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Broken glass reflecting lady’s termination.
Once there was a reason, now it’s complication.
Stripped of all your dignity, look and you will find;
A ghostly pale anatomy, Shattered State of Mind.

He got twenty years in prison, the victim she got life.
Suicide is glorified by the reflection in his knife.
The hunter and the hunted, he’s breathing down your neck.
He claims another victim like the domino effect.

‘Cuz you’ve been slain, Slain, on lover’s lane.
And you can’t take the pain.
‘Cuz you’ve been slain, Slain, on lover’s lane.
To some it’s just a game.

What’s going on, is it such a big deal.
Living your life like a roulette wheel.
Our ignorance is tragic, it’s tying us up tight.
We’re our own worst enemy and it’s blinding out our sight.

Saying your name was like the first rose of spring.
When I lost you, I thought I’d lost everything.
And the rain washed away, your trail I’ll never find again.

The angels have no thoughts of returning you now.
I know it’s too late to change it anyhow.
And to think that you were, the only one I was thinking of.

This pain I’m feeling must be the thing called fire.
Send Me On My Way.

The axe of love came down on me.
Now you’re gone and I’m trying to see,
But the light keeps fading darker by the hour.
The axe of love came down on me.
Now I lay me down to sleep.

You took my heart in your hands long ago.
I still hear your voice in the wind as it blows.
But there’s no point to live, if I can’t see your smile again.

My memories of you, they seem so far away.
Mentally marred by the loss I can’t face.
I opened my heart, the you closed the door and you sealed my fate.

If this isn’t love, I’ve nothing left to say.
Just pull the trigger and Send Me On My Way.

A creature falling victim of whim, I wade lost in shadow.
Feeling less than able to win in this plight.
To think I was immortal, I feel my senses waning.

Gate man starts to wave me in, says it’s time.

I can’t run and hide, no not this time.
Just let me go.

Don’t you agree, it’s best if I’m free to live?
Fear, I want to know what my future holds,
For tomorrow I’m Not Letting Go.

The reapers creeping closer, I feel his scythe is raising.
I’m slowly loosing senses, impaired I can’t fight.
Dealing with the heavens to stave my end appearing.
Wish to spurn this harvest attempt at my life.

Just a kid out of nowhere, Evel was his name.
He wasn’t on a glory ride, he had danger in his veins.
They thought he’d live forever, but there’s no eternal flame.

His fame and fortune brought him pain and misery.
He broke every bone he had, went down in history.
Living like a madman, the way it had to be.

The time it took to heal the pain, it was all that he could take.
But he knew what he had to do.
One more chance he had to take, just one chance left he must take.

No Stranger to Danger, catch me now I’m falling.
No Stranger to Danger, the danger is calling.
No Stranger to Danger, catch me now I’m falling.
No Stranger to Danger,
Wake me when it’s over, now…

Humanity is insanity, he didn’t know wrong from right.
Every life’s a gamble, the stakes he placed were high.
Life and limb his marker, to know his life was prized.

When you’re down on your luck, feel you’ve nothing left to lose.
Life will go on, with or without you.
If you choose to risk your life, don’t rue when it’s taken too soon.

I see fanatics deciding the laws of the land.
Lies are the tools they choose to exploit common man.

I’m sick and tired of being pushed around, First Things First.
We sit and take and I gotta know why?
They’re always picking on the little guy, First Things First.
You’re gonna stand up, let ’em hear your voice now.

I see the dollar, the ruler and I don’t understand.
Why tax us billions to kill all the lives that we can.