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They told me “heavy is the head that wears the crown”
Which is why I’m always looking down, looking like I’m always down, aye
Another year, another clown, another round, another down
Another grave I dug, another stain that’s on my Gucci gown
Flip a fucking cross when I cross dress, Satan in the flesh
Bitch I never gave a fuck about what they said
Put a hole in a fuckboy head, his face a fucking mess
Yeah his face look like some mesh, fishnet
He a fucking pussy but Ruby no rookie
Yet another god is what I fucking could be
If I ever left my room, my fucking tomb
Dreary wishes bitch I’m doomed, the king of gloom
Got imposters on the roster, claim they fostered what I offered
Watch me zoom, fuck it

It’s that motherfucking anti-christ born through immaculate conception
Perspective or perception, sick and tired, here’s a lesson
Fuck your god, I’m your god, I’m your false idol
Burned your bible, killed your fucking archangel St. Michael
It’s that devil in disguise, bitch, everybody dies, bitch
Electric chair to fry, switch, say goodbye then blow a kiss
Everybody welcome to my heron paradise
All my demons colonize
G-R-E-Y, it’s the 5 to the 9
We are them dogs that will bite
Dreams that terrorize your mind at night, I spy
Loaded 9mm
$UICIDE mind, slipping deeper
Creeping out my motherfucking grave
Creature, corpse, $lick and Plague always remain
Praise thy grey, Caesar of these fucking apes

Watching the sands of the hour glass
Sharpen the blades for the circumstance
Sit in the dark while I’m in a trance
Taking that blade then I let it pass
Through my wrist, blood just drips
Down and down and down, don’t stop
Then my blood, starts to clot
My heartbeat, has been stopped
Urge to kill, pop more pills
Robbing the pharmacy
Mentally illa killa, blood rivers fill my vision
That black eyed midnight dweller
Bring my prey back down to my cellar
More bodies than a serial killer
Not scared of no pigga
.45 blow through my temple

Cover the whole world up in ash and then laugh
At the fact that I destroyed the past, fade to black
All my racks stained with back pain
All my gold chains in blast range
Ask myself do I lack fame?
Or am I famous ’cause I lack pain?
Numb to the stains, numb to the game
Numb to the racks that they gave me, fuck it all, I take it back
Take it back, take it back
Material world, using diamonds and pearls as a means of self worth when I could die tomorrow
Return to the earth, suicidal since birth, fuck a leader, I follow the promise of dirt

[Verse 1: Yung Plague]
Rip out a piece of my rib and give it to a bitch
As the snake whispers to her “Ruby does not fucking exist”
So I bit off the head then I chewed it and spit it out
Fell to the ground as I puked up and flipped around
Scales started forming I think that now i am the snake
I am the one they call plague who will never escape
Will forever remain
The omega
The alpha
The chosen one sent here to reign
Who saves all the slaves?
Lil Plague breaking chains
Jesus christ was never raised from the dead
He rots away
Burn a church and watch the flames
Autumn embers turn to grey
Wooden crosses in decay
The flock of sheep now fucking slain

{Verse 2: Lil Remains]
Run up with the motherfucking MAC
On attack
Shoot back
Gat gat
He flat
Leave them bodies where they lay
Let they mothers cry and pray
Nina nina
Oh nina
I need you bad up in my life
Them heathens that scheming they breathing
Look dead or something like demons, woah
Smash a 40oz on the cop cars
Probably just popped ’bout five bars
Sipping hydro
Got a bad cough
Indica dripping down the cigar
It’s that dope head
Drug fiend
Mug mean
Shut the fuck up
Y’all annoy me

[Verse 1: Lil Half Cut]
Fuck everybody
Galaxies fall when I’m coming down
Nobody comes around
I can do no right
20 stories high
Holding up the sky
They want to say goodbye
I just want better times
But I done got replaced
I’m on my own and I’m tired
Dreams fall like nothing
Dead slow dead
Go on without plunging
I’m so numb
I’m so numb
Have you ever been this low? (fuck no)

[Verse 2: Lil Lonely]
I have realized I want to rewind my whole life
It seems fine
I have realized that I am alone
$now leopard wants to freeze and die
Winter breath wishing for death in the snow
Winter breath wishing for death in the snow
I am zero
Winter death
Wishing for breath but I choke
Whispering help but no one is listening
God dammit my piss it stings
I’m planning on rebuilding history
Rebuild it blissfully
Revealing misery

Ruby got a problem
Ruby at the bottom
Ruby fucking up
He gotta alotta empty bottles
Ruby full throttle
Toolie no condom
Bust it back and watch my brains splat on the column
Dollars got me honest
Honestly without a prophet
Probably spent all his profit (Wait, you want all of it?)
Yeah that’s fucking right i copped it
Romeo with all the toxins
Roll me dope i’ll lip lock it
Blackened lungs from all the (coughing)
Fuck all these lames
All yall so obsessed with names
All yall dress the fucking same
I’m out the game
Blame it on the fame
I’m so sick of my own name
I’m so distant from the reigns
I’m riling up a hurricane

Popping oxy
Snorting roxy
Body feeling like a zombie
Never been a role model
Never hear me say I’m sorry
7th ward dragon breathing fire while i’m slicing necks
Sixth sense deathwish
Laughing at these fucking threats
Slick the one to ask you what you gon do?
Nothing fool
I’ve been suicidal with them drugs up in my mama’s womb
All these poppies
Cock the shotty
Barrell pressed against my body
Photocopies all around me
$UICIDE just call the posse
Kill em sloppy
Bitch we godly
Double cup that’s filled with yella
Dread head cracker from the ghetto
Don’t say hello
You ain’t my woadie
All your friends are dead?
Mine been dead since kids
100 more in angola serving life behind the pen