in love with his song

[Verse 7]
So, I reserve my own intimacies
Abandon ’em all in packages
My woe and longing are too visceral
Did I just fall in love with him?

Safaree Samuels is on Instagram shooting his shot at Nicki Minaj.

Seems SB wants that old thing back because he spend the greater part of yesterday shooting his shot at his ex-girlfriend on Instagram. On Tuesday, Nicki Minaj released some photos from her Paper Magazine “Break The Internet” shoot and they are steamy. Her ex-boyfriend Safaree couldn’t contained himself and even post the pic on his Instagram and shoot his shot. “Can we please figure something out… these are the kind of pictures I always wanted you to take for me.. Wow.”

Before he made that comment, Safaree posted a pic of himself and quote some recent Nicki Minaj lyrics. “You don’t want smoke w/me this is a laced blunt.. that line hard ni**as can’t front,” he wrote. That lyrics was taken from Nicki’s verse on Migos new single “Motor Sport” which also features Cardi B. Nicki never respond to Safaree but she did respond to a comment from Nas, prompting some folks in the comment section to laugh at the Love and Hip Hop star.

As for the big Nicki Minaj story of the week, the Young Money MC posed semi-nude for her cover photo for Paper Magazine. The pics have been getting a lot of attention since they were released on Instagram. The cover photo alone received closed to 2 million likes on Nicki’s Instagram page.

Safaree Samuels and Nicki Minaj dated for 12 years before their split in 2014. The Love and Hip Hop star blamed Meek Mill for their demised, saying in an interview that Meek went and told her that he, Safaree, cheated on her. The breakup was bitter and both of them never seems to fully get over it. Nicki subsequently released an entire album about, The PinkPrint, about their split. She and Meek have since parted ways and now she is rumored to be dating Nas.

#Safaree AND THE REST OF US need answers to this question sis ?? He ain't holding back tuh-day!! Meanwhile #NickiMinaj is out here responding to #Nas & y'all acting up in her comments ?? #StepIntoTheShadeRoom & respond to #Safaree sis ?

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XXXTentacion has apologize to Migos‘ Takeoff after video surveillance shows that it was some different guys that attacked him.

The Lauderhill rapper posted a short video of some surveillance from the attack that shows a group of guys attacking him. Judging from their physical appearance, it was not Takeoff or any other members of the Migos clan. Seems Takeoff has already got word of the video and posted on his Instagram timeline, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, he didn’t say a it wouldn’t form he said it won’t prosper.”

XXXTentacion then commented on the post saying he is sorry for calling him out during his video rants. “From the Bottom of my heart I apologize to you, you only caught in the cross fire of your blood line, blessings,” he wrote. It’s unclear now if this will squash their beef or if any further retaliation will take place. X has been having a rocky year with his assault case and his polarized music. During the summer, he was knocked out onstage by a rival artist in San Diego, and now this week he was attacked in Los Angeles where he was stabbed and beaten to a pulp buy some guys he first thought were aligned to Migos.

TMZ showed a close up photo of two of the assailants who attacked XXXTentacion and the were wearing Migos Gang chains but its unclear if they have any real connection to the Atlanta rap group. On the day of the attack, X posted a video of Takeoff and his security running away from him while he and his boys were yelling for them to stop and fight. X then blasted Migos, particularly Takeoff on social media for not giving him a one on one fight. Let’s hope these guys squash this beef before someone gets seriously hurt.

Footage of Xxxtentacion getting jumped

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Drake was very close to putting hands on a male creep in the audience on his tour’s afterparty in Australia.

The 6 God has been touring Australia and New Zealand since the start of this month and after performing at his sold-out show in Sydney on Wednesday night, he was performing at an afterparty at a club in Sydney when he called out a male fan for inappropriately touching the female fans in the audience. Some folks may argue that this happens in every club, but that is not the argument here, the argument is that it should not be happening.

Drake got word of the creep and told the DJ to cut the music so he can properly address the issue. “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and fuck you up,” Drizzy said. “If you don’t stop putting your hands on girls, I’m gonna come out there and fuck you up.” There was a security in the audience with a flashlight but it seems, in the end, no one had to take any more serious actions.

Drizzy has been getting applause from his fans on social media for taking action, especially with the widespread allegations going around of powerful men inappropriately making sexual advances to women. Drake marked the 6th anniversary of the release of his classic album Take Care, which was released on November 15, 2011.

Drake just called out a fan for groping women at his show and it was glorious.

— ATTN: (@attn) November 15, 2017

Meek Mill‘s attorney has filed legal docs for his controversial sentence to be thrown out.

Since Judge Genece Brinkley handed down the sentencing last week, the Philly rapper has been fighting for his freedom and his supporters have been outraged about it. TMZ reported that Meek Mill does not just want his sentencing to be overturned, he also wants his entire probation to be terminated. In his legal docs, Meek is arguing that the 2-4 years sentence is tainted by a vendetta that the judge has against him. The rapper also filed a motion to have the judge booted from the case.

The Dreamchaser rapper’s attorney, Joe Tacopina, also argued in both motion that the two arrests earlier this year that the artist was found guilty of violating his probation were all dismissed from his record. His probation officer also testified that he has responded well to probation. Regarding getting his probation be terminated all entire, that will be a long shot, but the rapper argued that since going on probation, he has matured, become a responsible citizen and a father, and also acquired a profession as a musician. He also wants a judge to grant him time served and release him from prison.

Meek Mill is currently serving 2-4 years in a state prison for probation violation. According to the judge, the MC violated the terms of his probation by getting arrested twice this year. One time in March when he allegedly got into a scuffle at the St. Louis airport, which he says he was breaking up a fight, and another time during the summer when he was arrested in New York City for popping a wheelie in the street on his motorcycle. Meek Mill previously violated his probation in 2015 and was placed on three months house arrest for it.

The prosecutor and his probation officer both recommend no prison time for this case, but the judge ignored their recommendation and sentenced him to 2-4 years. His attorney argued that the judge is carrying an old grudge and even once okayed him to work with a convicted felon, Charlie Mack.