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Curse Life Lyrics

I used to feel…
I used to sense what were
Inside of me
To feel waves of difference
Waves which brought me to live
I enjoyed this life in me
Breathing and feeling
Burning and suffocating
Didn’t curse the hour
Which gave birth to me
Didn’t curse another life
When bearing death inside

Now all things I do bear
Are all gone and free
This, myself…
Now fleeing around death
Cursing the hour
And another life…
Which whom I used to care
Watching myself
My own life
Fading to afar…
Listening these voices
And trying to tell them
That I will soon be gone

(For me… what did you really gave… life…)

Special Lyrics

Yo… aiyyo relax your mind and let your conscience be free
And get down with the sounds of this nigga O.C.
Walkin the streets, chicks hawkin me
You ask why? (Why?) That’s how it ought to be
Draw your own conclusion, seperate the real from illusion
The fake one dealin with confusion
My kindred spirit will burn ’til, God douse my flame
‘Til then, forever I’ll reign
The level of my game is like, a smooth fadeaway jumpshot
by Jordan in the last few seconds
Crab niggaz hecklin, hopin I’ll miss
It’s all net when, ball fall through like swish
Embarassin to me, there’s none other
Fine as, Donnie Brasco, my steez deep cover
Thoughts caress you, may God bless you
For all listenin ears comin from, truly yours
Somethin special

(special – wooooo) Yeah
I know it, I feel it, I see it, I know I’m
(special – wooooo) Uh-huh
I live it, I breathe it, I eat it, I know I’m
(special – wooooo) Word
I know it, I feel it, I see it, I know I’m
(special – wooooo)

Check, yo
Got a vendetta with myself, why I haven’t had a had a million sold
Knowin what I spit made of gold
Life and ‘dro spark it, move your ass
while the blunt flame illuminate the darkness
Smoke yellow, O-thello, thoughts flow mellow
Who the hell gon’ tell O what I already know?
It’s a thin line between fine wine and Ripple
Good wine you let it breathe in that glass of crystal
Take a sip, swish it in your gums for taste
The act itself, the ambience is what I embrace
All attention’s on me, it’s been a long time
Praise to God, one through nine, O is the dime
Over the hill? I’m far from it; you name it I done it
I been here before like Muhammad – check
Thoughts caress you, may God bless you
For all listenin ears comin from, truly yours
Somethin special


Yeah… yo
It seems like a, mic was made so I can speak my piece
Or like a, defense lawyer who preparin his brief
Convince a jury not to convict, who he defendin for his freedom
Fake niggaz in my life, I don’t need ’em
Ask around ’bout my stats at bat
I plant my feet, and point it, send it out of the park
The ball defy gravity, attached to yo’ ass like a cavity
Thoughts blurry, mines got clarity
The world ain’t, parallel to mines, go ’round
like a carousel ride, I got – nothin to hide
Hollywood even want in, your typecast characters I won’t play ’em
Rules I refuse obeyin; stern like an oxen
Fight more bouts than a one-day session knockin out songs like Jack Johnson
F what the rest do, O got the record
And call like God answerin your prayers and affairs, I’m


Dismal Perception Lyrics

Painful be my destiny
to kill nevermore
Irresistible urge to revive
every life I took

Disrupting society
Revoking to die
Passing the ordeals
of my mind

Dismal Perception

Unbearable suffering
to those I despise
Feeding the hunger
that once begun

Undeniable descendant
of misanthropic misbehaviour
Destined for ferocity
Immersed in immorality

Dismal perception

Just days after his fans calls for more new music, Vybz Kartel released a new music video for his single “Born Again Virgin.”

The Warrior Films-directed video features a female seducing a man and getting him hooked on her. The single was released back in March and has been one of Vybz Kartel’s top performing singles so far this year. “Baby you pu**y good / Yesterday, today and tomorrow / Mi naw lie gyal you pu**y good / And any position you skin it out / You pum-pum better than your mouth,” Kartel deejay.

This year, Vybz Kartel slowed down significantly the amount of new music he is releasing after some Gaza fans started complaining about the low quality of the production of some of his songs released since his incarceration. Despite that, he manages to score another Billboard hit single with “Fever” climbing the chart.

Please Release Me Lyrics

Please release me, let me go
You know, woman, I don’t love you anymore
To live together, it would be a sin
Release me and let me love again

I have found a new love, dear
And all killer needs that woman near
Her lips are warm, yours are cold
Release me, hey darling, let me go

Please release me, let me go
Honey, I just don’t need you anymore
You know for me and you to live together
In the eyes of God, it would be a sin
Release me, let me get it again

Please release me, let me go
I don’t love you anymore
To live together would be a sin
Release me and let me love again