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I’ve been stuck in a real bad wave
Put my head in some real dark places
Worked up, mind shot
Gotta learn to find love in what I got
But still, I can’t shake it
I’ve had enough of starting over and giving up
A bad wave is coming down
A bad vibration is sucking me out
But still, I can’t shake it
Feels like I’m breaking


Give it to me right now
Hit me with it right now
I can’t get enough
Break me off
Fill me up
Right now

Wake up, tight knot
A heart-aching body in shock
Can’t see, too blurred
Can’t seem to make sense of words
But it’s building up, building deep inside
Paranoia driving take you for a ride
It’s building up
Sleeping on rocks
Can’t find the switch to stop the thoughts

Wake up- break down

Nothing’s wrong, nothing right
Keep finding the dark in the light
Got to move, got to breathe
Maybe that will give the pressure release

Wake up- break down
Got to get out before you drown

Believe me


Break out the rage. Get back, just like that
There’s no reason to calm down. Step with the ones who stick around
Make your own path because I’m making mine. I don’t need your help, never look back
That’s what life’s about. Don’t Stop
And I can see your every move, I’m not the one you want to crash into. And this will be alive forever. I don’t need your help, never look back
Don’t Stop, Step Up