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Hey Dj Lyrics

Soy yo
El que no para de llamarte
Porque no he podido olvidarte
Desde aquel día en que te vi…
Soy yo el que solo vive soñando
Que también te estas enamorando… de mi…

Y Hay algo en ti que me arrebata bata
Baby tu me tienes loco, loco
Tu me encantas y se nota ah ah
Y si tu y yo ya estamos aquí…

Hey Dj póngale la música que le gusta,
Una para que se mueva y se luzca. Y
Baile conmigo, solo conmigo eh..

Beautiful Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You say you wanna love me, you say I’m just a fake
You say I’m just another one that never had your back
Do you feel my presence? Maybe I should go
Maybe I’m another that you need to let go
See, one day if you let me I will try and mend this broken [?]
My heart will save us cause I am never giving up on us

So if you love me, you shouldn’t care if I’ve made mistakes
Cause if you need me, you should have never pushed me away

It’s like you’ve been waiting on a different me
You say it could get better but you never see
Cause I see, you’re beautiful to me
So when it comes down to it
I’ll always have love for ya, love for ya
So when it comes down to it
I’ll always have love for ya, love for ya

[Verse 2]
They say that I’m a liar cause I’m from an estate
But what you say behind my back you know I’ll say it your face I Wish we could let bigons be bigons and so on and fire on
For you I swear I’ll catch another case

[Pre-Chorus] + [Chorus]

[Verse 3]
I weren’t brought up round money so I didn’t know how to treat it
I helped everyone round me and spent it all just when I needed it
I made a mil’ and splashed it, did it all again
This time round, can’t even trust myself, let alone my friends
If I’m the man why they don’t play me no more?
That can’t be fair right?
Just don’t get it cause I’m on their side
I wish they wore these Nikes, took a hike
To see what it’s like, in my spare time
Then come back and tell me that I deserve to lose all my air time


[Chorus] (x2)

Ti Ricorderai Lyrics

Ti ricorderai di me
Quando m’avrai perduto
E ripeterai
Le frasi che io t’ho insegnato
Il cielo e noi
Gli alberi e noi
Mille favole per noi
Un isole sul mare
E noi soltanto
Soli, soli, soli
Ti ricorderai di me
Quando m’avrai perduto
Quando riderò
Dei sogni che per te
Ho sognato

Lyrics Ghosts – Next year

I don’t know where I’m going to rest my head tonight
So I won’t promise that I’ll speak to you today
If I ever find another place, a better time
For that moment, I’ll remember what I am.(next year)

Maybe someday you’ll be somewhere
Talking to me as if you knew me, sayin’
“I’ll be home for next year darling, I’ll be home for next year”.

In between the lines is the only place you’ll find
What you missing but you didn’t know is there
So when I say goodbye you must do your best to try
And forgive me, this weakness, this weakness
I don’t know what to say
Another day, another excuse to be sent your way
Another day, another year.

Maybe someday you’ll be somewhere
Talking to me as if you knew me, sayin’
“I’ll be home for next yeaaar darling, I’ll be home for next yeaaar”.

Maybe someday in a long time
You’ll remember when you upset that I said
“I’ll be home for next yeaaar darling, I’ll be home for next yearrr”.
Ghosts lyrics
Lyrics year

JAY-Z released his landmark album 4:44 exclusively on TIDAL on June 30th but now the project is available on Apple Music but not Spotify.

There were some rumors that the album wouldn’t be available for other streaming platforms but a week later JAY-Z decided to make it available on Apple Music but somehow sidestep Spotify which both controls a sizeable portion of the music streaming market. The project is also on Google Play and Amazon Prime Music. The album 4:44 is already certified platinum thanks to a deal with Sprint.

The fact that 4:44 is not on Spotify shouldn’t come as a big shock since JAY-Z pulled all of his music from Spotify back in April. It’s still unclear why Hov take down his music from Spotify but he is a major shareholder in TIDAL which is a major competitor in the music streaming business. Apple Music is second largest music streaming company behind Spotify, but JAY-Z left his music on that platform.

Sprint invested $200 million in TIDAL earlier this year and also bought a million copies of JAY-Z new album for its customers which helped pushed the album into platinum status in the first week.