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Tired of driving through the night
Stinging eyes and my knuckles clenched to white
And it’s still snowing outside
It hurts to think of all I’ve had
And all the pain that I’ve caused with these hands
And how I want it back
Oh God can you tell me why
I can’t shake these thoughts that haunt my mind
It’s killing me inside
Surrounded by December cold
There really is no other place like home
No other place I’d go
I remember when nights just like this one tonight
I’d spend with you and I’d feel alive
I’d love to spend them by your side
Just the two of us alone in time
I still remember how you’d laugh
And how it felt when I held your hand
They’re cancerous these memories
They’re breaking me like a disease
Solitude, I’ll be alone
Can’t ever go back, won’t go back home
So I’ll wait here until my last breath
And breathe relief as it slowly leaves my chest

Yesterday the yellow lights had all gone grey
Black and white swallowed the light of day
And as you laid and cried a million eyes
All turned their backs to protect your lies
And God above and the ones you love
Couldn’t even tell they were too caught up
You’re so alone and all I can’t help but see
On the back of my eyelids, the darkness surrounding me
These sleepless nights never felt so long
Your bloodshot eyes never looked so wrong

Three days passed since I last saw you face to face
And you’re not here anymore tonight than the one before
I told you it would be the same
Well, I wish that I could say that I didn’t lie
Maybe tonight you’ll say you’re sick of this
Maybe tonight I’ll miss you more
But I’m tired and you’re sad and
Both of us could use a break from all of this
Three weeks passed since I last saw your smiling face
And I wish you were with me tonight
I told you before I hope things will be the same
But if I said that I was sure it’d be a lie
Hey, how are things where you are?
I don’t miss much about being home
But I miss the sound of your dogs barking
As I climbed up your front steps and
How I didn’t always seem to feel alone
And I can’t help but shiver, here without you

Oh boundless life were we to gain
From lost lands to the garden’s gate
Its fear of the frozen and unhappy skies
Burnt now, burnt now, breathing only fire
And deliver me from all the evil I did to myself
And deliver me to arms so open, arms I know so well
As for the dead, they can raise themselves
In secret I sing for no one else
Its fear of open spaces I have travelled in
Come so far, dragged myself on this phantom limb
Please deliver me from all the evil I did to myself
And deliver me to arms so open, arms I know so well

Your card the sun
When I am done
Say you will wait long
Wait for the day you come home