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Vybz Kartel unleashed two new singles on dancehall airwaves in one day and they are both fire. On one of the singles, he once again disses Alkaline.

On Wednesday, the incarcerated deejay drop a solo single “So Easy” and another collaboration with Ishawna “How Can You.” Both singles have been getting raved reviews from Kartel’s massive dancehall fan base. “Song ya is pure fire big up Worl’Boss the GOAT, so easy,” one fan wrote on DHH IG page.

Kartel is also getting some attention for a line on the single “So Easy” where he disses dancehall artists who are copying his style. “Every man in a me style a so the p**** them stay,” Kartel deejay. Some Gazanation fans are already pointing fingers to Alkaline being the artist that Vybz Kartel is referring to. While the “Dancehall Hero” deejay didn’t call any names, Alkaline has been getting scrutinized for what some people say is a blatant rip off of Kartel’s image and style.

“Alka a live in a Addi style from day one,” sources inside the Gaza told DHH. “A Kartel style buss him and a it get him to where he is right now. At this moment he should just come out and admit that Kartel is his idol. His friend Kasanova already said it and I think he should just come out and say it.”

Meek Mill says that he was the one who broke up with Nicki Minaj and not the other way around.

The first real clear hint that we got from Meek that he dumped Nicki Minaj was when he released his single “1942 Flows.” The Young Money rapper announced on Twitter in January this year that she is a single woman again. At first, everyone thought that she was the one who pulled the plug on the relationship but now we are learning that Meek has been quietly saying that he was the one who dumped her.

“He was the one who broke up with her and we been always known that from the beginning,” sources said. “Celebrities relationships are usually never really private but that doesn’t mean someone will want to come out and spill all the tea to score some points. These two were dating and they broke up that happens all the time and I doubt it really matters who broke up with who, the relationship is done it’s over ni**as have moved on and go about their business.”

Meek is also making it clear to folks inside his circle that he is done with her for good and has no interest in evening speaking to her. “No am pretty sure there is no rekindling going down, homeboy said it out his mouth and what they broke up over is a huge deal breaker,” sources revealed. On his single “1942 Flows” Meek Mill most famous line is, “Cut her off, act like she’s dead and it’s killing her / New dawn, Hermes seats, I left the ceiling up / Just to get to kill ’em softly.”

Since their bitter break up eight months ago, Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj have not spoken to each other and they often take shots at each other on social media. In July, the “Wins and Loses” rapper fired off a diss on Instagram calling out Nicki for having fake everything and basically saying that she made him sick when she takes off everything.

Lyrics Le Youth – Clap your hands

Just clap your hands now.

Never did I ever
Mean to make a mess
How I’m gonna get home
Is anybodies guess
Money where your mouth was
Gonna wake up in there
And my car ain’t fixed yet
Oh, no, no, nooo.

Crazy stupid love
Let the the beat do what it does
Let the music live to us
Tonight we got it all.

Just clap your haaands now. (x7)

Never did I ever
Mean to send a text
Maybe in the morning
We can make amends
Keep on running my mouth
You can keep getting obsessed
Baby, don’t be upset.

Crazy stupid love
Let the the beat do what it does
Let the music live to us
Tonight we got it all.

Just clap your hands nowww. (x15)
Le Youth lyrics
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Letra Mc Kapela – Roubou minha brisa

Ela me ligou
E me falou
Que não quer mais saber de amor
E que tá suavona
Demorou, essas ideias que procede
Entra no meu carro
Que eu te dou carona.(roubou minha brisa)

O seu coração tá machucado
E só eu sei o remédio
Pra tua ferida
Quando você se sentir sozinha
Pega o telefone
E vê se me liga.

Se tu quiser ir pro jet
Pode pá me liga
Se tu quiser ir pro Mandela
Pode pá me liga
Se quiser ir pro motel
Pode pá me liga.

Falou de amor
Roubou minha brisaaa.
Mc Kapela letras
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Lyrics Dasu – Turn back time

I know that I’m good without you
What im about to say may help you
It was over when you said it
And i feel that you regret it.(turn back)

If I could turn back the time
I know what i would do
If I can turn back the time
I know what I would do.

Its Charyl!
Girl me give you me heart
And my soul and my mind
And my time and all my love (all my love )
You’ll regret it and i promise this
Cause you never deserve my love
Girl you me really love
And I cant believe that how long
You not try my love
But I wished i never fall for you girl
So bye bye my love.


If I could turn back the time
I know what I do.

Remember the time
You sat me down
And complained all night
About all the music
In my life
You pushed me far away from home
Away from you girl
This only happens to good guys.

Gyal go make your wicked soul
Go make your wicked
Gyal you mash up me heart
With your wicked soul
Yes your pretty girl your pretty but your a wicked soul
If only I had one wish!

If I could turn baaack the time
I know what I would do
If I can turn baaack the time
I know what I would do.

If I could turn baaack the time
I know what I dooo.
Dasu lyrics
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