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Kevin Gates new mixtape “By Any Means 2” is now available for stream and download on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify.

The project is the sequel to the first installment in the mixtape series which was released in 2014. “By Any Means 2” comes with 14 hard hitting tracks PnB Rock being the only guest artist on the mixtape. Rock is featured on the previously released single “Beautiful Scars” which has met rave reviews among hip hop fans. Another single “What If” was also released last month and is getting a lot of attention.

The incarcerated Baton Rouge rapper’s wife, Dreka Gates, confirmed recently that she was the one who put the mixtape together for her husband’s fans while he serves his two and a half years sentence in prison. Earlier this month, Kevin Gates posted a lengthy statement on Instagram thanking his fans for their support while he serves time behind bars. There were some talks that the mixtape was delayed due to production problems but turns out that those were worked out quickly to get the album released on the original released date September 21st.

In April, Kevin Gates was sentenced to 30 months in a Illinois prison for a gun case. Before that he served six months in jail in Florida for assaulting a female fan.

You can stream and download Kevin Gates new mixtape “By Any Means 2” on iTunes/Apple Music below.

Lyrics Kungs – More mess

I’m so, so done of waiting
Got my glory days in sight
Got my glory days in sight, oh yeah
Gotta find my fears and face them
Get day back on my side
Get day back on my side, oh yeah, yeah.(more mess)

The hard times have been the longest battle for me
But freedom’s inside, it’s time to take what I need.

More mess on my thing. (x7)

Yeah, I’ve been down in the deep end
Uh, but now I know how to roll
Went through the struggle for a reason
Can’t get in, they got a foot against the door
Tired of the tension, tired of the waiting
Tired of the day shift,
I’ve been tripping in the Matrix, time for me to face it
Tying up my laces, finna get wild
So shine and get shine
Well, you can’t imitate, it’s all mine
Better make the mistakes, it’s go time
Get up off that thing, it’s alright
I keep bleeding, I’ma teach you to heal up
Join the force you know ’cause you can’t beat us
I’ma seize the moment that I live
But I don’t mess up my thing.

The hard times have been the longest battle for me
But freedom’s inside, it’s time to take what I need.

More mess on my thing. (x7)

I’m done with waiting, waiting, ohhh. (x7)
Kungs lyrics
Video mess

Jhené Aiko serves up a field “Trip” on her new album which features guest appearances from Big Sean and Swae Lee.

The R&B singer spent a good amount of time in the studio and delivered 22 tracks on the album which includes some guest verses from Brandy on “Ascension,” Kurupt on “Never Call Me,” Mali Music on the title track “Trip,” Twenty88 on “OLLA,” Swae Lee on “Sativa,” and her boyfriend Big Sean on “Moments.” Aiko also includes her dad Dr. Chill and her daughter Namiko Love on the project.

In a statement about the album, Jhene Aiko revealed that she has been dealing with some emotional problems since the death of her brother in 2012. “Trip” is the R&B singer’s sophomore album and the follow-up to her 2014 debut LP “Souled Out.” She also released a short film which accompanied the album. In the 23-minute clip, she played a character name Penny who falls in love but her struggles with the memories of her brother’s death deeply affects her. The film was directed by Tracy Oliver who directed the hit comedy film “Girls Trip.”

Stream and download Jhene Aiko new album “Trip” on iTunes/Apple Music below.

Macklemore is back on the hip hop scene with a new album “Gemini” and you can stream and download it on iTunes/Apple Music below.

This is Macklemore’s first album since parting ways with his producer Ryan Lewis. The 16-track sophomore album is the followup to his 2005 debut LP “The Language of My World.” This new album features guest appearances from Lil Yachty on “Marmalade,” Offset on “Willy Wonka,” and Skylars Grey on “Glorious.” The project also features guest verses from Dan Caplen, Kesha, Donna Missal, Xperience, Saint Claire, Eric Nally, Reignwolf, Otieno Terry, King Draino, Dave B and Travis Thompson. I guess it’s safe to say that the album is full of features.

Macklemore and his producer Ryan Lewis formed a duo and released two hugely successful albums, “The Heist” in 2012 and “This Unruly Mess I’ve Made” in 2015. During an interview with Rolling Stone, Macklemore calls Ryan Lewis his brother and best friend despite them going their separate ways. “Ryan, first and foremost, is my brother,” he said. “I love him. He’s one of my best friends in this world. He’s a creative genius. He’s one of those. And so at first it was really scary. … What do I do? Who do I work with? Do I just get beats from random people? Do I go scour SoundCloud and try to find the next up-and-coming dude? And, you know, what I did was work with my old friend and collaborator Budo and a new kid by the name of Tyler Dopps. I think the biggest difference with this is that I wanted to catch a spirit. I didn’t want to be doubting myself. I think Ryan is so good at finding what the wants out of people and bringing out the best in people.”

Stream Macklemore new album “Gemini” on iTunes/Apple Music and Spotify below.

Lyrics Russ – Maybe

Maybe I should call
Maybe not
Maybe I should leave
Maybe not
Maaaybe I should go
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I can’t take you that serious. (x2)

I was in Atlanta
She was 19
I was only 20
She was tryna scheme
She had nightmares
Me I had dreams
She had wants
Me I had needs
I don’t like to chill
Yeah I like to f**k
I don’t pop pills
Yeah I get drunk
Just throw it back
Every Sunday like CCD
You knew me back when
Before the back-ends
I made your back bend
Now there’s a husband
But you don’t f**k him
Cause you don’t love him

Maaaybe I should call
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I should leave
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I should go
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I can’t take you that serious. (x2)

Its been four long years since I seen you
Wouldn’t wanna be you
Its been four long years since I left you
But I ain’t forget you
So you pull up on me cause I say so
You still broke I’m paid though
Downtown buckhead bad latina from the block like J-Lo
All my chips got Queso
Yeah I’m tryna rub it in
Whole lotta money been comin’ in
Im’a come up I don’t know if you should come again.

Maaaybe I should call
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I should leave
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I should go
Maaaybe not
Maaaybe I can’t take you that seriousss. (x2)
Russ lyrics
Video Russ