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Lyrics Blac Youngsta – Curry durant

Curry durant a new rap song from Blac Youngsta feat. Yung Money.
Blac Youngsta lyrics
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Lyrics Action Bronson – 9-24-7000

S**t, sweep you off your feet
Like Ryu in the corner
S**t, man, haha
Smooth, man
I’m a f*ckin’ smooth mover, ughhh.(9-24-7000)

Yo if I didn’t say it’s me you would probably think it’s Sting
My fish go bling, what, this old thing?
I never switch up, my brother need a biscuit
Then I’m gripped up, hangin’ off my shoulder, f*ck the bullshit
November rain came the same day
My daughter taught me how to do the Nae Nae to Calle 13
Only compare me to Kevin Spacey
Or Rubén Blades, the blunt fat like two tamales
Do a world tour and scoop some dollars
Come home and hit the pool hall
I’m fishbowlin’ new Impalas
Two Russian twins suck while I drive fast
It’s me, man.

I’m the one that takes the wolf head, wears it on my own head
Wisdom from the old heads, you ain’t gettin’ no head
You ain’t gettin’ no bread, you ain’t gettin’ no shows
You ain’t gettin’ no dough, you ain’t gettin’ no h**s
Dawg I hit the best of ’em, mothaf*ck the rest of ’em
Well now I’m nestled in the Tesla eatin’ pretzels, haaa?
I should prolly put a wetsuit on
I’ll be right back..

Young Renzel, line two
Young A.B., I got this you dig?
Yeah, yo
M-M-M-Maybach Music
I love my rude b*tches, end up as new b*tches
Skippin’ school b*tches, cookin’ me food b*tches
All my niggas down, we lookin’ like Fu-Schnickens
Got a few tickets for b*tches who truly digged us
College dormitories, fill ’em with smooth lyrics
Air Max 95s, grey sweats, true menace
Known as a Jonas, complex on the phoner
Simple individual, confident in the Lotus
Foreign ambitions, they go with my last wishes
As I open my eyes, surprised by 7 figures
Baking soda required, decided drug dealin’
Residents is divided amongst the feds and the children
Let him keep totin’ drugs if he willin’ to plead guilty
The star state witness, they’ll hit you up for that selfie
Dro can only help me, Backwood and I’m healthy
I’m the label owner, I’m the only one can shelf me, biggest
MMMMaybach Music

Why are we letting things on the outside of our physical penetrate our soul,
penetrate our nuanced wiring system, our cerebral cortex, okay?
What really is a thought? Can you control when a thought arrives outside of the brain?
Can you or can’t you? Is free will a real thing or is it the philosophy of free will?
Seekin’ scripture, hahaaa.
Action Bronson lyrics
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Rapper Mystical is looking at a mountain of legal troubles after turning himself into cops and slapped with a rape charge.

A few days ago an arrest warrant was issued by the Shreveport PD for Mystikal. But before cops could get a hold of him he turned himself in on Monday and is now behind bars at the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Department, PageSix reported. The New Orleans rapper has not issued a statement nor his reps could be reached for a comment but he is facing some serious charges.

Back in 2016, a Louisiana woman filed a police report claiming that she was raped and the Shreveport Police Sex Crimes Investigators immediately launched an investigation. DNA evidence was sent to a lab which eventually identified Mystikal, real name Michael Tyler, and another man name Averweone Holman as the suspects in the rape case.

Tyler, 46, and Holman, 26, were both charged with first-degree rape which could send them to prison for up to 20 years. Their bond is set at a whopping $2 million each. Holman was arrested on August 18, the same day that an arrest warrant was issued for Mystikal’s arrest, but the rapper turned himself into the Caddo Correctional Center on Monday. Another associate of the rapper name Tenichia Wafford was also arrested and charged with accessory after the fact to first-degree rape. According to the police report, Wafford allegedly went to the rape victim and asked her to drop the charges against the two men. She didn’t and reported it to cops. Wafford bail was set much lower than the two men at $200,000.

Mystikal has been mostly missing from the rap scene since scoring two massive hit singles “Shake Ya Ass” and “Danger” released in 2000. His 2000 album Let’s Get Ready was certified double platinum by the RIAA and peaked at number one on the Billboard 200 chart. His last album Tarantula was released in 2001.

Meek Mill has reacted to his recent arrest in New York City for disturbing the peace and reckless endangerment.

Cops pulled over the Dreamchaser rapper last Thursday night for allegedly stunting with his crew on motorcycles without helmets. Sources say around five squad cars pulled up on the rapper where one cop questioned him before putting him in handcuff and arrested him. Apparently, Meek Mill was shooting a music video in Harlem and was doing wheelies with his crew all while cops looked on.

The next morning Meek Mill walked free and was only charged with two misdemeanors despite originally looking at at least a felony charge which could land him in jail for some time. Sources around the Philly rapper told DHH that he felt like he was racially profiled and targeted by the cops who tried to pin charges on him. “The whole thing just like like racial profiling to us because why so many police officers had to create a huge scene just to pull over one man who was not even armed,” sources told us. “Then they let this man (Meek Mill) sleep in jail and couldn’t even find anything to charge him with and then tried to pin two misdemeanors on him. The law enforcement system is rigged against black men, but fortunately Meek can afford a decent attorney. What happened to the vast majority who don’t have the means of getting themselves a good lawyer.”

In a press conference with his attorney in NYC, Meek Mill says that he is a family man who is hard-working, The “1942 Flow” rapper also maintained his innocence saying he did nothing wrong. Meek has had a number of legal troubles over the past few years including last year when he was placed on house arrest for three months. His latest running with lawmen won’t see him getting any jail time, but will surely remind him of his many legal woes.

Through My Window Lyrics

(Dr. Sin)
Looking through my window
I see a shining star
It seems like it’s telling a story to me
So hard to stay without you baby
In this empty room still see your face
in the dark
Nothing really matters
Cause babe now you’re gone
Nothing really matters
Only you…
Sitting here playing my old guitar
Tryin’ to sing what I’m feeling inside
You let hard times tear us apart
I’m not that strong
But I just carry on
Nothing really matters
Cause babe now you’re gone
Nothing really matters
Only you…
How long will we be wasting our time
Remember the night you lay by my side