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Songtexte Diar – Batzen

Batzen groß verdien’n, Cash durch Drogendeals, streck’ das Kokain
Kämm’ mein Viertel, durch Treppenhäuser flieh’n, jump’ in den Kamin
N-N-Nimm die Kombis und schlag’ dich krumm und schief, mach’ mich unbeliebt
Narben sitzen tief, nur zwei Nasen zieh’n, f*ck the police
Airbag raus, pack’ Gras rein, fahr’ 300 km/h auf der A3
Drogen verdeal’n ist die Arbeit, was für, „Das Weed soll legal sein“, Hurensohn?
Meine Jungs hängen nachts in dem Flur rum, klau’n deiner Schwester die Tasche, die Uhr und
Drücken die Neunmillimeter direkt in ihr’n Mund, wenn du fragst, was das sollte, du Hurensohn
Pumpen die Knarren, wir lassen’s krachen, dünne Kanaken mit fetten Waffen
Hunderte Läufer mit Packs in Taschen, red’ nicht so viel bei verdeckten Sachen
Bin auf der Flucht vor der Kripo Soko, meine Fresse aufm Fahndungsfoto
Über zehn Scheine im Monat, brutto, Flame Moschino und Yamamoto
Kunden sagen: „Diar ist korrekt!“ Dealer sagen: „Dieser Diar nimmt dir alles weg!“
Gib mir alles, was du investierst, kleiner Dreck, und sag’ jedem Kek, du bist nie wieder im Geschäft
Auf der Jagd nach dem Money, täglich Kontrolle stanni
Wir sind in dem Film, nur die Bullen sind größere Fotzen als Toto und Harry.

Ja, Digga, ja, Digga (ja, Digga) (x15)

Ausbildung? Nein! Führerschein? Nein!
Ob ich Hobbys hab’? Nein! Drogen verteil’n?
Soll zwar nicht sein, doch vertreib’ meine Zeit
Ja, Digga, ja, Digga
Ich mein’ eigentlich nein, doch ich sag’ einfach ja, Digga
Halt’ die Geschäfte dezent, aber jeder will irgendwas haben, Digga
Ein Zug von mein’m Haze wirft dich aus der Bahn, Digga, nix Kombi, hier geht nur in bar, Digga
Bar, Cash, wir sind Yayo- und Grasticker, mach’ Cash nebenbei kick’ ich Parts, Digga
Bin ich paranoid? Hat er grade geguckt? Oder guckt er den hinter mir an?
Liegt es am Weed? Oder bin ich nur druff oder mach’ ich mir unnötig Angst?
Nimm von mei’m Block durch den Keller den Hintereingang
Dicker, zu viele Probleme in mein’m Kopf, die reinkomm’n, und ich, ich verlier’ den Verstand
Kush oder Skunk, verpeste das Land, Marihuanagewächse im Schrank
Diar ist krank, geh auf Distanz, ich brauch’ keine Freunde, ich hab’ meine Gun, bam.

Ja, Digga, ja, Digga (ja, Diggaaa) (x15)
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Kanye West has pulled his Yeezy Season 6 fashion show out of the New York Fashion Week at last month and there is still no clear reason why.

Remember last year when Ye debut his new collection of Ye at the NYFW there was a lot of backlash after some models suffered heat exhaustion and wardrobe malfunction. The rapper was also criticized for his designs with some folks calling them homeless attire. It’s still unclear why Kanye chooses to cancel his show set for September 13, but AOL reported that his team couldn’t put the pieces together in time.

Some folks on Twitter are already saying that Kanye West should change the design for his clothing line to match that of his Yeezy sneakers which are doing very well. The Adidas Yeezy’s are some of the hottest selling sneakers on the market now, but the Yeezy clothing line is not so hot and a lot of the lack of interest has to do with the design.

John Mayer shoots his shot at Nicki Minaj on Twitter last night and her response simply stunned him.

Mayer has been known to date a lot of famous women in the industry including Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and is even credited for causing a beef between those two pop stars. Now he has his eyes set on a freshly single Nicki Minaj and she just opened the door for him leaving everyone to wonder whats going on in her DM right now.

“I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not,” he tweeted, to which she responded saying, “Would my body be your wonderland.” Needless to say that he was speechless and didn’t know how to react but the flirty exchange went silent after he made tabloid headlines. “Please hold, losing my sh*t. This isn’t my reply yet,” Mayer added.

Nicki Minaj later added that she needs a friend, “Asking for a friend.” The Young Money rapper has been dominating the rap scene this year with a bunch of new music and guest features, but fans are not getting what they truly wanted, an album. She confirmed that she is working on a new project but hasn’t given us a release date or title yet.

In August, Nicki Minaj became the queen of Billboard Hot 100 chart when she scored her 80th entry on the chart making her the female with the most ever entries since the chart starts tracking and ranking music. Her recent single with Future “You Da Baddest” debut on the Hot 100 chart at number 38 last month and has since fallen off. Nicki now has two songs on the chart where she is a guest feature. Katy Perry and Minaj single “Swish Swish” is currently at 47 and her song with Yo Gotti “Rake It Up” is at number 13 after peaking at 10.

I spend an inordinate amount of time per day wondering if Nicki Minaj would like me or not.

— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) September 8, 2017

Would my body be your wonderland?

— NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) September 8, 2017

Please hold, losing my shit. This isn't my reply yet.

— John Mayer (@JohnMayer) September 8, 2017

Asking for a friend ?

— NICKI MINAJ (@NICKIMINAJ) September 8, 2017

Dancehall star Khago has refused to evacuate his South Florida home amidst hurricane Irma barreling down on the state.

Some 5 million people are under evacuation warning in the South Florida area with the powerful storm closing in. Millions have evacuated their homes but there are still some folks who are staying home to ride out the storm. Currently, the hurricane is fluctuating between a category 3 and 4 as it leaves the tip of Cuba barreling towards Florida. Khago, who lives in Jamaica for most of his life, says he is just not leaving.

“Mi cyah leave mi pickney dem, so let God’s will done,” Khago said. “If I drive to New York and the storm comes there, am I going to drive to Boston? Then if it comes there, am I going to drive to Maryland? We are at the starting point, so after us, it will go to other places.” The dancehall deejay says if he is leaving Florida, Jamaica is the only place that he would want to go, but no more flights are leaving out of the Sunshine state.

“I would love to drive out and go to someplace safe yes, but Jamaica mi would want to go, and no plane not flying,” the deejay added. The deejay says that he also take steps to protect his home and also helped some of his elderly neighbors get ready for the storm. Aside from riding out storms, Khago is currently working on some new music due in the coming weeks.

[Verse 1: Yung Maraschino]
Still got no hoes, so I’m pouring four o’s
Solo in a solo cup, double up, three percs fizzle at the
Bottom if you don’t know
Hit you when I throw bones from a pile of skeletons still sitting in my front lawn
Drawn to the shadow, call me Shadowkhan
Crawl to the gallows, now the shadow gone
Born with an arrow, sharp with a broken bow
Aim it at the fucking battlefront
Ladder climbing up to her window
Glass shatters, now I’m playing fucking limbo
Yeah, I got the cut on my neck, now that bitch wet
Only fucking with me when she thinks I’m depressed
Told that bitch “bet”
I’mma fucking jet, no sweat, I’ma sip lean
Swallow fucking bullets ’til my lips seep red
Ruby been dead

[Verse 2: Lil Remains}
Yung James Jones sipping on that throwed
MAC-11 grip, and my fucking pistol all chrome
I’m fucking bound to the bone, bound to the phonk
Every day a different day, still getting throwed
Middle finger to the hoes, middle finger to the world
Umbrella for the tears and the red rain coming down my eyelids
Hate this showbiz, hate all this fame shit
Vanish away like SpaceGhostPurrp did
Either that or blow a hole through my head, shit
‘Cause things ain’t what it is, everything switched
It’s like I’m watching a movie and I’ve seen the end
Pretend smiles turn to whispers when your body turns
Scarecrow ’bout to burn up in an urn