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[Intro: Kodak Black]
Aye mayne, I like the depth of this song, ya know what I’m sayin’
Not the death of the song but the D-E-P-T-H of the song
Ya feel me, the complexity and shit
I like the topic
Kodak Black man

[Chorus: 6LACK]
Look my word is bond as fuck
My life is hard enough
They not rewarding us
They disregarding us
And if I go to D.C., I’m tryna spar with Trump
I’m not a politician, just can’t ignore the stuff

[Verse 1: 6LACK]
This really just a free verse, I put my life in reverse
I dug up out my old pain and put it on a t-shirt
So many sides to this shit, not here for the popular shit
Your own people will laugh when you on positive shit
Before I die, I’ma teach, I light a blunt and I preach
Ain’t no facade you can see, that I can only be me
I got a daughter to raise, one day she gon’ be a queen
I’m tryna get shit together, so she can have anything

[Chorus: 6LACK]
My word is bond as fuck
My life is hard enough
They ain’t rewarding us
They disregarding us
And if I go to D.C., I’m tryna spar with Trump
I ain’t a politician, just can’t ignore the stuff

[Verse 2: Dreezy]
I take this life how it come
Got heart but still won’t show love
If I tell people where I’m from, they might think I gotta gun
Got J’s that’s still in the box
No tax or bands on my ones
I took my feelings out this shit and put my trust in my funds
Tat my dead homie on my sleeve
Don’t need glasses, see what I see
Told me at ten, what I wasn’t gon’ be
Nigga ain’t make the league, so we turn to the streets
Cops wanna blast ‘fore they see ya I.D
Might do the race ‘fore a nigga catch me
Damn if it be another R.I.P
It’s a black/white world but I only see green
Killers gettin’ off innocent, when the clip showin’ that he did the shit
Try to talk and they ain’t listenin’ but they’ll point it out if you get ignorant
Fuck with you if you a benefit
That’s why I pay off cash at the dealership
But I got money stashed for the bail and shit
But I’ma write it off, good penmanship
Can’t say we representing when half the office White Supremacist
This can’t be, "Land of the free"
If kneeling might cost your position
I’m supposed to respect the system
They call our brothers, "Sons of bitches"
And when my Unc’ came home from prison
For the same shit y’all tried to turn into a business
Take our culture, our blueprint
Pay the knockoff to come model us
Hurricanes come and swallow us
Opp niggas tryna put the dot on us
We pourin’ Henny, cause we all bottled up
Granny said, "Scratch ya lottos up"
But the bible says it goes full circle
I’ma tryna find me a good purpose

[Chorus: Dreezy]
My word is bond as fuck
My life is hard enough
They not rewarding us
They disregarding us
And if I go to D.C., I’m tryna spar with Trump
I’m not a politician, you can’t ignore the stuff

[Verse 3: Kodak Black]
Ain’t old enough to hit the club to fill my cup with rum
But I can go die in the army or go to war for them
Ain’t old enough for marijuana cigars, spark my blunt
But old enough to spend my life behind bars, that dumb
Totin’ magazines that got me in the articles
When I’m in Washington D.C., I’m doing fraud n’ stuff
Ain’t worried bout Donald Trump
Ain’t worried bout seeing no monuments
These people got weather control
Where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from?
The weather ain’t got no name
Where the hell you think Hurricane Harvey from?
These people control the rain, these people be diggin’ bunkers up
But they only got 2 more years of slavery to do harm to us

[Outro: Kodak Black]
I feel like Kunta Kinte nigga, I’m the one who fought for us
I was in the clubs in 6th grade, fightin’ the adults and stuff
Feel like Kunta Kinte nigga, I’m the one who fought for us
Ever since the 6th grade nigga, I was the one who fought for us
Ever since the 10th grade nigga, I was the one who fought for us
So I feel like Kunta Kinte nigga, I’m the one who fought for us yeah
I fought for us, nigga I die for us, nigga I risk my life for us
I risk my life for us nigga and I’ll die for us nigga

Eminem new album Revival is only days away and now we know that Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, and Alicia Keys are featured.

Slim Shady released the official tracklist for the highly anticipated new album on Tuesday (December 5th) and we now know that it will come with 19 tracks with some guest verses from Ed Sheeran, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Skylars Grey, Kehlani, Pink, and Phresher. Queen Bey will be featured on the previously released single “Walk On Water,” while Ed is featured on “River.”

Pink recently collaborated with on a new single “Revenge” and now we know that they have a second song coming on the album Revival, due on December 15. She is featured on the upcoming single “Needed Me.” Skylars is featured on “Tragic Endings,” Alicia is on “Like Home,” and Kehlani is on “Nowhere Fast.”

Among the producers on the album includes Dr. Dre, Rick Rubin, and more. “He’s fanatical to a point that I don’t think I’ve seen in anyone before just through his attention to deal,” Rubin said in a recent interview. “He has a perfect memory of everything about the music and he gets inside of it, and he writes to whatever is good or bad about it.”

Eminem has a bunch of solo singles on the album and after watching his BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher we are anxious to hear all these new solo records. The Detroit rapper has been teasing the new album for the past two months starting with some ads about medication. The album will be released on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify on December 15th.


— Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) December 5, 2017

Rihanna and Popcaan stirs up rumors that they are working on new music together.

The pop superstar and teh Unruly Boss were both in Barbados last weekend. Rihanna was on her home soil where she was honored with a street named after her, while Popcaan was there to perform at a concert. RiRi and her BFF Melissa Ford link up with Poppy for a candid photo that has since been making the rounds on social media.

Sources close to the “Work” singer told Dancehall HipHop that the two spoke about working together but so far nothing concrete. “They did spoke about collaborating but nothing concrete yet just the initiation,” sources said. “These are two great Caribbean artists who are fans of each other’s music so naturally they would want to work together. Only time will tell if we will get a song featuring Rihanna and Popcaan.”

Both artists are currently working on new albums so there isn’t a better time for them to drop a collaboration on one of the upcoming projects. Popcaan is close friends with Rihanna’s ex-boyfriend Drake, so if this collab happens lets so how Drizzy will react to it. Last year RiRi had one of the biggest songs on the planet, her dancehall banger “Work” featuring Drake. The video for that single received almost a billion views on YouTube.

Chronixx drop a dance video for “Likes” featuring dance group Ravers Clavers.

This is the second music video to be released for the popular single this year. The track is featured on the reggae singer’s chart topping album Chronology, for which he earned himself a Grammy and MOBO nomination for. The cut features members of the popular dance group headed by Ding Dong showing off some new dance moves that they debut this year. Ding Dong didn’t make a cameo but Beenie Man daughter Desha Ravers showed off some impressive moves.

Chronixx says he released the new video to pay homage to dancing, something he grew up on. 2017 has been a big year for the reggae star who is at the forefront of the reggae revival movement. Last weekend he performed in front of a sold out crowd at Mas Camp in Kingston as he brought his Chronology World Tour to his home soil.

Watch Chronixx “Likes” video below.

Damian Marley says he is a big fan of Chronixx music.

Both Junior Gong and the Chronology singer are nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 60th Grammy Awards set to take place next month. The two reggae stars released two dope albums this year with Gong Dropping Stony Hill in July and Chronixx dropping his album that same month. Both albums were well received by reggae fans globally.

Gong says that he is deeply honored to have gotten a Grammy nomination for his latest project and also praises Chronixx for his latest body of work. “Some good albums are in the category this year,” Damian Marley said. “Chronixx put out a really nice album, which I listen to as a fan. I like that album a whole heap. Morgan Heritage, who are close family friends of mine, they have a good album out too, likewise J Boog. I am not so familiar with Common Kings, but everybody else I kinda know them music and we are all friends.”

Morgan Heritage, Common Kings, and J Boog, are the other three artists who received a Grammy nomination in the reggae category. Damian Marley and Chronixx were also nominated in the reggae category for the 2017 MOBO Awards which Gong won last week.