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Upcoming rappers should pay attention and take note.

Rapper 6ix9ine, aka Tekashi69, decided that he is a big enough rapper to stage dive and it turns out to be a big mistake. The New York rapper currently has a couple songs bubbling on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and figured its full time his fans treat him with more respect. He decided to prove his point recently at one of his concerts when he ran and dived into the crowd.

Unfortunately for 6ix9ine, his fans don’t think he is big enough to crowd surf so everyone quickly got out of the way leaving the hard concrete for him to surf on. Fortunately for him though, there weren’t any broken bones and it seems none of his fans got hurt in the process or else he could risk some more legal troubles. Tekashi69 already has a serious sexual misconduct case in New York pending where he could face years in prison if found guilty.

6ix9ine recently confirmed that he has a new single in the works with Lil Yachty and he is also working on his upcoming debut album. His new single “Kooda” is also doing well among his young fans.

Gangsta rapper #tekashi69 thought his career was popping enough to dive in the crowd and crowd surf… unfortunately.. the crowd disagreed and parted like the Red Sea for him to fall to the floor.

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on Jan 24, 2018 at 1:21pm PST

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When the Philadelphia Eagles secured their spot in the Super Bowl, Meek Mill song “Dreams & Nightmares” became an instant team anthem.

The Philly rapper, who is currently serving 2-4 years in prison, has shared his reaction from behind bars after watching the players turn up to his classic single. The players were turning up to the single from on the field to the locker room and even in the parking lot. You can get a glimpse of what went down in the video clips below.

“It really lifted my spirit to hear the team rally around my songs because that’s why I make music–to inspire others and bring people together,” Meek Mill said in a statement via Bleacher Report. “The Eagles have also motivated me with the way they’ve overcome tough situations and injuries to succeed this year.”

The theme of the song fits right into the narrative of how Philadelphia Eagles overcome all odds to make it to the Super Bowl. “I used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this / So I had to grind like that to shine like this / In a matter of time I spent on some locked up sh** / In the back of the paddy wagon, cuffs locked on wrists / See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true,” Meek Mill raps.

Meek Mill himself has overcome insurmountable odds to become one of the most recognized names in hip hop today. The MMG rapper has been behind bars since November last year for probation violation. He was sentenced to up to 4 years in prison and that sparked a national outcry with some celebrities like JAY-Z calling the judge sentencing heavy-handed. Meek’s legal team has been actively trying to secure his freedom but so far the judge has not budged and even denied a new request for bail.

#Repost @angiemartinez i love this!!! and yo, this is exactly why u should never write @meekmill off. He’s a special one man. when u can make music that connects to ppl’s soul like this… its bigger than the bullshit. #FreeMeek lotta ppl out here prayin for u kid. ?? oh…. and congrats #Philly! ??

A post shared by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on Jan 22, 2018 at 5:32am PST

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(Intro: Gucci Mane)
Huncho, Gato

(Chorus: Quavo)
Bad b**ch know something (know something)
Give her that money, go blow something (blow it)
She want a rack til’ I pop something (rack)
She want a trick, I’m not one (not one)
Pull up and hop on a baddie (skrrr)
She wanna text me the addie (text it)
They know we having it (woo)
Drums to the face, closed casket
The pot look greasy
Suck me up, she please me
Chanel like CC (CC)
Upgrade a b**ch from bb (bb)
If she money, she go get it (go get it)
All of her friends, they go with her (yuh)
She keep up them bands with no ni**a (racks)
She keep up them bands with no ni**a (hey)

(Verse 1: Quavo)
She see blue faces, it’s no explanation (no no)
Can you make this paper all across the nation? (whoa yeah)
Told her just be patient, I’m gon’ make you famous
If yo’ ni**a want beef, treat it like it’s angus (bow)
Eat it up
Little bit of dick, get nasty
I gotta tip her (here)
I got a pretty girl, low-key classy
I gotta flip her (flip her)
I ain’t here for no pictures (nah)
Put Huncho in the middle (Huncho!)
Young ni**a popping them bands (woo)
Like Marshawn popping them Skittles (hey)
Young ni**a got a big green truck
Looking like Riddler Riddler
What b**ch name with the mean suck?
Damn, I can’t even remember (damn)
Money fall, yeah, timber (Timber!)
Ice on in the winter (ice)
Put the plug in the blender
Then, he showed up for dinner (that’s cold)

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 2: Gucci Mane)
I suppose, propose, to show off my rollie in rows
This goes, them hoes, we OC, outta control
f**k the folks and the border patrol, coast guard, free all of the bros
We the goats, who want some smoke cuz’ we set all of the smokes
We got lows, my 66′ spokes, they look like dinner rolls
I hit my coupe, now it’s a centerfold
Multi-million, but I gigolo
My portfolio say I sold plenty coke

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 3: Offset)
Applying the pressure for mo’ millions
The bricks come from Japan and Korea
I done made 2.5 on my Nokia
He got kidnapped after that sh*t too real
Bad b**ch, she walking with Chanel on her feet
Litty got her titties done, now she on fleek
Plain Jane rolling with the bust AP
I make the thottie meet me at the grand marquee
Playing for keeps, gotta move it lowkey
She trying to f**k, she in heat
Yeah, she gotta f**k by the three (smashed)
Tip toeing back door and creep (back-do)
I don’t know no tricks, but I treat (trick)
I told her to suck with a beat
Put Emerald sets in my links
24 karat my sink

(Verse 4: Takeoff)
175 for the mink
Turn the housewife to a freak
And I got the ice on fleek
Chanel double down, CC
He’ll tell you, it’s a price on me (he’ll tell you)
Ran off, made your life on me
No gun, pull a knife on me
Back back, get your wife off me
On sight with me, my diamonds fight with me
Can’t clone, we on
Fly like drones, they biting me (rrrr)
A sight to see, this gas tank on E
North Pole, wrist on freeze
Wait til’ my dawg get free

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

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Yeah, yeah
Whoa, hold on (OG Parker)

(Chorus: Quavo)
Walk it, like I talk it (walk it)
Walk it, like I talk it
Walk it, walk it Like I talk it (woo!)
Walk it, like I talk it (yeah!)
Walk it, like I talk it (walk it)
Walk it, like I talk it
Walk it, walk it Like I talk it (woo!)
Walk it, like I talk it (hey!)
Walk it, like I talk it (walk it)
Walk it, like I talk it (walk it)
Walk it, like I talk it
Walk it, walk it Like I talk it (woo!)
Walk it, like I talk it (talk it)
Walk it, like I talk it (ayy!)
Walk it, like I talk it
Walk it, walk it (woo)
Like I talk it (yeah!)

(Verse 1: Quavo)
Take my shoes and walk a mile
Something that you can’t do (woo, hey!)
Big talks of the town, big boy gang moves (gang moves!)
I like to walk around With my chain loose (chain, chain!)
She just bought a new ass But got the same boobs (same boobs!)
Whipping up dope, scientist (whip it up, whip it up)
(Cook it up, cook it up) (Skrrt-Skrrt!)
That’s my sauce, where you find it?
(That’s my sauce) (Look it up, look it up, find it)
Adding up checks, no minus
(Add it up, add it up, add it up) (Add it up, yeah)
Get your “respek” in diamonds (ice, ice, ice, ice, ice, ice)
I bought a ‘Plain Jane’ Rollie
These ni**as bought they fame (woo!)
I bet my back got scoliosis ’cause I swerve the lane (skrrt!)
Heard you signed your life, for that brand new chain (I heard) Think it came with stripes, but you ain’t straight with the gang (Gang, gang!)

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 2: Drake)
Aye! I gotta stay in my zone
Say that we been beefing, dog
But you on your own!
First night, she gon’ let me f**k ‘Cause we grown
I hit her, gave her back
To the city, she home! (she at home now!)
That was that
So I can’t be beefing with no wack ni**a, got no backbone
Heard you living in a mansion In all your raps though
But your sh*t look like the trap on this Google Maps, though
We been brothers since Versace bando, whoa
Name ringing Like a Migo trap phone, whoa
Used to be with Vashtie at Santo’s
That’s on Tommy Campbell’s
We live like ‘Sopranos’
And I-

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 3: Offset)
ni**as pocket watching (watching!)
I want that thot This that ‘ménage (which one?)
I bought a franchise To double up the profits (franchise!)
We make a land slide Chopper get the popping (landslide!)
Eliott got me rocky
Blow a socket, chicken teriyaki
Take off, rocket Keep ’em in pocket
Water gon’ lock it
Quadruple the profit! (profit!)
I walk like walk (hey!)
Talk like I talk (whoa)
Rush in my vault Know they catching assaults Brrt!
I put a lab in my loft (lab)
She cook up, and jab with the folk (jab)
By the pair, I got karats that choke (by the pair)
By the pair, I got karats each load (by the pair)
Private life, private jets ’round the globe (private life)
Hit a b**ch, hit a lick with the ‘cho (hey!)

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

(Verse 4: Takeoff)
Watch it buck, no man walking (Hanging)
Walk it, like I talk it
That’s my bro, he know the lingo (lingo)
Ain’t no ‘walkie-talkie’ (no)
This some, “You know, why don’t we know?” (we know?)
Hold out on that coffee
Smoke the Cookie, get the coughing
Drop dead fresh, I need a coffin
Balling, something we do often (ball)
Take the pot and I’m splashing up, dolphin (splash)
Take the .9 and go buy me a faucet (nine)
Walking like I talk A ni**a done bought it (uh)
I play the coach, so I gotta call it (call it)
Up in the sh*ts, some ni**as just dormant (sh*ts)
F**king a bih, and that’s not a problem (a problem)
I get a rebound, then tuck in my Spalding (ball)

(Repeat Chorus: Quavo)

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Hooo , howei

(Verse 1)
Baby love I think the texture of your skin
Will complement the leather
When you’re stretching out upon my plush upholstery
Think my tone of voice would complement your ear
When I tell you to come here
And I hold you closely

Spirulina for the girls when dem feelin’ thirsty
Think a sweet boy me bitter like cerasee
Lovin’ she ah gi me when she reimburse me
In a middle day she wah fi night nurse me
Fa shizzle ma nizzle only god have mercy
Style weh mi gi har newer dan jersey
Several time a day like we ah ‘pon a nursery
Every other day is like a anniversary
All you body set away me nah guh lie it urge me
To give you all my love an’ all of my energy
Memba a nuh any and everybody deserve me
A me guh the journey

So when you’re ready
My love won’t let you down
And if you come my way
I’ll be at your service
And so ride with me, until the wheels fall off
So I can be all that you’re dreaming of

Quit playing hard to get girl
It’s me that you won’t forget girl
It’s too hard to find the next girl
I don’t pamper neither pet girl, hey yo

(Verse 2)
Baby love me, love you bad nobody naffi force me
Sorry baby, didn’t mean to dj coastly
Your body boasi’
Your spirit is a blessin’, I’m so glad you chose me
So listen closely

Woman yuh lovin’ good mi seh it never yet fail
Supmn weh yuh have so fat, it pop down scale
Mi blood start rush me supmn tougher dan nail
One touch an’ she blush, me nuh coward and frail
Big up raggamuffin, you a the girl dem sperm whale
Man a rudeboy we nuh run down skirt tail
No deviation to the plan or curtail
Some a seh dem a don, and a living mermale
Tell dem man a gyalis from we inna first grade
We no shoot an’ miss any woman we persuade
You star the screenplay, you affi replay
Woman yuh somethin’ good me nah fi wear no blue suede
Hell an’ powder house, the big ship set sail
Woman a feel we up like when the blind a read braille
Loving is a mission of precision and detail
Steer ‘pon track that a nuh train, nuh derail

(Repeat Chorus)

Me rough like sandpaper texture
Bend up your face and vex girl
Soon I might find a next girl
But for now you got my attention

So when you’re ready
My love won’t let you down
And if you come my way
I’ll be at your service
And so ride with me, until the wheels fall off
So I can be all that you’re dreaming of

(Repeat Chorus)

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