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Want That Old Thing Back Lyrics

Uh yeah, Bad Boy baby
Biggie Smalls

Uh yeah baby oooooooh, listen to me, oh yeaaaah

[Notorious B.I.G.:]
When it comes to sex, I’m similar to the thriller in Manila
Honeys call me Bigga the condom filler
Whether it’s stiff tongue or stiff dick
Biggie squeeze it to make shit fit, now check this shit
I got the pack of Rough Riders in the back of the Pathfinder
You know the ep along by James Todd Smith
I get swift with the lyrical gift
Hit you with the dick, make your kidneys shift
Here we go, here we go, but I’m not Domino
I got the funk flow to make your drawers drop slow
So recognize the dick size in these Karl Kani jeans
I’m in thirteens, know what I mean
I f**k around and hit you with the Hennessey dick
Mess around and go blind, don’t get to see shit
The next batter, here to shatter your bladder, it doesn’t matter
Skinny or fat or boy-skinned or black, baby I drop
These boricua mommies screamin “Ay papi!”
I love it when they call me Big Poppa
I only smoke blunts if they rolled propa
Look, I gotcha caught up in the drunk flow
f**k tae kwon do, I tote da fo’-fo’
For niggaz gettin mad cause they bitch chose me
A big black motherf**ker with G ya see
All I do is separate the game from the truth
Big bang boots from the Bronx to Bolivia
Gettin Physical like Olivia Newt
Tricks suck my clique dick all day with no trivia
So gimme a hoe, a bankroll and a bag of weed
I’m guaranteed to f**k her till her nose bleed
Even if your new man’s a certified mack
You’ll get that H-town in ya, you’ll want that old thing back

What you wanna do?
I got that old thing back
What you wanna see?
Baby sing relax and feel
What you be, where you are
You wouldn’t start

[Ja Rule:]
Bitches screamin they want That old thing back
Like B I Double G I E
Wit some new R-U-L-E
Notorious known to bustin in ya E-Y-E, baby baby!
Bitches know they love and hate me
I come, you come, we come, with back some maybe
How close we came to come the ghetto is crazy
How come you ain’t, ?? semi your faces
When I come you be cryin like I’m killin ya bitches
Knows when picture in the camera rollin
Cause I only be knowin how the shit’s unfolded
Back shots to the rear, got the mac unloaded
Got a reload, like every so often
You sayin I got my swagger back
I’m lookin like bitch, my swagger never left
It’s so hard pressed, to be impressed by these new rappers
They actors, and the fact is, you want that old thing back


[Notorious B.I.G.:]
Is my mind playin tricks, like Scarface and Bushwick
Willie D, havin nightmares of girls killin me
She mad because what we had didn’t last
I’m glad because her cousin let me hit the ass
f**k the past let’s dwell on the 500 SL, the E and J and ginger ale
The way my pockets swell to the rim with Benjamins
Another hon’s in the crib, please send her in
I f**k nonstop, lick my lips alot, used to lick the clits alot
But lickin clits had to stop
Cause y’all don’t know how to act when the tongue go down below
Peep the funk flow, really though
I got the cleanest meanest penis, ya never seen this stroke of genius
So take off your Tim boots and your bodysuit
I mean the spandex and hit my man next
Sex gettin rougher when it come to the nut buster
Pussy crusher, black nasty motherf**ker
I don’t chase em, I replace em
and if I’m caressin em, I’m undressin em
f**k whatcha heard who’s the best in New York
For fillin fantasies without that nigga Mr. Walk
Or Tattoo I got you wrapped around my dick
And when I’m done I got to split shit
Back shots is my position, I gotcha wishin for an intermission
f**k the kissin, lickin down to your belly button, I ain’t frontin
They don’t call me B.I.G. for nuttin, all of a sudden


Biggie Smalls
P. Diddy y’all
Bad Boy for life
Once again going to the top baby

Three months after embarking on a tour of Europe, Japan and the United Kingdom, Reggae ambassador Bugle is happy to finally be back on home soil. The singer has been on the road since the end of May promoting his sophomore album ‘Be Yourself’ across the expanse of the continents.

Bugle concedes that the tour, which ended on a high note, was not without its challenges but was an overall success as the intended mission was accomplished.

“Being in a foreign land for any extended period of time will always present some level of challenges, especially from a cultural or dietary perspective. But thankfully years of being on the road have allowed us to adapt to these situations so we can remain steadfast on the mission of getting the music to the people and keep the Jamaica and Reggae banner flying high”.

Yielding positive results at almost every concert stop, Bugle said he was very thankful especially to the fans who braved the sometimes unpredictable weather conditions to show their support.

“People who have travelled to those regions of the world know that the weather is not like Jamaica it can be very unpredictable at times and to see a full house at almost every venue, I could not have asked for more from the fans.” he added.

Some of the major stops on the sojourn included Fukuoka, Sapporo, Okayama, Osaka, Tokushima in Japan. Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Paris, Prague, Bern, Zurich, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Vienna, Pfullendorf, Valencia and Helsinki in Europe and London, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Locally, Bugle has shifted his attention to amplifying the presence around his latest effort ‘Cherish Life’ a musical narrative spawning from a personal tragedy that saw the singer losing his brother, as well as close friend Kunte and more recently the near fatal encounter of famed sound system selector Nickomatic. The single is also accompanied by a video, which can be viewed, via the ‘Rasta Party’ hit-maker official Vevo account.

Popcaan just released a brand new gritty Alkaline diss track titled “Anytime” that was produced by Buju Banton son Markus Myrie.

The Popcaan and Alkaline beef have been quiet since earlier this year when the Vendetta boss released a vicious diss track “Microwave.” The Unruly deejay got some criticisms in dancehall for not responding to that track, particularly a line where Alka deejay about conking his daughter. The Unruly camp didn’t release this track as a diss record, but fans are already drawing their conclusions.

“Point the mattic pon the pu**y and wet him / When mi lift the rifle every shot them is getting / Police run in a the jeep when the Killy them stepping / Markus kill them anytime pu**y them a get carbine,” Popcaan deejay. The track is packing a lot of fire and will surely get the attention of the Vendetta camp. It’s been eight months since Alkaline released “Microwave” so is a diss track from Poppy too little too late now.

“Too late for this Popcaan better yo stick to girl songs because Alkaline done flame you long time microwave, the song bad still,” one fan wrote.

Un’emozione Inaspettata Lyrics

Sei un’emozione inaspettata, un sogno indescrivibile,
La sensazione più delicata
Profonda e così semplice..
Ringrazio il cielo per la gioia pura
Che ora tu regali a me
Come pioggia fertile
Scendi a gocce piccole
Disseti una vita
Che si era inaridita
Pur restando immobili presto
Scivoliamo via.
Infinite distese sorvoliamo ad occhi chiusi
Tuffandoci come angeli
E come due innamorati felici
Di perdersi in fondo all’anima
E questa canzone così
Come tante sarebbe trascurabile
Ma ogni parola cercata nel cuore
è un segno indelebile

Ringrazio il cielo
E la fortuna di quel giorno che incontrasti me
Come terra fertile
Pioggia a gocce tiepide
Sostieni una vita già rifiorita
Rimanendo immobile corri per le orbite infinite
Mi porti nel tuo sole colpiscimi,
Sorprendimi accendimi
Linfa dei miei sistemi
Abbracciami e stringimi
Che notte non verrà
E se per la prima volta io ti incontrassi
Adesso son sicuro
Che in un lampo ti amerei lo stesso

Come pioggia fertile
Scendi a gocce piccole
Disseti una vita che sembra rinata
Pur restando immobili
Presto scivoliamo via
Infinite distese sorvoliamo
Perchè tu sei linfa nei miei sistemi,
Abbracciami e stringimi
Che notte non verrà,
Che notte non verrà mai…

Carry On Lyrics

Here I am standing in the night
My crescent wand the only light
Alone against my darkest fear
But I sense my friends are near
I’ll draw from each the power I need
The evil Queen we will defeat

Give me the strenght to carry on
With all our love we can’t go wrong
Only together we face the fight
Nothing can stand against our might

Give me the strenght to carry on (carry on)
With all our love we can’t go wrong
Only together we face the fight (Face the fight)
Nothing can stand against our might

With all our strength the battle’s won
With all our love we can’t go wrong
We have the strength to carry on