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Today a friend of mine
Told me he was
Upset with me
I didn’t care that much

So I left the place right away
Next day he called me several times
The phone was ringing and ringing
And I’ve never picked it up

Sometimes time goes by so fast
That forget
Is a daily and usual event

Three days later I called him back
To ask Why He was upset with me?
But I couldn’t contact him
In all my tries

So, I went to his place
I knocked the door one, two, three times
No one never came out
So I left one more time

That night I’ve walked
All the way to home
Wondering where he could be
So I called Marie Jane, his girlfriend

So I saw a signboard right in front of me
That did say:
You never know when is the last time
You see someone
Life belongs to you only for a while
So be nice all the time
Because one day your life will go away
And will never return

So I called Marie Jane
And she said very upset
How did you forget
Your best friend’s birthday

He is in Hawaii now
He went there two days ago
He wanted you to go with him
But happy birthday you never say to him
That day when you saw him

I only want to be your good friend
I only want to shake your hand
And see you feeling good

Let’s have a place to talk about life
But, don’t forget to smile and laugh

Day by day your life goes away
Start now running to slow down your calling to leave

Look an around. There is so much to see
Just give yourself a chance and
You will feel in love with your niche

Don’t feel embarrassed for who you are
Like you doesn’t exist because you are unique
Sometimes is raining, and sometimes the hitting is burning
Life is a thing which wants to see you fit
You will be broke one day and the next day as well
But one day, you will be on the road again

Learn the magic of being patience and love each other
To show your conceptions
This is the message of mother nature
Where your hair will stand if your
Head is not there
Because by lucky your feet always lie on the floor
Don’t get bored by my words
I only want to be your good friend
And see you feeling good

Face to face is always the best
Don’t be afraid to say
What you want to say

Maybe, it will not be the best way to get friends
But, those who stayed, always will be there

When you have something to say
Make it happens!
Never hesitate!
It’s gonna be okay!
A little bitterness sometimes
Falls well

Be righteous is not easy stuff
But, talk behind backs can screw up
The best things in your life
So watch your words
Or hold your tongue

Be straight always
Your words mean a lot to your friends
So use it wisely!
So that you will keep your surrounding quiet

No matter what!
Don’t ever talk behind
Your friends back
If they do that!
It’s because they don’t know
What is wrong or right

It was friday, and a man was walking on the street
It was night and he was feeling down
He found an envelope lying on the ground

He took it and put it on his pocket. No doubt!
At home, he opened it and it wasn’t money what found

Instead, it was a letter from someone who wrote like this:

I didn’t want to do it. You didn’t support me when I was in really needed
Society has convinced to everybody to tell me what was the best thing that I should do
I did it and now I’m feeling so bad and I don’t know how to stop this pain of my heart

Why? They let me to do that, even though it was so painful and I can’t forget it

Everyday I remember as it was yesterday
Everyday I remember as it was yesterday
Everyday I remember as it was yesterday

Society, give me something to stop this pain which is killing my heart
Now I can’t change my life. It is too big to ignore and just keeping going
She was my little baby with same rights, as everybody has to live
I killed her. Otherwise, my life will be pointed as a failure one

Why? Things must be like this, why? People don’t care about it. It’s so painful. It’s so painful
Came on! Next time let me choose by my self. Don’t bother me with your ideas about how to live
You were wrong; I could live with my child. But you just didn’t like it
I will never listen to you again
Because now my heart is healing that wound which…

Everyday I remember as it was yesterday
Everyday I remember as it was yesterday
Everyday I remember as it was yesterday

Life sometimes is so so busy
You really don’t have time
To think about others life
It doesn’t mean consequences
You will not have

We are the people and
We don’t like to feel bad
We want to feel good
So if you are not a nice guy
People will just leave you
Right away
People will leave you
Right away

So, remember be unnice
Will send your friends very far
Because there is one thing
We all us agree
Everybody wants to be happy
Everybody wants to be happy

Nobody likes to cry (Nobody like to cry)
Nobody likes to feel
Afraid, alone, unsafe
Without friends
We want to feel good, safe, and well (and well)

Because there is one thing
We all us agree
Because there is one thing
We all us agree
Everybody wants to be happy
Everybody wants to be happy