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I see fanatics deciding the laws of the land.
Lies are the tools they choose to exploit common man.

I’m sick and tired of being pushed around, First Things First.
We sit and take and I gotta know why?
They’re always picking on the little guy, First Things First.
You’re gonna stand up, let ’em hear your voice now.

I see the dollar, the ruler and I don’t understand.
Why tax us billions to kill all the lives that we can.

Drive from my head, fear looms near, a new threats born to my head.
As whim, whim grasps my mind taking a hold.
It’s haunting as chills cry beware.

A light burns in my heart, feeding on hope.
It burns dim immersed in despair.

Drowning in this lake of fire.
Reaching for the peace in Final.

Must guide, guide my end.
Fate is clear, vanquish with my own hand.
My right to close contends, as glazed eyes mirror the second thoughts that cloud my head.

A light burns in my heart, feeding on hope.
It burns dim immersed in despair.

Depraved desire, disdain in my life.
Its all to end here today.

He’s the master of black masses, scientific romances.
He’s calling and he’s coming after you.
Well he ain’t no apparition, life is his addiction.

High priest, drug fiend.
Don’t take him for a fool.

He’s the wickedest man in the world.
He’s the wickedest man in the world.
He’s the wickedest man in the world.

Don’t go and play his game cuz there aren’t any rules.
He was dealt a bad hand, they call him king of the fools.
His mental crucifixion took them for a ride.
His illusion was hidden, just like Jekyll and Hyde.

When the night comes down all around, he’ll be standing alone.
Waiting for someone to call his own.
He has no feelings, no sense of what’s real.
The only love he has is the love he has to steal.

– Solo –

Lost in the darkness, devoted yet heartless,
We bend to their will while they’re probing our lives.
Walking without cause, obeying their vile laws.

They treat us like cattle as we march in their lines.

We say “No way”, defy today
We say “No way”, defy today

Trained rats in a test cage, coerced through the next maze.
They plot us and devise ways to control our lives.
Just sheep led to slaughter, obeying their martyr.
Devoid of a free will, let the dogs lead the blind.

We say “No way”, defy today.
Oh, I’ve arrived today. Cruel Isle.

Your life part of their plan, each word said a command.
Just gears to be driven in their faceless design.
Comply as you’ve been told, a clone from the same mold.
To serve is your calling, do as master desires.

– Solo –

Tremors inside of a criminal mind, where’s a victim to hide?
No, you better leave here.
Logic defied, many times I have tried, but this villain won’t die.

No, he’s coming back for me.
Night after night he feeds on your fears, living and breathing.
What, you say he can’t be real?
Beneath the sheets, he can’t get in. Safety within?
Until the sun will rise.

Chills down my spine as each breaths amplified, still I try to hide.
My heart’s been pushed to overdrive.
Covered by sweat as visions race through my head, paranoias set in.
Why won’t he get it over with?

Can’t Kill, Can’t Kill the Boogeyman
What will, you do tonight?
Can’t fill the Boogeyman’s appetite.
Can’t Kill the Boogeyman

All is quiet outside, could me senses have lied? A quick look to decide.
No, two eyes stare back at me!
Out from the closet, he breaks on through. What can you do?
All alone to face the fiend.
Muscles freeze tight as he darts out of sight, try as I might;
He’s stole my arms and voice tonight.
Out from under the bed, now he’s inside my head. Can I counter this threat?
No, this demon won’t die.

Monsters, stay out of this room, you have no business here.
No monsters under my bed, they can’t fit under there.
No monsters hiding in my closet, it’s too small in there.
No monsters outside of my window, you can’t hold on out there.
No vampires, no werewolves; no things that bite. You have no business here.
Nothing will touch me or hurt me all this night. You have no business here.

Run for your life, he’ll get you tonight