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The Weeknd is a big fan of Drake‘s new Virginia Black Whiskey or perhaps he is just giving his hometown comrade hustle a shout-out.

The XO singer posted a preview of his new song with some of the lyrics referencing Drake’s luxury whiskey. “Kick back on the whiskey / Virginia black am now tipsy / On the lay like am Nipsey / Spanish girls wonna kiss me,” the Starboy singer sings. Sounds like another hit is on the way for The Weeknd.

The Weeknd is currently embarking on the North American leg of his Starboy: Legend of the Fall tour. But it looks like in between tour he has been hitting the studio to work on perhaps his next album. There are also some reports of a joint album between himself and Drake, but there are mo word yet on if the project is officially in the works or if Drizzy will be featured on this new single. We don’t even know that title of this new track, all we have is this 15 seconds snippet posted on Twitter and judging from what we hear so far it sounds pretty fire.

The Weeknd has been one of the hottest R&B stars on the scene for the last few years and both his last two albums, Beauty Behind the Madness released in 2015 and his 2016 LP Starboy, have been both certified multi-platinum and debut at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. Drake launched his new whiskey brand last year June and since then the brand sold over 30,000 cases around the world. Drake and his father even famously did a commercial about the brand. He even got a shout-out from Diddy earlier this year. The whiskey brand is base on the 1970s music and fashion era.

.@theweeknd gave drizzy's whiskey a shoutout on this new heater he previewed ? ? ?

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Future and Young Thug teases a new collaboration on IG on Thursday and it sounds fire.

The two Atlanta rappers are two of the hardest working rappers in the game due to the share volume of music they released over a short period of time. Earlier this year Future drop two new albums in two weeks and became the first artist to have consecutive number one albums in two weeks. Young also drops two projects already this year and is working on a third, so we are yet to know who will be the lead on this new track.

Young Thug was the one who posted the snippet of the single of his Instagram story. He captions the video clip “Mood” which shows the Freebandz emcee dancing with a large pile of cash next to his ears. Over the summer, Young Thug and Future hinted that they are working on a top secret project, that could be a joint album or a mixtape. Thugger and Future previously worked together on the single “Relationship” which did very well. They both are two of the top artists currently out of Atlanta, a city that is currently dominating hip hop.

Before they could even go in the studio together, Young Thug and Future have had their issues in the past. In 2015, the “Good Times” rapper took a few shots at the “Mask Off” emcee on Twitter accusing him of release too much music onto the market. Producer Metro Boomin also triggered a beef between Thugger and Future with a single tweet. “Everyday I wake up, new mixtapes are falling out of the sky. I think we all know where the trend came from lol,” he wrote, to which Thug responded, “I think if you guys were to stop drinking so much cheap liquor and high-tech syrup you would be able to think before speaking and typing.”

#youngthug and #future dropping new music

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Rap newcomers Trippie Redd and Tekashi are signed to the same label but that doesn’t mean that they don’t hate each other.

A lot of you are probably wondering who are these rappers. Yes they actually rap and that viral single “Love Scars” is this kid name Trippie Redd and he has a bunch of other songs that are currently popping so you can head over SoundCloud and check them out. Now he is in the news for another reason, apparently has and his labelmate Tekashi has been beefing and are airing out their issues on Instagram.

Tekashi posted a video asking Trippie why he keeps calling his name among other things. “I don’t want to take sh*t to the internet but its mad corny I told you this sh*t bro and you just keep doing it,” he said. “I don’t know why you hate on me so much bro… your lit I mean your music is lit and you getting money broke and you still find a reason to hate on me.” Trippie responded saying that the reason why he keeps mentioning Tekashi is because he doesn’t want to be placed in the same category as him. There are also some rumors that Tekashi was messing around with an underage girl. This whole beef seems stupid and it looks like these two guys need to just go in the studio and record a couple diss records.

Last week Trippie dropped two new singles “Woah Woah Woah” and “I Know How to Self Destruct.”

#trippieredd going in on #tekashi69

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#tekashi responding to #trippieredd (this is the first clips before trippie red responding on last post)

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#trippieredd responding to #tekashi69 again

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French Montana and Stefflon Don gets close in their new video “Hurtin’ Me.”

The pair teamed up for the collaborative single last month and now we have a video to label that track with. The Moroccan-born rapper released his new album Jungle Rules last month and currently has the number three song in the country “Unforgettable” which is also features on the album. The Luke Biggins and Stefflon Don-directed video saw the UK based singer showing off her banging body.

“What you know about goin’ out, big jet, big check / Don’t care, die for my respect / Life, we gon’ live it up / Neck, we don’t give it up / Dice, get, get ’em, girl, gon’ bet it up / Grind and invest it / Invest like the main role not the ex sh*t,” Montana raps. Stefflon Don has a distinctive singing voice and flow and on this track she showcased her versatility.

“Hurtin’ Me” is Stefflon Don’s first single and music video since signing to Quality Control Music, the same label that Lil Yachty and Migos calls home.

We are the chosen ones, we sacrifice our blood
We kill for honor
We are the holy ones our armours stained with blood
We killed the dragon
In glory we return, our destination’s end
We slayed the dragon!
No more living in fear it’s time to raise our king.
We made it happen we’re the chosen ones!

Riding through thunder and lighting once again
We slayed the beast we brought an end
Now we have left the kingdom of the damned
Heroes of the day, legends forever!

It seems to me like a journey without end
So many years, too many battles
We’ve finally arrived, now we’re standing at the gates
Heroes of the day, legends forever