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I’ve been stuck in a real bad wave
Put my head in some real dark places
Worked up, mind shot
Gotta learn to find love in what I got
But still, I can’t shake it
I’ve had enough of starting over and giving up
A bad wave is coming down
A bad vibration is sucking me out
But still, I can’t shake it
Feels like I’m breaking


Give it to me right now
Hit me with it right now
I can’t get enough
Break me off
Fill me up
Right now

Wake up, tight knot
A heart-aching body in shock
Can’t see, too blurred
Can’t seem to make sense of words
But it’s building up, building deep inside
Paranoia driving take you for a ride
It’s building up
Sleeping on rocks
Can’t find the switch to stop the thoughts

Wake up- break down

Nothing’s wrong, nothing right
Keep finding the dark in the light
Got to move, got to breathe
Maybe that will give the pressure release

Wake up- break down
Got to get out before you drown

Believe me