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Alkaline and Elephant Man fans were left disappointed last night at the much anticipated ECIPS Music Festival in New York.

Both deejays have since taken to Instagram to apologize to their fans and also to let them know that it was not their fault why they didn’t perform. Both artists posted the videos last night from New York saying that they are ready to perform but for reasons beyond their control they cannot.

“People whats going on its the Manhimself I am here in New York at my hotel waiting to go at the show,” Alkaline said in Jamaican patois. “But for reasons beyond my control it doesn’t look like its going to happen right now. So I just want to apologize to the fans and let them know that I am actually here, I am actually here in New York ready and want to perform but you see whats going on. So until next time nuff love.”

Elephant Man says that he isn’t even sure what went wrong with the promoters. “I did this video to let my fans know am sorry for yesterday I don’t know what went wrong with promoter and there organization so I took the time out to let my fans know watch video,” he wrote.

Sources told Dancehall HipHop that the promoter of the event was not forthcoming with the final deposit for the artists per their contract and as such a number of artists including Alkaline and Elephant Man pulled out of the event last minute. Among the other artists on the lineup includes Remy Ma, Akon, Queen Ifrica, Kiprich, Teflon, Lady G among others.

#alkaline apologize to fans for no show at #ecipsmusicfestival in New York last night

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#elephantman explains no show at #ecipsmusicfestival in NYC

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Jah Cure finds himself another race car after totaling his Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG last week.

The reggae crooner was lucky to walk away from the crash without a scratch thanks to the number of safety features that comes with the car. Jah Cure posted a clip of himself over the weekend testing out a much more expensive race car, a Bentley Continental GT3R. While the C63 AMG retail for around US$70,000 in the U.S., the Bentley could cost him around US$330,000 brand new and around two third of that price used.

The Bentley GT3R comes with a massive DOHC 32-valve V-8 engine with aluminum block and heads which output a whopping 592 hp and 553 lb-ft to move that big body from 0-60 in 3.4 sec. While the C63 was quick, the Bentley is even quicker despite it’s heavier body and comes with a whole lot more techs in the cockpit. It will be interesting to hear the price tag in Jamaican dollars, since the C63 topped JM$30 million.

On a side note, the Bentley cost around US$130,000 more than a base Lamborghini Huracan super car.

#jahcure replaces AMG Benz with a Bentley Continental GT3R

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After getting some criticism for showing off his C63 AMG on the Gram, Jah Cure shot back at his critics with this statement.

My music is for the people. My personal life belongs to me. If you live your life to please people you will never enjoy it in peace. Bob Marley died at age 36 and he never get a chance to enjoy what he built. So please enjoy your life today don't wait until tomorrow. Live it up now while you can..let no one tells you how to live and what to do with yours. Work hard for what you want and you will achieve it. #badmindedpeopledontexistinmystory #strugledformanyyearsinjail #ilivethedirt #itsmytimetoliveitclean #fromprisontopurpose #beainspirationtoothers

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Nicki Minaj shakes her famous ass-ets in Yo Gotti‘s “Rake It Up” music video.

The highly anticipated video for the smash hit single was premiered exclusively on TIDAL on Monday. Nicki has been teasing the video since last week and even angered some of her fans when she pranks them saying that she will not be releasing the video because they were harassing her too much. Although it was just a joke, some fans took it a bit serious.

The colorful video was directed by famed director Benny Boom and features Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna getting into their supercars in a Fast & Furious like duel. Nicki was racing with her pink Lamborghini while Chyna pulled up in her red Ferrari. In another scene, Nicki used a pink rake to rake up $100 bills while some banging females strut their stuff. The full video for the strip club anthem will be available on Vevo in the coming days.

Yo Gotti and Nicki Minaj drop the single just before the summer and it’s been an instant hit. The single is currently sitting at no. 22 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The release of the video will likely push the single on the chart into the top ten by next week. Nicki is currently working on her upcoming album due this fall. She has not released any details about the project but she promised her fans that the wait will be worth it.

The #RakeItUpVIDEO is OUT. Click the link in my BIO to watch it if you DON'T have @Tidal yet. Nickname is NICKI ?

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?????? link in my bio if you DON'T have Tidal #RakeItUpVIDEO

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Ngcwele Lyrics

Ngcwele uyingcwele
Uyingcwele Simakade
O ngcwele uyingcwele
Uyingcwele Simakade


Wena simakade
Wena somuhlekazi
Uhlezi esihlalweni sakho somusa
Sileth’ izibongo kuwe
Ngob’ akekh’ obengalinganiswa nawe
Nobo bungcwele bonke

Ngcwele uyingcwele
Uyingcwele Simakade
Ngcwele wena o senatla
sa Lehodimo
O senatla sa Lehodimo

Siphakamis’ ubukhulu bakho
Siphakamis’ ubungcwele bakho
Akekh’ onje ngawe
Akekh’ onje ngawe

Sithi akekh’ onje ngaye (akekh’ onje)
Ofaniswa naye (ngawe)
Nobo bungcwele bonke (akekh’ onje)
Uhlez’ esihlalweni somusa
Umile njalo, umile njalo
Hay’ akekho, hay’ akekho (akekh’ onje)
Ofana nawe (ngawe)
Hay’ akekho, hay’ akekho (akekh’ onje)
Hay’ akekho, hay’ akekho (ngawe)
Hay’ akekho (akekh’ onje)
Akekho (ngawe)
Akekho (akekh’ onje)
Yeah yeah yeah (ngawe)

By Xolani Mdlalose & Ntombizodwa Mahlangu

Rebirth Of The Cool Lyrics

If I stepped it off
Walked outside your trance
Crawled inside your mind
And got my hands into your pants

Wouldn’t that beat all
Wouldn’t that be great
And all the things you do to me
We could exaggerate

Now everybody knows
Or everybody wants to know
The hows, the whens, the whys
Of how I said goodbye

Don’t forget the alcohol
Ooh baby ooh baby
Don’t forget the alcohol
Ooh baby ooh baby
Don’t forget the alcohol

If I stepped it off
Walked outside your trance
Crawled inside your mind
And got my hand into your pants

Don’t forget the alcohol
Ooh baby ooh baby
Don’t forget the alcohol