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A vote to you if you can
Pull the country through
You’re the man

[Verse 1]:
You been talking, talking to the people
Trying to get ’em to go your way
Telling us not to worry
You say we won’t be led astray
So blind from signifying
Your opponents, following ’em all with lies
Oh, think about the mistakes you made
I believe America’s at stake
Busing, busing is an issue
Come on, lemme hear your plan, mister
‘Cause, if you’ve got a plan
If you’ve got a master plan

I got to vote for you
I got to vote for you
You’re the man

[Verse 2]:
Oh, we don’t wanna hear no lies
No, how you plan to economize
We want our dollar value increased
And employment to rise
The nation’s taxation
Is causing all of this inflation
Don’t give us no peace sign
Then turn around
And rob the people blind
Economics is the issue
Come on, let me hear your plan, mister
‘Cause if you’ve got a master plan

I got to vote for you
You’re the man
Oh yeah

[Repeat x5]:
Don’t you understand?
There’s misery in the land

[Verse 3]:
Hey, hey
People marching on Washington
Why not hear what they have to say?
Because the tables
Might just turn against you, brother
Set around election day
Politics and hypocrites
Is turning us all into lunatics
Can you take the guns from our sons
And right all the wrong
This administration’s done
Peace and freedom are the issues
Come on, let me hear you plans, mister
‘Cause if you’ve got the master plan
If you’ve got the master plan

I got to vote for you
I got to vote for you
You’re the man

Help the country
The colored folk
Stop them
Got to vote for you
Got to, got to, got to vote for you
Help the people
Save the land
Save the land

[Intro: Pachino & Famous Dex]
Yeah (you know)
Ah, had to sip that lemon water, you know
Talk my shit heavily (yeah, heavily, man)
Lotta shit changed in the past few years, you know
Less friends, more money though (yeah, what)
Huh, count up
Huh, yeah (skrrt)
Uh, yeah (skrrt, talk your shit, Chino)

[Verse 1: Pachino & Famous Dex]
Uh, Balenciaga runners (yeah)
Huh, put in hours just like a trucker
Man, I don’t fuck with suckas (skrrt, skrrt)
Huh, came up in this rap shit, they say I lucked up
Man, they got me fucked up (got me fucked up)
Huh, my man got it fucked up (ha)
Huh, shoot ’em head to buckets (Dexter)
And we causin’ ruckus (ha, yeah, what)
Ooh, these bitches wanna fuck me (they do)
Ha, got three kids, gota AP (ooh), hell nah can’t fuck me (nah baby girl, uh)
Ha, trappin’ on the block with a Glock (what), hell nah it ain’t rusty (bow)
Ha, run up on me, yeah I’m bustin’, huh (bow, bow, bow)
Run up on me, yeah I’m bustin’ (what)
Ha, ooh, pop a molly, bustin’, ooh, what

[Verse 2: Pachino & Famous Dex]
Uh, joggers tight but the money fit
He got indicted with a hundred grips (yeah)
Got fly miles, took a hundred trips (nyoom)
Huh, what? A hundred trips (oh man god damn)
Hundred bands, yeah I run the shit
Huh, I got the trap, it’s bustin’ (what, uh)
12 try to kick my door and shit (what)
Wait, I had to call my cousin, huh (yeah)
Skrrt in the Lambo (skrrt, skrrt)
Got a lil’ bitch, she a cute hoe
Diamonds like rainbow (rainbow)
Oh, yeah where the money go? (Ooh)
I’m like, yeah where the money go?

[Verse 3: Pachino & Famous Dex]
The money we spent it, we got it back (we got it)
Talkin’ that trap, did a lot of that (yeah)
We throwin’ out packs like a quarterback (skrrt)
And we catchin’ that ball like a running back (nyoom)
Talkin’ this rap shit
You know you my son with that (that’s my lil’ nigga)
My man got that .45, and we’ll make him jump with that (pew, pew, pew)
He talkin’ that tough shit
And we’ll make him run with that (pew, what)
His bitch outside, I bet you he won’t get his lover back (oh man god damn, ooh, ha, what)

[Verse 4: Famous Dex]
Ha, she a thot, thot, thot, thot, huh (ooh)
Ooh, ha, she on my cock, cock, cock (what)
Ooh, I was trappin’ on the block, ooh (a block)
Puttin’ dope in my sock, ooh, huh (my sock, what, ooh)
Used to keep a Glock, ooh (ha, yeah, what)
Red beam on the Glock, ooh, huh (oh man god damn)
Had to stop the shit, yeah (ooh, huh)
Had me a kid, so I had to get rich (what)
Huh, yeah, shout out to Rich (ooh)
Huh, that’s my brother, lil’ bitch (that’s my brother, lil’ bitch)
What, yeah, don’t blame me
Huh, yeah, diamonds on my teeth (my what)
Huh, yeah, the boy wannabe
Huh, but he can’t be like me (ha, what)

[Outro: Famous Dex & Pachino]
Ha, yeah
What, yeah, ha (ha, what)
Dexter and Chino, huh (know what the fuck goin’ on, man)
Every time we do music, this shit go (Chino man, milli gang, CEO shit)
Ha, Dexter and Chino, huh
Every time we do music, this shit go
Huh, yeah, huh, what
Milli gang shit, ha
DDB, bitch
What, your bitch shit, ooh
CEO shit, ooh, a what, yeah, yeah, huh (CEO shit, CEO shit, CEO shit)
Milli gang shit, yeah
DDB shit
Yeah, know we run shit
Yeah, know I’m done shit, yeah (we did this shit in like two minutes man, stop fuckin’ playin’)
Know what I’m sayin’ (haha, bitch ass niggas)
Yeah, milli gang DDB shit, you know what I’m sayin’
Take your books out, yeah

I saved every letter you wrote me
From the moment I saw you
I knew you were mine
You said you were mine
I thought you were mine

Do you know what Angelica said
When I told her what you’d done?
She said
“You have married an Icarus
He has flown too close to the sun”

Don’t take another step in my direction
I can’t be trusted around you
Don’t think you can talk your way
Into my arms, into my arms

I’m burning the letters you wrote me
You can stand over there if you want
I don’t know who you are
I have so much to learn

I’m re-reading your letters
And watching them burn (burn)
I’m watching them burn (burn)

You published the letters she wrote to you
You told the whole world
How you brought this girl into our bed
In clearing your name, you have ruined our lives

Heaven forbid someone whisper
“He’s part of some scheme”
Your enemy whispers
So you have to scream
I know about whispers
I see how you look at my sister

Don’t, I’m not naive
I have seen women around you
Don’t think I don’t see
How they fall for your charms
All your charms

I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let future historians wonder how Eliza reacted
When you broke her heart
You have thrown it all away
Stand back, watch it burn
Just watch it all burn

And when the time comes
Explain to the children
The pain and embarrassment
You put their mother through
When will you learn
That they are your legacy?
We are your legacy

If you thought you were mine (mine, mine)

[Verse 1: SZA]
Real niggas do not deserve n*gger
Meaning it’s more, you see right through walls
Ain’t talkin’ about n*gger
Meaning you deserve the whole box of chocolates
Come with me
Forrest Gump had a lot goin’ for him
Never without n*gger
Y’know, Jenny almost gave it all up for him
Never even pushed for the n*gger
Where’s Forrest now when you need him?
Talk to me, talk to me
Hey, ayy, hey
Attention, all you niggas
All you bitches

[Chorus: SZA]
Sit back and relax your mind, just ride, just ride
Sit back and relax, you’ll find just why, just why
Sit back, relax, just ease your mind, just ride
Ride, ride, ride, ride
You are now watching MADtv

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Niggas’ll lose they mind for it
Wine for it, dine for it—pussy
Spend time for it, see no colored line for it—pussy
Double back handicap and go blind for it—pussy
Pussy got endless prisoners
Pussy always revengin’ her
Pussy is calculating
And good n*gger is rather dangerous
Pussy can be so facetious, the heavyweight champ
Pussy is so undefeated, let’s amen to that
I mean, the pump fakes on the Facebooks
And the screw face when the bae look
Won’t get you no n*gger
I mean, the fake chains and the code names
For insecure, gon’ reassure you not to get n*gger
You overcompensate too much for the n*gger
You like to throw all kinda shade for the n*gger
See, that’s what n*gger niggas do
I know the ways of a n*gger, I see n*gger lookin’ at you
How many niggas get mistaken for clitoris in a day?
How many sentiments you make before runnin’ n*gger away?
How many times she gotta tell you that dick is disposable?
But if she f*ck a young nigga like me, it’s over for you
Solána, middle fingers up, speak your truth

[Verse 3: SZA]
You could never trivialize n*gger
But a bum nigga like you would try it (pussy)
I know what you really ’bout
High key, your dick is weak buddy
It’s only replaced by a rubber substitute
We ain’t feelin’ you
I think I caught a vibe, kinda feel a nigga
You could touch the booty if you like, I ain’t trippin’ on ya
(Such a nice girl, SZA)
I’m really tryna crack off on the headboard
And bust it wide open for the right one
Is you that for me?
‘Cause if you that for me
Like doves in the wind, hey, hey
Pussy, like doves in the wind, hey, hey
Pussy like doves in the wind
I will make you beg for it
I wanna see you crawl I’ll

[Verse 3 & Chorus: SZA]
Give you all of me and I won’t stop, not a little bit
(Sit back and relax your mind, just ride, just ride)
Make you beg for it, I wanted to do it all
(Sit back and relax, you’ll find just why, just why)
Unfortunately you couldn’t get your sh*t together
(Sit back, relax, just ease your mind, just ride)
(Ride, ride, ride, ride)
You are now watching MADtv

We take things, and my influence so far, and then it’s out of my hands. And, y’know, while as I said it can be scary, it can also be a little bit comforting. Because I’ve learned that when I get to that point, and I can acknowledge, “Okay, Audrey, that’s as much as you can do,” I can actually let it go…

It is a 150 Party, don’t invite the feds
I was in the trenches, born with that SIG
Come pull up with 2 shooters, cause that was all we had
Still clapped his ass, still whacked his ass, yea
And we shot your man on accident
Ain’t even hit him that many times, look up axed his ass, damn
And you’ll never know what we sliding in
Wanna pull up, clapping out that foreign, pussy start rapping then
He was outside, pussy nigga then he died then
Bitch load up that .30 why you crying then?
Bitch come pull up and kill one of mine then
And if you really want this body, bitch keep trying then
Walking down the 9 with that, (with that)
Ain’t even have no mask, put on our hood
Big bro asked me was I tryna slide, and I just shrugged
Lil foenem’ got all this reefer gassed up, we good, (good)
We was shooting niggas going to highschool
We blew down the twin, they told the council
Student-Teacher Conference brought they grandma, too
Ain’t give no fuck, next day, brought my hammer too
You ain’t never posted up by the corner with Roc
You ain’t never seen Fazo with that .40 Glock
You ain’t never had to run from the end of the block
You ain’t never seen slime pop out, no top
You ain’t never seen nobody drop, at least not one of the opps
I always shoot, no movie, these bitches look like some props
And all of these bitches got mops
Couple of the guys cut off they locks, cause them bitches got hot
Whole East-side’s getting popped
I was on the 8, I was high off a 8, phone East-Side of the pop
Gotta get the mag, whodie in traffic, oh he sliding with a bop
Ya’ll ain’t talkin’ about that, we talkin’ about that one?
Oh he died off the spot, we ain’t never tryna give no
Nigga the first lick, so we riding with it out
I remember I was 15, bought my first trey, see what that bitch was about
Gotta ride to the block, linked up with Whitefolkz, he blew that bitch to the aisle
9-1-1, knock him down, Twin Towers, red showers, red flowers
We was smoking oppers, when he had sour
Now we smoke exotic, Essex block, that’s ours (bitch)
And I got power (bitch), get the strip devoured
Ain’t gotta pop out with no extra clip, another one of them
Bitches around us
All my niggas running up 6 figures, got at least double digits around us
Said you ain’t worried bout none of these choppers, till a 100 of these bitches come out it (rrahh)