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Lyrics XXXTentacion – Look at me

Ayy, I’m like “b*tch, who is your mans?”
Ayy, can’t keep my d*ck in my pants
Ayy, my b*tch don’t love me no mo’
Ayy, she kick me out, I’m like vro.(look at me)

“Damn son, where’d you find this?”
Yah, ayy
Yah, ayy, yah
Ayy, haha, yah, yah, yah

Ayy, I’m like “b*tch, who is your mans?”
Ayy, can’t keep my dick in my pants
Ayy, my b*tch don’t love me no mo’
Ayy, she kick me out, I’m like vro
Ayy, that b*tch don’t wanna be friends
Ayy, I gave her dick, she amen
Ayy, she put her tongue on my dick
Ayy, look at my wrist, about ten
Ayy, just got a pound of the boof
Ayy, brought that s**t straight to the booth
Ayy, Tommy my Hilfiger voots
Ayy, she said “Wan’ f*ck?” b*tch, I do
Ayy, you put a gun on my mans
Ayy, I put a hole in your parents
Ayy, I just got lean on my ksubis
Ayy, I got a UZI, no Uzi.

f*ck on me, look at me
Ayy, f*ck on me, yah, look at me
Ayy, look at meee, look at me
Yah, f*ck on me, yah
Ayy, look at meee, yah, f*ck on me
Look at meee, f*ck on me
Yah, look at me, f*ck on me
Yah, ayy.

I took a white b*tch to Starbucks
That little b*tch got her throat f*cked
I like to rock out like I’m misfit
My emo b*tch like her wrist slit
Curly hair b*tch like I’m Corbin
Got, like, three b*tches, I’m Mormon
Skeet on your main b*tch’s forehead
Don’t want your p*ssy, just want head.

Look at meee, f*ck on me
Look at meee, f*ck on me
Look at meee, f*ck on me
Look at meee, yah
Ayy, look at me, f*ck on me
Look at meee, f*ck on me
Look at meee, f*ck on me
Look at me, yahhh.
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Letra Mc Kevin – Marrenta

Ela é toda marrenta
Toda do jeito que eu gosto
Faz o meu estilo, é lento
Chamou pro jet que eu topo.

Melhor perfume no corpo
Melhor roupa
Essa garota mistério
Que não esconde essa popa.

Então joga
Pro ar
Então joga
Pra lá.

Esse bumbum guloso
E gostoso de se pegarrr.
Mc Kevin letras
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When Popcaan released a gritty single like this new track “El Chapo,” Alkaline is the first artist comes to mind.

Popcaan pays homage to notorious Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo with this new single while also sending a clear message to his enemies that he and his Killy will put them in the dirt. The dancehall gangsta anthem was produced by Popcaan’s go-to producer NotNice and it reminds us when these two use to team up back in their Portmore Empire days.

Popcaan knows how to make gangsta music sounds catchy with melody and punchline. “Pull up on them ends in the Honda Stream / White light just a beat like a laser beam / With the M-16 its a page mi give him / Buss him head in a the traffic everybody a see him,” the Unruly boss sings.

Some dancehall fans are saying where was this Popcaan song when he really needed it earlier this year when Alkaline released that vicious “Microwave” diss track. A lot of fans believed that he ran from the war with the Vendetta boss, but a rep for the Unruly Gang told Dancehall HipHop that he didn’t run but rather had different focused like his international career has been buzzing and he wanted to secure a US visa, so that feud was simply a distraction at the time.

Vybz Kartel and Ishawna serves up a racy video for their collaborative single “Washer Dryer.”

The dark clip features the “Head Shot” female deejay showing off her banging body and ample cleavage. Kartel appeared in the Damanic-directed cut as an animated version of himself. There were talks over the weekend the the incarcerated deejay would be making a cameo in the video but seems that idea was scrapped at last minute and the producers chooses to use an animated version of him instead.

Vybz Kartel and Ishawna also has another collaboration “How Can You” and we’re told that a video for that track is also in the works. The Gazanation deejay has been very active since the start of the month with a slew of new music hitting the dancehall airwaves and now more music videos are coming. Ishawna has been creating some waves of her own with a vicious Danielle D.I. diss track “Head Shot” released last week.

Charly Black mega hit single “Gyal Yuh A Party Animal” is on everyone playlist this year including Rihanna.

Rihanna held a launch party for her Fenty Beauty cosmetic products line last Thursday in Brooklyn and she live stream most of the event on her Instagram Live feed to her 56 million fans. At one point she started blasting music including her mega hit single “Wild Thoughts” with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller and Charly Blacks dancehall banger “Party Animal” and you can watch a piece of the clip below.

Rihanna has been dominating the fashion and beauty business this year. Just after launching her Fenty Beauty products, she turned things upside down at her Fenty x Puma show at New York Fashion Week on Sunday night by bringing out some dirt bike riders from the X Games. The Bajan pop beauty is also currently working on her next album due sometime later this year or early next year. So far we know that she registered two new singles recently, including a track with reggae icon Buju Banton titled Phatty.

Charly Black has also been creating his own waves with the single “Party Animal” going diamond with more than 10 million copies sold worldwide.

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