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Wale fired off a shot at Chance The Rapper and then when fans called him out on it he went lights out.

In all fairness to Wale, he didn’t specifically named Chance The Rapper in his latest rant on Twitter, but folks automatically concluded that he was talking about the Chicago emcee. “Some of these politici…..I mean rappers have some amazing PR…good two shoes all American boy holier than thou swag,” Wale tweeted.

After getting some push backs on Twitter, Wale deleted all of his tweets and his posted on Instagram and changed his profile photo and background to black. Perhaps Wale is thinking that Chance The Rapper whole persona is fake being that he is considering getting into politics and a more socially conscious rapper. Some folks thinks that the MMG rapper is just being a hater, but he is always known to be outspoken and speak his mind on hot button issues. Despite what some folks may think of Chance, he is loved by his fans and is making serious moves as an independent artist.

Wale has in the past spoken out against his own Maybach Music Group label mate Meek Mill. Do you think that Wale was talking about Chance The Rapper in his tweets or was it someone else.

Nicki Minaj has some new music coming with WizKid that will be featured on her upcoming album.

The YMCMB rapper has been very busy since the start of the year with a number of collaborative efforts and a few solo singles. Nicki Minaj first hinted at the upcoming collaboration with a photo of herself and the star boy singer on IG. Sources inside her circle told DHH that the single will be featured on her upcoming album.

“This is another record that will be featured on the album,” we’re told. Our sources also confirmed that the album is almost ready and will arrive sometime in the fall. “Nicki has been working on this record for a while now but the wait will be worth it, look for it in the fall,” sources said. “She always want to deliver a masterpiece so don’t expect it if it will not be an impressive body of work. All you need to know now is that she is hard at work on this project and will not stop until it’s one hundred percent ready.”

Nicki Minaj is also celebrating her 80th entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart when her new single “You Da Baddest” with Future debut at No. 38 on the chart this week. She currently has three songs on the chart and showing no signs of slowing down. Last year, WizKid was featured on one of the biggest songs on the planet, Drake’s “One Dance” which peaked at number one on the Hot 100 chart. The single also received over a billion streams on Spotify last year alone. Can the African pop singer recreate some of that magic with Nicki Minaj on this new track that they are working on? WizKid collaborated again with Drake this year before doing a major dancehall collaboration with dancehall heavy weight Vybz Kartel.

Twist Kamariya Lyrics

Munni teri anklet jhanak jhanak baje
Munni tera bracelet chamak chamak saje
Munni Munni Munni…
Munni teri anklet jhanak jhanak baje
Munni tera bracelet chamak chamak saje

Balcony pe teri aankh gadha ke
Naache chore dwaare re

Twist kamariya, kamariya…
Twist kamariya vaare re
Twist kamariya, twist kamariya
Twist kamariya vaare re

Honsle Lyrics

Gallan naal nahio saarna
Ae karke vakhauna main
Dhakke naal nahio
Mehnatan nal agge auna main

Kismat laini ae gulam kar main
Kismat laini ae gulam kar main
Maada time pher dooron dooron jhaaku oye

Saara jag jitt laina ae main vekh layin
Fer kadma ‘ch rakhun bebe bapu de (x2)

Saara kuj hi ni veere Rabb vallon sarna
Bada kujh zindgi ch aap paina karna

Nightfall Lyrics

Well it’s all right everything’s fine
It’s nightfall we’re having some good times
Far from the land we’re walking on the ocean
Where pleasures and drugs will blow our mind aways
We’ve killed all the dogs so let the silence be
Enjoy the sunset like a new birth
It’s a nice trip within your sex
Now I fell in rapture
We shall forget the ugly old man
Dust once he was dust he will be

Hear the sirens song calling calling
We shall follow their sexual attraction
Hear the sirens song calling calling
We shall follow their fatal attraction
Their sexual attraction
Their fatal attraction