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Meek Mill debut his highly anticipated third album Wins & Losses and you can now download it on iTunes/Apple Music below.

Wins & Losses is Meek Mill’s follow up album to his sophomore LP Dreams Worth More Than Money which was released June 29, 2015 and has since been certified gold by the RIAA. The album Wins & Losses comes with 17 tracks including the recently released singles “Issues,” “Young Black America” featuring The-Dream, “Glow Up,” and “Whatever You Like” featuring Chris Brown and Ty Dolla $ign.

Elsewhere on the guest list you can find artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, Future, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross, Verse Simmonds, Quavo, Teyana Taylor, and more. Among the producers who received production credits are Dougie, MP808, Streetrunner, DJ Mustard, Wheezy, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Papamitrou, Rance, and more.

A lot of folks including Drake and Nicki Minaj will be watching closely to see Meek Mill’s first-week sale figures for this new album. Earlier this week, the 6 God likes a comment on Instagram that a fan of Meek wrote addressing that critical topic of album sales and how much units of records artists are moving currently. So far this year, Drizzy has the second largest album debut after his More Life playlist sold 505,000 copies in the first week alone.

Go stream and download Meek Mill new album Wins & Losses on iTunes/Apple Music below.

Stay Alive Lyrics

my home is where I sleep put the head on a bed put it on the bricks son down down with the dirt the under dog without a shelter I’m standing out there in the fire I feed my love my hope, desire (oh) still alive after all these years seek the cancer in my head I spit in eyes of the killers and liars political whores I can’t deny it no hate kills and pushes me ahead need a blessing to aim at their heads now

I need your love to keep on fighting to stay alive and breath I need your love to keep on breathing just keep on breathing breath for me

what an angry son tell’em motherf**ker when it all began hard case when we stand against broken flowers with the bullets in their heads now blind millions scream and yell dirty motherf**kers that rule this game look down at this f**king world where people got mad and there is no god

no land no promised land cheap thrills and stinking hands eyes blue, what happened to you who shot you down baby

I need your love to keep on fighting to stay alive and breath I need your love to keep on breathing just keep on breathing breath for me

to keep on fighting breathe to keep on breathing breath

when you leave I’m broken and bleeding heart can’t stop and wounds still bleeding where did you go oh did you know

I accept myself with this chaos burning in my head cherish beauty kiss my anger shelter weakness feed the hunger of my senses inner world traces take me to those childhood places I’m your son on his own feel your wounds and mean no harm don’t ask me when it all began endless painful bloody run givin it all sharin it all with people I love

I’ll fight this fight for you I’ll fight and die for you I’ll cross the line for you Stand on the edge for you I’ll drown in tears for you I’ll fight my fears and stand by you

bleedin burnin explodin demandin

some justice give’em some justice power to the people and give’em some justice


Consciousness musically uno get that yes man trust we a bomboklat dead uno try fe test we

Pon the earth breath brings wealth Death brings birth and birth leads to death So use your breath and maths fe your wealth From north Sweet Noise ina the south x2

There pon the street raise up uno feast We take it from the west and fix ina east Some times life is like a beast So listen to me now consciousness pon me lips Ah we na ease revolution pon least So inhale you coulda have a meal InI fight na hide ina the kist Under the sun there’s love ina the the mist

Oxygen ina yor lungs now ina your lungs Ah we na fraid fe the pounds now fe the pounds Good use pon your funds now pon your pounds Poor youth never be thugs now never be thugs Yes I yes I don’t know yes I yes I yes I don’t you know yes I

It’s consciousness every time seen!

Under My Skin Lyrics

You know
You get under my skin
YouÂ’re putting me down
In front of your friends
A jealous rage
Is where it begins
I know to well
Where this story will end

What to do
Reasoning with you

I see you questioning me
But I know
And you know
You just donÂ’t trust in me
Let me go
On my own
YouÂ’re too suspicious of me
But I know
And you know
YouÂ’ll never trust in me

You say
IÂ’m committing a sin
Like youÂ’re so perfect
Wipe away that dumb grin
If you spent more time
Just looking within
Instead of over my shoulder
Trying to reel me in

Breathing room
You want me to do


Nothing is nothing
But you claim itÂ’s something
I donÂ’t want to be one to stand in your way

Choices Lyrics

Maybe I should leave
maybe you should go
maybe I’ll forget in a hundred years or so
it was my idea, it couldn’t have been worse
you will never understand my cancer or curse
my cancer curse.

I’d struggle for the power
The freedom just to run
Just to have the control of my life again my friend.
It used to be so fun to get off on the world
Now you’d be hardpressed to find that poor boy again
That poor boy again.

you can’t forget the choices you made when you
were young.
And when you see our faces we’ll make sure
that you can’t run.

you were sifting out the days
cutting up the time
when you jabbed me with your pinsharp razor tongue
we should go in for the kill but you know it would only make it worse
we thinks it’s a good time for a new line of fighting back
fighting back.

you can’t forget the choices you made when you
were young.
And when you see our faces we’ll make sure
that you can’t run.


Sage The Gemini – Handle Lyrics ft. Lil Yase

[Verse 1: Sage the Gemini]
I just knocked a bitch up at Sundays
Hit my whip, make yo nigga be like, “One day”
You turn me down, now it’s too late
All these diamonds got my exes saying, “Touché”
Yeah, I don’t fuck with you, you the opposite
You was hating when a nigga became opulent
On the freeway flying
I’m fresh to death, but I don’t plan on dying
Touchdown, lil nigga, we don’t do punts
Extendo out the window, no, not two blunts
Young nigga front a flex me and all my flaws
I used to live in [?], me and all my dogs
It wasn’t one, so I made a way
Hopped up out the Bentley dressing like I’m TJ Fadeaway
Got these hoes jocking me, yeah, me and [?]
Pull up on the block, pumping bass, hella 808

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[Verse 2: Lil Yase]
Whoa, whoa, I, I, I, I, goddamn
Young nigga, pull up in a red Lamb
Two tone trunk and I shoulda made my ram
Nigga in LA like the motherfuckin’ Rams
I don’t want your weed, nigga, you be smoking [?]
Next week, nigga, catch me at the Summer Jam
Kick her in her ass, [?]
Getting my respect like I’m the motherfucking grands
[?] sorry ’bout the pause
I’ma do a nigga like [?]
[?] saying fuck the law
I be doing me so I hope you doing y’all
[?] or please don’t even call
[?] see me, then they fall
Niggas in my DM, [?]
They be in my shows, I don’t see ’em like I’m Charles
I’ma run it up, let that nigga [?]
I don’t know her name, but that bitch, she in my drawers

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Sage The Gemini – Handle Lyrics ft. Lil Yase