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Cyril Ramaphosa has been elected President of South Africa hours after former president Jacob Zuma was forced to resign, Guardian reports.

Ramaphosa has been the leader of the African National Congress (ANC) since December, and became interim president upon Zuma’s resignation.

Ramaphosa won an election that was basically a formality, as the ANC already has majority seats in the South African Parliament.

Ramaphosa has been sworn-in in Cape Town.

Ramaphosa, 65, has put the focus on rooting out corruption and revitalising economic growth.

Experts said Ramaphosa, president, is likely to face a number of challenges in reforming the country’s economy and political system while in office, experts said.

Zuma, in power since 2009, resigned on Wednesday after being accused of corruption, prompting the opposition to repeatedly call for his resignation.

Commenting on Ramaphosa’s accession to the presidential office, a number of experts told Sputnik that the new administration would take steps to cope with the existing South African problems and change government policies.

The director of research at the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Cambridge told Sputnik that in comparison with Zuma, South Africa under Ramaphosa would see quite a different approach to political relations within the state and the economic system of the nation.

“Ramaphosa is no saint. There are no saints in politics, but all of the indicators seem to suggest that he is going to be a very different kind of leader to the leadership of Jacob Zuma over the last decade.

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“First of all he seems to be a very good rhetorician, which is very good for politics …

“Secondly he seems to be, given his record at the end of apartheid and the negotiation process that brought in the new constitution, he seems to be a very good negotiator and a very good decision-maker.

“All of these things are important in politics,” Lawrence Hamilton said.

The scholar added that Ramaphosa would also become one of the best candidates for economic transformation and anti-corruption steps.

“I think that one of the best people to do that process of economic transformation is Cyril Ramaphosa, because he will do it in a prudential manner, he will do it in a gradual way.

“He’s got a very hard task on his hands, both in terms of that and in terms of rooting out corruption, but I think that South Africans have a great deal to look forward to,” the University of Cambridge official added.

Speaking about the difficulties in South Africa’s economy, James Hamill, a lecturer at the University of Leicester, told Sputnik that Ramaphosa was rather a competent politician and manager and could take steps to improve the economic situation while in office.

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“This is a huge task as the economy is floundering but Ramaphosa is a far superior politician, a much more competent manager, he currently enjoys the confidence of both business and organised labor and the confidence of international investors and ratings agencies,” Hamill said.

The scholar from the University of Leicester added that if the incumbent South African deputy president became the country’s leader, he would have to end with “the dysfunctional governance and corruption of the Zuma era.”

The executive chairperson of South Africa’s Democracy Works Foundation non-profit organization also told Sputnik that if Ramaphosa takes office he would fight against corruption in the nation in order to meet expectations of his compatriots.

“Already the things he’s done, people are saying that he’s doing something.

“You know, I think he is going to be focused on corruption as a big thing because the thing is, in South Africa a lot of the reason why the economy is not growing.

“Why we don’t have the jobs, why the state is not functioning, why ordinary black people who are poor are not getting their houses or their jobs, or a good education or health, is corruption.

“A big part of it is corruption,” William Gumede said.

The expert stressed that the corruption should be defeated as the country’s economy was suffering huge losses due to this phenomenon.

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The ongoing power transition from Zuma to Ramaphosa is not the only one in Africa in recent months.

In November, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe’s former vice president, was sworn in as president.

The inauguration took place after the army deployed its vehicles to the capital of Harare and confined then-President Robert Mugabe to his house.

The Zimbabwean parliament subsequently approved Mugabe’s impeachment, after which the long-serving leader stepped down.

Commenting on the two power transitions, experts approached by Sputnik said that the situations in Zimbabwe and South Africa did not have a lot in common and the ongoing developments in the latter were within the constitutional framework.

According to Hamill, Mugabe stepped down after the military intervened in politics, while the situation in South Africa was of democratic nature.

“Given that two leaders have been removed in both countries in such a short space of time comparisons are inevitable.

“They are not compelling … Zuma is being removed as a result of an entirely legitimate constitutional process.

“He has lost the confidence of his party which has recalled him from office, if he refuses to accept that he will be removed by parliament,” the University of Leicester official added.

The president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, in a statement, has made promise to take Nigeria to the next level.

He made this statement on Thursday at the induction of the Nigerian Air Force’s Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Tsaigumi, in Kaduna.

According to the president, his administration was determined to overcome all challenges militating against the country’s security and development.

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He therefore appealed to all Nigerians to support his administration to achieve its objective.

As it is only through the cooperation of the citizens of the country that the government can achieve great things.

“Let me again reiterate our commitment and firm resolve to take this nation to the next level.

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“We remain determined to overcome all challenges to our security and development as a nation.

“I enjoin all well-meaning Nigerians to join hands with us to make our collective dreams of greatness a reality.”he said

President Buhari said his government was committed to delivering the much-needed change that would make the difference in the nation.

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“Government remains determined, despite numerous challenges to bring about the much-needed change that will lift our beloved nation to its rightful place as a major economic and political force on the world stage,”he added.

All in the name of Valentine gift for bae, a yet to be identified Nigerian man was disgraced after he was caught stealing a N4000 perfume in a supermarket on Valentine’s Day.

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According to a Facebook user, Nwachukwu Blessing Ada, the man was caught stealing a perfume worth N4000 at the supermarket in order to probably please his girlfriend.

The young man was embarrassed as the supermarket officials asked him to kneel down.

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Read what Ada

It’s a shame and disgrace to this young cute dude who came to our supermarket to steal ordinary perfume of N4k all in the name of pleasing his girlfriend for valentine..hmmm what an embarrassment.

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Green Sheriff personnel on Thursday morning, ordered a lady to clear refuse as punishment for dumping refuse wrongly on the ground at a dump site when the bins were not yet full.

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The Green Sheriff was created by Governor Ayade to tackle the challenges of environmental degradation, climate change and deforestation.

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More photos below…

The presidency and the Kaduna State governor, Nasir El-Rufai has come under attack over a picture of him kneeling to greet President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday.

The picture was shared by Buhari’s Personal Assistant on New Media, Ahmad Bashir on his twitter page during Buhari’s visit to Kaduna to commission the surveillance aircraft, a Made-in-Nigeria project called NAFSA Eagle by the Nigeria Airforce.

Bashir Ahmad alongside the picture described El-Rufai’s gesture to the president as a sign of respect.

However, some Nigerians seem not to see it that way, as they accused El-Rufai of eye service and hypocrisy, while others recalled how he also bowed for former Vice president Atiku Abubakar yet turned his back against him.

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Recall that former presidential spokesperson, Reno Omokri sometime ago posted an old photo, reminding Governor Nasir Elrufai of how he knelt, begging Atiku Abubakar when he was the Vice President.

Here are some comments from Nigerians:

@kalahari “El Rufai has no shame

@sanusiluwan “Respect or Hypocrisy? This was the same man who insulted Buhari when he was not the president! Was Buhari not old enough to be respected then?

@ayubama “The midget Governor at it agaiThat idiot just wan buhari to support him to be presidential candidate of the APC

@damifly Nobody do eye service pass that guy wey kneel dow

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@nwakuc This is not respect this is idiocy, illiteracy, backwardness and outright nonesense.

@benkpesah “Pretender! That was the same he bowed for OBJ but now talks to him any how.

@obidikwe “Treacherous snake. Didn’t he rush to @T_Bakare ‘s church immediately that one said he was contesting election. I wonder why he had to squat; he was already on d ground standing. Short Man

@aljaytee “He’ll do anything to cozy up to the echelon of power

@karyopope If u consider this as a sign of respect then you are wrong. Check his records he does the same thing to his previous “Ogas”

@jayti1 I can guarantee you a time will come he will insult Buhari…all the bowings are for now

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@nsajo “The same man that said Buhari is perpetually unelectable, and so out of touch. Simply because he thinks Buhari holds the key to his political ambition now has decided to lick Baba a** and you call it respect

@onukwube “Clowns! He did same with Atiku, GEJ and OBJ This malam is the most volatile politician i have seen in my life He’s an unstable element !

@hmu “looks like an ass lick combined with eye service. plus i am loyal, as indicated by my gate security.