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Stacey j
No 1 in African
Eazyprince on beat

Verse 1
When am in trouble you gonna
Rescue me rescue me
If am in pain you gonna console me
Console me
When I need you uhh you gonna satisfy me satisfy me
You stand by me when people stand against me
Cos you my baby

E dey sweet me for body yoh
E dey sweet me for body oh oh
Baby carry me go away baby carry me go away
Dodorimado dodorimado oh oh narararara

Baby you are too much oh
You are too much oh
Me and you go dey
Baby you are too much oh
You are too much onyekemo
Baby you are too much oh
You are too much oh
Me and you forever ah ah ah

Verse 2
You are giving me everything that I need oh
Ah ah ah
You showed me too much love baby oh
Your love dey killing me softly
Your love dey killing me eh eh
For your love I go go to American for your love
I go go to London oh my baby yeah
Baby yoh oh oh
You are my irreplaceable my one and only
No one but you, no one but you ah ah
Your love dey sweet for my belle
E dey totori my heart
Oh my baby oh
Dio dio dio dio dio dio oh
You are too much oh

E dey sweet me for body oh
E dey sweet me for body oh
Baby carry me go away baby carry me
Go away
Dodorimado dodorimado oh

Bsby you are too much oh
You are too much oh
Me and you go dey
Baby you are too much oh you are too much oh
Onyekemo oh
Babby you are too much oh
You are too much oh
Me and you forever ah ah ah

Is stacey j
Stacey j upon the sing
Ah ah ah ah
Eazy prince upon the beat oh
Ah ah ah ah

Common Sense. You can’t get no better than that.
With Common Sense You ain’t gonna get no growner than that.
You can’t know more than Common Sense.
If You know anything. It’s Common Sense.

If You use Your brain. It’s using Common Sense.
You need Common Sense to know something.
You can’t survive without it.
If You are any smarter than that, then I doubt it.

Tell Me something that makes Sense. It’s Common.
It’s Common to make Sense.
If it ain’t Common, then it don’t make any Sense.
If it don’t make any Sense, then it ain’t Common.

Everything is Common Sense.
Whenever You need help, find some Common Sense.
Everybody need Common Sense.
I don’t know what People would do without it.

It’s good if You got Common Sense.
It’s good to have Common Sense.
Everyone has Common Sense.
I wish all of Us would use it.

Common Sense.

Alright. Now everybody just go ahead and settle down.
And would You look at this whole new room that I found.
It’s on a street with Security Guards where nobody is allowed.
Nice bright and shiny it can easily draw a crowd.
Built just for Me and I would like to thank the builders from the clouds.
Always keep the Peace because no one can come up on the grounds.
Everybody looks shocked ain’t even making a sound.
I know that almost each and every one of You want to send out the hounds.
Oh You might not have known it was before, but imma tell You that it’s Mine now.

Standing on the porch after I told everybody to get out.
Until Ya’ll learn some sense, then don’t come back around about.
Need to leave with Your friends then go ahead and shout.
You need to get up out of here, so use a different route.
Spend some of that money and rent one of them bikes.
Would a Bus Driver put themselves in that kind of danger, at night?
Maybe not. Crime is uncontrolled so You may not wanna take a hike.
Got nowhere to go, then come and get warm, but Sike.
What are You doing in them shoes? Somebody will probably rob You for Your Nikes.
Better find a job before the Economy decline.
I just remembered something. Oh. It’s Mine.

Don’t let Me catch none of Ya’ll back around here holding up a sign.
I don’t got no work for You, unless You’re rich and fine.
You look like You on the bottle, but it ain’t none of the property’s wine.
The only time anyone drinks around here, I’m buying.
I don’t want to hear or see You, so why do You waste Your time trying?
There is nothing to look back on and send for Your things and resign.
Don’t worry about it, because it’s Mine.
I’m going to go back inside, before somebody think that I’m a Clown.
Go into Town.
Oh. You might not have known it was before, but imma tell You that it’s Mine now.

In the Government Yard other than that I got nothing.
Police walked up and asked, did I hear any busting.
I said nope why what’s up?
He said, Oh do You sell dope?
Be on the look out for the Feds, I just read in a Horoscope.
Told Me to put up My hands and immediately began frisking.
You aint hear it, but you know about the dead body missing.
What do you mean, You got nothing and I’m clean.
Yeah, I just wanted to question all the Black Men and Brown Teens.

Walked out a Store, an Officer asked Me my name?
Where You get the shoes, the bag and the chain?
Last week somebody took one like that right out the thang.
Had a bag full of weed, because He left prints and a stank.
No, not Me Officer and He threw me on the car near the tank.
You smell just like it, what you got, some Dro? Some Dank?
Like a Pirate with an iron, Like I’m fixing to walk a plank.
I might as well take the stuff back and put the money back in the Bank.
Officer gave Me a ticket, for smelling like gas and looking to high over My sank.

Back at the Yard about 150 short.
I don’t like Crooked Officers, so I’m taking it to His Court.
A ball 50 and My word or insubordinance and Jail.
Probation for paraphernalia or a tracking device or tapped cell.
Acting like the Judge of Heaven, but raising up the Hell.
Before I begin to talk The Dog was all Tell.
You got 30 days to pay it, get Him his papers and wish Him well.
Back in the Government Yard again, but this time I got mail.

Whenever anybody think they see a Crooked Cop.
Stay in the Yard and try to stay up out one spot.
Don’t even look happy and don’t even take a drag.
If you got nappy hair, don’t even wear a rag.
If You saved a little money, then You should never ever brag.
Got a silver chain around your neck, make sure You wear the price tag.
They watching were You go, what You drank and what You is and what You aint.
Even though they got white hoods, a White House a white wig and face paint.
Even if You are doing nothing and have to stand around and wait.
Never run into a Crooked Police Officer on Donut and Coffee Breaks.

Everybody wonder like the World is a mystery.
If they wasn’t so curious then they probably would’ve never met Me.
Smile when they see You, but frown down upon You when they don’t.
They always say they would help You, but You will soon see that they won’t.
Got something worthless before a life and as long as they got it loses worth.
If Heaven was on Earth and Earth was on Heaven, then they’d choose Earth.
Used to sell the Children, now they sell the whole Birth.
If We all should’ve came together, then Ya’ll could’ve stayed where Ya’ll were.

I never want anyone to try to put Me first.
Could’ve been anybody else, like a God and a Church.
People act just like the Devil too, they roll their eyes and curse You.
Most People can hardly take care of themselves, so how could they watch and pet other People.
In an Afterlife, some want a sequel.
Go to Church and want to sit up in the steeple.
And most of them don’t care about no body else.
But they want You to look at them with their selfish selves.

Want to start all the drama and open up a case.
Wouldn’t go nowhere without some make-up on Your face.
Men or Women.
City to City, State to State and Place to Place.
It seems it can’t get any worse with Everybody dising Grace.
No one can talk about anyone by their name, but race.
If a Grave Digger couldn’t find a shovel, then they would probably use a rake.
Wherever You may go in the whole wide World, it is impossible to avoid a Snake.