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[Hook: WillThaRapper]
50 on me if you want war
I just spent a band at the gun store
I said i love the lil bitch, believe me
Lil dumb hoe
Spill lean on my jay, now codeine on my shoes
Fuck the sights put a beam on the two
Fucked two twins and they found out
Don’t know who was kirkin’ cause I get em confused

Got a 50 on me if you want war
I just spent a band at the gun store
I said i love the lil bitch, believe me
Lil dumb hoe
Spill lean on my jay, now codeine on my shoes
Fuck the sights put a beam on the two
Fucked two twins and they found out
Don’t know who was kirkin’ cause I get em confused

[Verse 1]
That boy charged up need to give him a fuse
He hard body, nina give him a bruise
He purp on us then we get him the news
See purple cups we ain’t sippin’ on juice
Feel like I’m bout to blow like I’m sitting on nukes
I don’t call a girl bae, that’s my bitch or my boo
Want a lambo so fast that it will drift when i park
No keys to loose cause I push it to start it
Niggas say that I don’t be talking my shit then they on that bullshit on retarded
But his bitch love me so much that when my son go off she unlock her phone and restart it
And all my opps bitches they all gon’ talk senses I just told my fans disregard it
If you listen to opps you believe in the opps I advise you to stay where you at then
Cause once my mind made up and them 30s raise up
I ain’t hearing how cool we was back then
And my numbers off I don’t know what I bought
Know it’s either 11 or mac 10
It don’t matter cause still it’s gon bake em like batter
My niggas ain’t shooting for practice
We in the streets and we active
You gon’ need a ladder get em [?]
He bout some thousand feet in the sky since he wanted to bang now he reppin the heaven set
Shit I kinda did him a favor I helped introduced him to family he ain’t never met
Want a 40 with 50 or better yet
Want you bitches to fuck that ain’t met me yet
Matter fact just give me a mask then give me the cash yeah I’m talking bout all of that
Fuck a cougar and I fuck her daughter next
Do I get money? lil bitch, is water wet?
Use the drugs to get high can’t afford a jet, well at least not yet
I’m staying down chasing check after check
Just give me a year might pull up in a vet
Drop the top on a fuck nigga just to flex
Breaking her back by the front it’s a tech
And I got a choppa that sound like a tank
You swimming in blood now you got a tank
Bitch you pick up this mud , now you gotta drank
Bitch you better sip
When these shells hit his mug you see his brains damn you can see what he thinking
Walk in this bitch and I’m sipping on clean
Styrofoam cup you can’t see what I’m drinking
That lil bitch walked up and she asked for a picture
Told her keep cool for a minute I’m ganging
Woah the [?] shit ain’t for children
Shit set in stone like a brick in a building
Fuck whatever rules they explain to you
If you see me on stage it’s a stick in the [?]
And I ain’t shipping if that shit ain’t sale
You got me fucked up trying finesse, you wanna get killed
You know that I’m toting you wanna get drilled
Don’t be like “I was just playing Will”
Young with a deal still be out in the public
Seen my first 10 for i sat on republic
She don’t fuck with the work, but I told her to touch it
She say she love me, but she lying so fuck it
Back wood and a lot of weed
You know imma stuff it
Anything that I see with 12 on it you know that it’s fuck it
Her boyfriend don’t want me around me he know she wan fuck me
Around me so much that her friends probably want me
That’s cool with me fuck your bitch and her buddy
With a 50 on me come see wassup

[Intro: Justin Roiland]
Okay is it rolling…? Okay…

[Pre-Chorus: Justin Roiland]
Grab my terryfold flaps
Grab my flappy folds
Grab my terry folds
Grab my foldy flaps

[Bridge I: Justin Roiland & Asya Saavedra]
Hey, touch my foldy flaps
Grab my terryfolds
Grab my foldy holds
Grab my terry flaps
In my terryfolds
Grab my terry flaps
You gotta touch ’em… my terryfolds

[Chorus I: Justin Roiland & Asya Saavedra]
Grab my terryfolds
Touch my holdy flaps
Take a big flap
Take my foldy flaps (Aaah)
My terryfolds (Aaah)
My foldy holds (Oooh)
And my terry flaps
Gotta grab my terry flaps

[Chorus II: Justin Roiland & Asya Saavedra]
Grab my terry flaps
Squeeze my holdy folds
Hold my goldy folds
Grab my foldy tolls
Grab my terry flap holds
Grab my terryfolds
Hold my foldy folds
Hold my terryfolds

[Verse I: Justin Roiland]
Hey, did you ever wanna hold a terryfold?
I got one right here (here)
Grab my terry flap
Squeeze it, grab it, squeeze and tug on my terry flap
Hey, I wanna take you to the terryfold dance
Wanna come with me?
You can grab my holdy folds
Squeeze them tight, you son of a bitch!
Suck my holdy flappy folds
Lick my flappy foldy holds
My terry flaps in your mouth
Suck my flaps you piece of shit!

[Bridge II: Justin Roiland]
Fuck you (fuck you)
You stupid dumb motherfucking bitch (Aaah Aaah)
Hey, grab my terry flaps
Gonna eat those toldy folds

[Verse II: Justin Roiland]
I gotta couple of terryfold flaps
I got a flappy foldy flap
I’m gonna go take you to food
Gonna eat, then we’re going to the terryfold dance (dance)
You and me
We’re gonna go to the terryfold place
It’s gonna be a night out
Gonna have a real fancy time

[Outro: Justin Roiland]
Um, I don’t know, should I do it again?

This special, biggest, global
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Fergie]
To say it’s complicated, understatement of the year
Well maybe conflict made it a new flavor in your ear
They know that I’m a problem, that’s why everybody scared
Whatever doesn’t kill you, can make you an ill-ionaire
Uh, just turn the headphones up or make the windows roll up
I make they hands go up
When I show up and I blow it ’til I’m full up, wait, hold up
Girl up in the mirror, only one I fear, uh
You say you the realest, I told you I’m the illest

[Chorus: Fergie]
Sick, sick, mmm
Hungry, starving
Not thirsty, just hungry
Ambitious, still hungry
Still hungry

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
I’m moonwalking on marble floors
Rick Ross, I’m just drippin’ sauce
Bitches see me and they all just wave
Rolls Royce and we call this Wraith
I fuck up money like I’m Escobar
Ballin’, ballin’, Kobe Bryant, that boy living large
No room for medium, that means you thinkin’ small
Ferrari, Fergie, switching gears, she rockin’ with a boss
I close my eyes, I must be telepathic
Look over haters, tripling my assets
It takes courage to accomplish these things
Fergie’s my queen, I’m the king, now come kiss on our rings

[Chorus: Fergie & Rick Ross]
Sick, sick, mmm
El Chapo
Not thirsty, just hungry
Ferrari Fergie
Ambitious, still hungry
Still hungry

Someone Else’s Name Lyrics

Verse 1
Tonight it’s late and were sitting in my car (down)
The stars are close but lost in outer space (up)
I say goodnight, but the words got in the way
I broke your heart with the pain I can’t erase

Pre Ch
I called you someone else’s name, things will never be the same,
I can’t go back and change the words, 2 letters off and Now she’s heard, now she’s heard, now she’s hurting

Let me make it up to you, I’ll do whatever I can do,
Let me make it up to you, yeah I’m so far down
But I’ll make it up to

Verse 2
You’re here with me but a million miles away
The song is clear but don’t know what to say
I feel you breathe but I can’t find the air
I found the words but lost you sitting there (cause)

Lyrics XXXTentacion – Save me

Who do I have?
Help me in hell, my friend (my friend)
I won’t shed a tear
Let them see me in pain again.(save me)

Hello, from the dark side in
Does anybody here wanna be my friend?
Want it all to end
Tell me when the f*ck is it all gon’ end?
Voices in my head
Telling me I’m gonna end up dead
So save meee, before I fall
So save meee, I don’t wanna be alone
So save meee, before I fall
So save meee, I don’t wanna be aloneee.
XXXTentacion lyrics
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